1 Foot in 2 Countries

Cottage Country, Ontario, CanadaIt's all about layers I explained to my husband on a recent trip back to my home town in Ontario, Canada. Here in Ontario it's all about adding layers, whereas in my current place of residence in sunny Southern California, its more about removing layers - both literally, as in clothing layers and psychologically. This year's annual sojourn of cottage building took place during the New Moon in Virgo cycle so it was especially magickal for me since I am not only a Virgo sun sign, but have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the 6th House (the Virgo House with Virgo on the cusp) plus Mercury in the mix as well...in other words, I'm fully Virgo-loaded!

So this trip was a real heart-opener for me as it was for several of my Divine Feminine Moon Musing students. Old hurts and scars began to heal in conjunction with our cottage construction of the second story floor and window openings.

Again and again when I return to my roots in Ontario, I am reminded of community; as old and new friends and family gather to talk, listen to live music and soak up the last rays of summer. I managed to celebrate all kinds of Virgo birthdays, enjoyed our first bbq in a fire pit dug by Leo master fire builder, Denis, canoed alongside giant cliffs of limestone and Canadian shield and spent time with old and young alike from teenagers to my 93 year old Grandad.

I'm home now, back in sunny SoCal, but with one foot in both countries; the US and Canada. May your own heart grow strong and your roots sure ... blessed be.

More photos can be found on my Facebook page - Enjoy!