Less Than 24 Hours Left To Preorder Your Elfin Ally Oracle Deck

Peeps, Preorders for my new Elfin Ally Oracle Deck end in less than 24 hours. Also, a HUGE sparkly thank you to those of you who have already preordered your deck!

By preordering before April 7, midnight Pacific Time you'll receive FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING plus a 35 page Birthday Astrology Report based upon your exact time, place and date of birth as a special thank you/

Watch a wee video of the guidebook here and of the deck here.

Maggie Hands: "Thank you so much for my wonderful new deck. I love it!"

Becky Mumma: "I just received my beautiful Cards. They are everything I expected them to be and more!"

Re-Wild Your Elfin Self

Unlock the key to the wildness within by tuning into the spiritual wisdom and beauty of your spirit animal guides and the faerie realm.

Their delightful poetry, medicine and stories will enchant, heal and guide you along your path to fulfillment, power and self awareness simply by pulling a card.

Upcoming Deck Reviewers:

Ethony (Canada)
SageWoman Magazine (USA)
Steven Bright Tarot (UK)
Rachael Caringella (USA)
Psychic News Magazine (UK...fingers crossed!)
New Age Hipster (UK)
Spiral Nature Magazine (USA)
Daily Tarot Girl (Canada)
Jen Berlingo (USA)

Donations of Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Art Help Support Mama Earth
Artwork from the deck will be donated to these wonderful non profit organizations:

  • Dorland Mountain Arts Colony (Temecula, California)

  • Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network (Ontario, Canada)

  • Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve Nature Education Foundation (Murrieta, California)

Elfin-Ally-Oracle Deck

About Kathy Crabbe

KATHY CRABBE is the creator of the Lefty Oracle and Elfin Ally Oracle Deck. She has been an artist since 1992. She is a mentor at Wise Woman University, where she teaches a Moon guided eClass. She has exhibited at the Women’s Museum of California and the Sawdust Art Festival. Her work is published by SageWoman Magazine and she writes a monthly Moon column for Witches and Pagans. Kathy lives in Temecula, California and the 1000 Islands, Canada with her two doggy muses and architect husband in homes they’ve built themselves.

With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (April 7, 2019)