NEW! Lunar Cycles Moon Chart

When you attune your activity with the lunar and planetary flow you become a channel for the wisdom of the natural world.

My newest Astro Report comes with all of these lovely features:

* A 29-32 page computer generated Lunar Return Astrology Report that includes a beautifully illustrated cover page (you can choose a spirit animal cover) created by Kathy. *A great way to introduce yourself to astrology and makes a great gift also!

* Your astrological Birth Chart Wheel in color.

* Website links that will help you understand and interpret the symbols and language of your Moon Chart.

* Email support and follow-up.

* Bonus Gift: A 16 page intuitive, spiritual Natal Chart Astrology Report discussing areas of heightened activity, the planets, your ascendant, and the Moon’s Nodes which relate to your karmic mission.

* Delivery of your reports within 48 hours.

Click here for a SAMPLE REPORT - this is the Moon Chart of JK Rowling

Your Moon Chart Includes:

  • 29-32 page computer generated Lunar Return Astrology Report.

  • Lunar and natal transits – a close up look at your current situation for the month ahead.

  • What is the main action and focus of the coming month and how to get the best results.

  • A look at 47 specific events as the Moon moves through all 12 houses of your Natal Chart and Lunar Return Chart and the best times to make decisions.


“It resonates a lot with me.... on many levels. I am always amazed by how accurate, and powerful our minds, hearts and souls can be, and how interconnected we all are.” ~ Simone, Australia

“Wow and double wow, so many of the aspects were right on for me, and right on for what I am doing and planning…it all made total sense…Amazing.” ~ Roxi Sim Hermsen, Tarot Creator, British Columbia

“My chart was wonderful, thank you so much. That’s great advice you’ve given in regards to the 12th.” ~ Allie Miller, Writer, NYC

"A lot of things reiterated what I essentially already knew about myself, but it's helpful to have it pointed out because it's easy to get distracted with every day concerns and lose track of your more important purposes in life." ~ Diane, Etsy Artist

"Why I didn't have the natal chart done earlier, I will never know, maybe that was just the right moment. It was incredibly helpful in understanding how I cope and how I see the world. It's a lot easier to accept less flattering qualities when you see them in the report, the same goes for positive qualities that were validated. Thank you for such a great experience." ~ Amy, Pasadena

“Kathy Crabbe did a fantastic job. I ordered two charts, one for each daughter. In addition to the actual chart, Kathy provided two full reports, with a customized cover page with her get to pick your cover! So excited to give these to my Cancer and Capricorn daughters for Christmas." ~ Janet Finnie, 2018

"It was beautiful, lengthy, detailed, and so personal. Kathy signed me up for her (very enlightening) news letter after my purchase, which I always look forward to. She communicated with me throughout the purchase and was completely finished within two days of payment! It was an illuminating report, and made for a personal, unique gift. I recommend this, as well as Kathy herself, to anyone!: ~ Kasey Croston, 2018

“I really love my Astrology reading. And so excited for The New Oracle to come out in 2019! I am loving the prompts to be creative in many of Kathy's offerings! I love how a lot of them are related to Astrology Moon signs, Goddess, magic, healing and being open to my creative soul expression! Lots to explore and have lots of fun with!” ~ Kelly Walsh

“Very accurate! Would 100% recommend!” ~ Hannah

“This was super insightful and useful!” ~ Merry

“This was a wonderful reading. Kathy is insightful, professional, and attentive. Her reading was detailed and she was incredibly responsive to questions. I highly recommend Kathy’s services.” ~ Molly Trammell

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Kathy Crabbe

About Kathy Crabbe

I have spent many years of astrological study, both privately and publicly with Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Patty Davidson, and Laura DesJardins. I was also trained as a psychic-medium by the renowned English trance medium, Adam Higgs and received certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy in Hawaii. In 2017 I was initiated into the Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism Tradition after 3 years of intensive study with Francesca de Grandis, author of "Be A Goddess."

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