You can't price passion

Open-ended, time, not time, all the time. Acceptance of timelessness, no rush, no hurry, ahhhh...., breathing in, relaxing, letting go, release.

Letting go of obsessions, fixations - do we really need these things, these people, these feelings, to feel good? Or are they just excuses to remain trapped, to not expand our consciousness, to remain small and stuck and sad?

And yes, sometime new fears can pop up, but by looking deep within these fears we can sometimes find the root and that root is not new. It may be something we've been avoiding or denying for a long time.

In process - acrylic on canvas - 48" x 48"

Are we just passing the time, filling the space? No! We are transforming, ascending, deepening our connection with source. We are transcending human bonds, becoming pure energy, resonating with pure beauty, expressing love.

We are becoming one with Mother Nature - fecund, fertile, prolific, as we dance in space yet remain earth-rooted, feeling and knowing both mystical ascension and earthy sensuality. We are the bridge. We are the way.

give thanks,

You can't put a price tag on your soul, just as you can't price out passion, art or creative expression.

"Put your hand over the side of the boat
What do you feel?"

From the song "A Coral Room" by Kate Bush

Musical Ambiance ~ Aerial by Kate Bush