Soul Friends - An Etsy Tale, Part 1

In March of 2008 I joined Etsy, a large online community of artists and crafters and started selling my artwork and my soul readings. I talked shop in the Etsy forums (a place for conversation) but quickly grew frustrated with much of the mundane, uninspired conversations revolving around dollars and cents so I started introducing new topics of discussion about metaphysics, paganism, spirituality, dreams, psychics and crystal healing. I would like to introduce some of the Etsy folks I have met and become friends with on my latest thread (conversation) which has over 2000 posts so far thanks to this delightful group of magical souls.

I asked folks to write up a short bio to introduce themselves and to let us know what drew them to this thread, what they like about it and why they stay.

Brenda Mihalopoulos

Tropicana DreamWeb

What keeps me coming back to this thread is the reawakening of my "powers" as a magick worker, as a mother, as an artisan and as a resident of earth. I've had true dreams, like the night before 09/11 (ack!) Some of my dreams have become stories that I've written, not published yet though, but getting there. I've always been a spiritual person, connected with dreams, and nature, and most critters. I started the magickal path as a teenager, dropped it for a long time and am now getting back into it after 30 years...I'm enjoying my re-emergence in my Cronage...

I first came to the thread because LuLu is a member of a team that I am in and I also enjoy hearing others' stories and sharing my own. We can commiserate, bitch and complain, piss and moan, help, and celebrate with each other.

Suzanne Maxwell

Mini Reversible Tarot Bag

I have always had a deep interest in all things mystical, occult and psychic. I am psychic myself and a reader of tarot cards and astrological charts. Just about anywhere I 'hang out' I look for articles and discussions that fall into the mystical category and that is how I found the discussion started by LuLuDesign.

I really enjoy conversing with people who also have an understanding and interest in the psychic realms and I enjoy helping those who are just starting to explore and question 'strange' happenings. Being part of a group that sees things in much the same way I do is always a delight and makes me feel like I am right 'at home.'

Tarah Russell

Sally, an OOAK doll

I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of three girls. I have been happily married to my husband for nine years and we have a pet wolf. I enjoy crafting and hope to make this habit pay for itself. I was drawn to this thread because I have always had a fascination with other-worldly stuff; even if it scares me sometimes. I got my first tarot deck in high school and still turn to it in times of stress. I enjoy the company on our little thread; I can be my usual “weird” self and if I put my foot in my mouth, no one seems to mind. Our little group is very caring and accepting of one another.

Bonita Evans

Hand-Knotted Rainbow Hemp Chakra Pouch

I'm a 35 year old Geminian, residing in Alberta Canada. I'm the mother of three, but only have my teenage daughter living at home with me (which is quite enough...!) I also share my home with several feathered creatures... and a husband.

My husband and I, although we are members of a Christian Church, are open to universal/parallel truths that can be found beyond the 'safe' doctrine taught in Sunday School.

I joined this thread simply because LuLu started it. I initially found her thread 'I am an Etsy Psychic' and my first reaction was, "Oh, really?" I was a bit closed to the idea at first, until I started learning a bit more about LuLu and found her to be more genuine than I originally gave her credit for.

I keep coming back because the core group is great and there is a nice, organic flow to the discussion. It's refreshing for me to chat about things that would otherwise freak out my current church-going circle of friends.

Stay tuned for more Etsy Soul Friends, Part 2 - coming soon!