How to Dream a Fantastic New World with Pink Puss

Quiet, peaceful, ultramarine purples surround her, calm her, delight her. Her Pink Puss magicks away her worries and dreams her a fantastic new world where LOVE is supreme. A place where pinks and reds warm her and wisdom finds her, easily, succinctly, appropriately.

365 Days of Paint + Stories

On Nov. 1, 2016 I began a project to make a painting and to write about it and post it on my blog and/or Instagram for 365 days WOW! This painting is no. 11 from that project.

Kitty in love

Kitty in Love painting & necklace by Kathy Crabbe Kitty in Love is my newest commission and is painted with acrylics on reclaimed pine board. It comes with a matching necklace.  My client cried when she first saw it and I take that to be a good sign!  She also suggested I paint more kitties in this style which is quite a bit more realistic than my usual style. I tried to explain that it's just not my thing and that doing so wouldn't be true to my nature.  It got me thinking about how approval-seeking is just not how I, as an artist operate. I must paint first from within, expressing my heart and soul, because that's what it's all about for me. That's also why I paint in so many different styles. It's because it's how I'm feeling on that particular day and it's also most likely just what I needed to hear and see. I think that this quote explains things quite well.

We want you to understand at this moment that eighty percent of what you are doing in your life has been motivated by a need for approval from someone else, or a cultural belief that what you need to do is a certain thing, or by a certain time...How can you be in your own knowing when you are operating from truths that are misaligned to your requirements for growth?  ~ Paul Selig, "I Am The Word"

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It's Spring Kitty Time!

Kitty's are now out in force, so please adopt one if you can from your local Humane Society or Cat Rescue!  I painted this silver tabby on a painted green pine board as part of my brand new Magical Folk Art series  - enjoy. img662

Kathy Crabbe, Spring Kitty, 2014, acrylic on wood, 5x5”.

"Spring Kitty" acrylic on wood 5” x 5” ( more info at )

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ABOUT KATHY CRABBE I am a self taught intuitive artist currently living and working in the desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog, Abby and Spartacus. Gnomes, aliens and fairies have also been spotted here. I’ve been drawing since age two and giving intuitive soul readings since 2008.