A Past Life Reading

What is a Past Life Reading? This combination astrology and soul reading will help you gain a better understanding of who you are so that you can maximize your potential and natural abilities to the utmost of your ability. Real growth comes from understanding and transforming behavior patterns so that you can challenge yourself to develop in new and exciting ways based upon a knowledge of your past lives.

Your past life reading will also include an examination of the north and south nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. The Moon rules your feelings, moods, and emotional body. It is the most important planet in your chart from a karmic/past life perspective and will help you understand your karmic mission for this lifetime based upon your past lives. Your reading will explore:

• two to three major past lives • the location in the world in which you were born and lived • information about your gender and appearance • your important experiences and relationships • talents or abilities you cultivated • your ethical and spiritual development • major lessons you learned

Sample of a Past Life Reading *Reprinted with client permission

I will begin your past life reading by taking a look at several of your past lives based upon a psychic/soul reading of your past life energy.

- The first vision I get is of you as a little girl on a farm. You are happy, but then the nightmare begins. This nightmare will repeat itself again and again until you understand it. You even have a desire to take your own life. - I do see you growing up into a tall, slim, long haired, blond woman.

- It is the early 1900’s in Sweden and your name is also ‘Aubrey.’

- I hear you asking (back then), “but what options did I have as a woman?”

- So you became a poet and you write and heal in your own sort of ivory tower.

- The words, ‘clench and unclench’ come to mind.

- I see you having a little girl and she becomes a teacher.

Life Lesson: Your lesson in this lifetime was to heal yourself, and others, and pass on the healing through generations of women after you.

Lifetime Two

- In the second lifetime I tapped into I see you as a little, scruffy, black haired farm boy, swatting at black and white cattle with a branch/switch.

- You grow up in Italy and become a gentle and suave man.

- You have a good understanding of women, but you also have a bit of a cruel streak.

- In business you are ruthless, you like trading, and you like guns.

- You are not a playboy. You are in love with a beautiful blonde.

- You have children and you are successful.

- The time is the 1930’s.

Life Lesson: Your lesson in this lifetime was one of pleasure. You weren’t too deep, but you were steady and true.

Lifetime Three

- In the third lifetime I tap into I see you as a very, very old and wise woman.

- The name ‘Matilda Jones’ crops up.

- I see you alone in the woods, very mysterious.

- I also see you in Russia in the Black Forest, as a sort of gypsy.

- You are taking your place in a long line of healers, and healing in mysterious ways.

Life Lesson: Your lesson in this lifetime was to trust in answers that mysteriously appeared.

Part 2 - An Astrological Analysis of the Nodes of the Moon in your Natal (Birth) Chart

Your Karmic Mission based upon past lives – Why are you here? (The Nodes of the Moon)

In astrology, the Moon rules our feelings, our moods, and our emotional bodies. It is the most important planet in our chart from a karmic/past life perspective. An analysis of the North and South Nodes of the Moon will help you better understand your Karmic Mission for this lifetime based upon your past lives.

Your North Node is in Libra in the 3rd House (the Gemini House) - Your present life. Your South Node is in Aries in the 9th House (the Sagittarian House) - Your past lives.

Libra North Node:

Attributes to Develop:

- Cooperation - Diplomacy - Increasing awareness of others’ needs - Creating win/win situations - Sharing

Tendencies to Leave Behind:

- Impulsiveness - Thoughtless self-assertion - Self-centeredness - Lack of good judgement regarding money - Outbursts of anger

With a Libra North Node you need to be aware of selfishness because it is a bottomless pit – no one else can fulfill your needs for you. Satisfaction lies in connecting with people who see you for what you are. When you support others unselfishly that energy will eventually come back to you and help you create the kind of situation you really want. You also need to watch out for an un-ending search for independence.

Accomplishments and independence will not make you feel complete.

You could be a fantastic counselor, diplomat and peacemaker because you have the gift of clearly seeing and communicating mutual understanding between people. You could also excel in fields involving beauty and art. You would make a great entertainer or public speaker as long as your goal is to uplift, energize and bring confidence to your audience. Any profession in which you play a supporting role will be successful for you.

You have past life gifts of independence and leadership and you can use these gifts of self-confidence as a tool for peacemaking and helping establish justice for others. However, if you pursue professions that have your own independence as the aim, you may become dissatisfied and feel you have never reached your goal. When you use your strong self-identity to support others, you gain a sense of inner satisfaction and completion.

You had many past lives as a warrior where your entire focus had to be on keeping yourself alive and this has made you quite competitive and goal oriented. In the process you may have lost touch with love and the ability to work with other people, but this lifetime is all about partnership and there will be plenty of opportunities to get it right! You also might have an exaggerated survival urge and a “me versus you” mentality. It’s all you’ve known. But this is not a warrior lifetime, no one is out to destroy you or take things away from you. You need to realize you have comrades on all sides. Your job in this lifetime is to help others win battles, and in doing so, you win.

Healing Affirmations:

- “When I focus on supporting others, I feel confident.” - “When the team is successful, I win.” - “When I share with others, I have more.”

North Node in the 3rd House (the Gemini House):

Attributes to develop:

- Healthy curiosity - Asking questions to learn how others think - Seeing both sides of a situation - Tact - A positive approach to life and other people - Purposely cheering others up

Tendencies to leave behind:

- Self-righteousness - Thinking one knows what others are saying without really listening - Needing to be right - Careless spontaneity - Resisting ideas that are foreign to one’s belief system.

There is a need for you to release any kind of preoccupation you may have with the absolute Truth. What’s important is learning how to relate to people as they are, listening to them and learning from them. What you really want, is to be completely free to pursue Truth, have adventures, be spontaneous and be right 100 percent of the time. You want to speak completely from your Truth and your intuitive process and to have everyone understand you, learn from you and appreciate your help. To attain this goal you must stop focusing on “your Truth” and begin to focus on the people around you. You have the ability (when you listen) to tune in to the specific thought processes of others and supply information that allows others to view problems from an expanded perspective. Selling, writing, teaching and communicating in all forms can bring you happiness as well as prosperity. You will also have gifts in the areas of philosophy and religion and an innate awareness of ethics and morality.

You can use your spiritual and intuitive awareness to understand the thinking of others. However, if you involve yourself professionally in the pursuit of Truth or religion as a final aim, you may ultimately feel isolated. You are better off when you use your natural talents to deeply connect with others on a day-to-day basis.

This lifetime is all about bringing your vision into reality. You must express that vision in a way that the world understands and when it does ‘get it’ you must accept respect for your success. You need to stay on track and leave behind insecurity, taking shortcuts, aloofness and a sense of isolation. Your South Node in Sagittarius (opposite sign of Gemini) means you spent many lifetimes pursuing Truth on your own – as a wandering nomad in the desert, as a hermit, nun, priest, philosopher or monk. Because you sought Truth, spirituality, ethics and enlightenment above all else, you neglected society and human relationships. Due to the isolation and loneliness of your past lives you may have a hard time communicating with others in this lifetime.

The challenge in this lifetime is learning to value communication as a vehicle for curiosity as well as welcoming input from others. Sometimes you may appear combative, and others will resist you. There is a need for you to recognize that it is your presentation they are resisting and not necessarily your point of view. The real challenge in this lifetime is rejoining society so that you can learn how best to connect with others and share your Truth.

Healing Affirmations:

- “This is a people oriented lifetime.” - “When I am willing to listen, tune in and connect with others I win.” - “When I tune in to how others think, I know what to say.” - “If I don’t understand, it’s okay to ask questions.”

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An Ancestor Reading for Elizabeth

What is an Ancestor Reading? Ancestors are family members (or friends) that have passed away but choose to 'come through' for you in times of need so that they can offer you guidance in the form of a message. I will request specific information from your ancestor so that you can positively identify them. I will sometimes see your ancestors, hear them, or feel their presence along with their name and I will do my best to capture whatever message they have for you. It can be reassuring to know that you are being watched over and loved by those who truly care for your well-being.

Spirit Guides are wise teachers and guardians from another dimension that advise and protect us. They are dis-incarnate spirits (ie. animal totems, angels, nature spirits) that can act as spiritual counselors or protectors for us, during our time of need. I will also provide you with suggestions and techniques for connecting to your guides on your own.

An Ancestor Reading for Elizabeth, 'Bethy'

* This reading is being shared with kind permission from Bethy.

This reading is in response to your wish for a connection with Myrtle or (David or Pete.)

I feel as though it is Myrtle that I am connecting with at this time.

- Although it seems as though it might be Pete who appears first. He appears slap-happy and wearing blue jean overalls and was closely connected to Myrtle. He was a man of few words and not very eloquent so I decide to move on with the reading to connect with Myrtle.

- Myrtle appears quite small with bird-like features.

- She appears demure at first and wearing cat-eye glasses.

- It’s as if she has a lot to say, but kept a lot of it back – she was repressed in this way, as if she was always correcting herself.

- Did she have a friend by the name of Hazel?

- She reassures me by placing her hand on my arm and saying, “I did what I could.”

- I believe that she was your maternal grandmother and did her husband’s name sound like ‘Bo’?

- I also see 2 children (girls).

- I decide to work with an Amethyst gemstone to help strengthen the connection I have with her.

- I also see her praying to Jesus to give her strength.

- I asked what qualities she passed on to you and she says that she passed on her curiosity to you!

- I sense that she may have been repressed by her husband’s larger-than-life presence – he just took up more space than her and required more attention.

- I sense that she had a close bond with her own mother (she had long hair.) She has memories of sweeping.

- She grew up in a town. Was her brother named Pete?

- She appeared very active as a girl; playing, running and jumping – she was more outgoing then.

- But then I get an image of ‘grey knitting’ and she appears to have shut down.

- As a teen (around the age of 16) something traumatic happened to her (death of a family member, her mother?) or possibly just growing up and having to leave behind childish games.

- Then she had your mother and she was happy for a while.

- I see her with light, fine, blonde-brown hair, just above her shoulder and lightly curled at the ends.

- She may have suffered from depression.

- In regards to how she passed away I feel pain in the middle of her back and in her left leg as well as a shortness of breath – a stroke? When it happened she asked, “Is this what it feels like to die?” and she felt no more pain after that.

She also says, “Now I can watch and I’m lighter and freer up here!” - A few more things she mentioned were that she liked square dancing and cats, especially an orange-creamsicle colored cat – he was her favorite.

And for you she has this message: “Stand up tall and don’t let them overlook you. You are right, ‘it’s your time’ and I’m proud of you.” She also says to “Be kind to your little brother.”

Bethy's Response:

You connected with my Maternal Grandmother, Myrtle. She used to call her husband, John, her "Beau". It was well known. So, even though you may have thought of it as a name it was his title, so to speak, in her heart. He died in 1974, when I was just a baby.

The two girls were, in my heart and mind, my mom, Mary and my Aunt, Margaret. Lately they have been living and caring for each other and I have prayed for them both asking Grandma Myrtle to intercede. I truly envision her now as part of God's "Communion of Saints", of which we all are. She and I didn't connect so much in life but my gifts have lead me in directions in which I have had to be "curious" all on my own to follow God's deepest call on my life.

I first connected with Grandma Davey (Myrtle)when I was married on her birthday. I used one of her poems in my Mass. I have recently called on her in times of trouble with my marriage and most profoundly when I was being "harassed" by negative spirits in my house. Unlike ANY experience I have had in my life, she came as like a ball of light in my room, more like in my mind's eye one night at bedtime. I knew it was her right away and she brought total peace and I talked to her but only intentions or thoughts came passing by my mind and it was like a spirit conversation.

She gave me the impression that she was like a little bird, so free and full of life, movement and she could "fly" all over and was never far, she said. She told me that all any of us have to do is "Love our Life" and follow our heart's dream with complete trust in God, mostly not to WORRY.

I confirmed some of the things she described about her husband, who was definitely larger than life and is and was sorely missed by his two girls. The hair reference, according to my mom, was also correct.

When you said that she said to "Be kind to my little brother", I immediately thought of my son, Benjiman, actually. She also gave me the impression when she visited me that night, that we are all brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. It is an inside message to me. She knows me and my son are somehow inherently friends on this life journey.

I was thoroughly satisfied with your connection and your gift is true. The truth sets you free and like you twittered not long ago, your specialty is the fruit of the spirit in which your gift manifests. I think you said that people are put on a path that keeps leading them in the right direction. This is SO close to what I believe I am called to and which was exactly what my Grandma Myrtle indicated she always wanted from her life but that some how her own self imposed and family imposed boundaries kept her away from experiencing this true miracle of connection with her family and people until AFTER she passed into the spirit world.

I want to save and get another reading so as to get encouraged to go in the wonderful direction God intends for me. Your gifts and my gifts and these connections are all part of the true Body of Christ at work in this world. Keep in touch, please and I will talk to you again, hopefully soon.

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