Interview with Clair Senses Teacher Ann Melanson

Ann Melanson

I am an everyday, ordinary person like you, who happens to be in touch with her intuitive, psychic ability. I have to put one foot in front of the other everyday, knowing that I am here for a greater purpose.

My greatest area of opportunity is remembering to ask you permission to voice the messages I receive after I have met you. I get random messages about different people all the time, sometimes the timing is not so great, like in the middle of making dinner for the family, and the angels are quite adamant that the messages are delivered then and there, so off I go to send an email or text message to someone or another, while the purpose at hand becomes postponed. Angel messages are always full of love, hope and beauty, I think, why wouldn’t you want to know what the angel’s messages are for you?? BUT… I understand that not all of you are ready to hear these messages…so I have learned to not just blurt out that your grannie says "Hi" from the other side… or that you have a bit of a dark side you have learned to overcome…, or any other such message I receive upon coming into your energy field.

More about Ann: Ann began her career working as a free-lance makeup artist/esthetician working with such names as Schwarzkopf, Christian Dior, and CBC Television. Knowing that her life was destined to encompass a spiritual theme, an opportunity presented itself to obtain her Reiki Level II new moon soul therapy by Ann Melansonthrough a well-known Reiki Master of the Usui tradition. Using her gift of intuitive ability, she continues to enlighten many people using methods such as Angel Card Readings, Psychometry, Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapy and Chakra Balancing. Ann believes in the empowerment of women, and the expression of individuality through love, understanding and enlightenment. She shares her living space with 3 children, a life partner, and many furried and feathered outdoor friends. Ann can also be found at

Wise Woman University is a sacred distance learning environment for the reweaving of the healing cloak of the ancients. Ann is a Wise Woman Mentor of Clair Senses Soul Therapy. Within this 4 week course you will learn how to listen to the daily messages from the Divine through opening your 4 major Clair-Senses and putting them to use in your daily life.


  1. Learn how to interpret a 3-card spread for a reading by using the Clair-Senses
  2. Develop your strengths by trusting the messages you receive
  3. Bring about positive changes in your life by acting on the Clair-messages
  4. Understand the power of intention


1. You need to be grounded, and clear-headed. Meditation, breathing, focusing on rising above your fifth-sensory world to raise your vibration. Having a quiet mind is key to receiving Divine messages of wisdom and love. Spend time outdoors with Mother Nature. Continue to nourish your body with fresh fruit and veggies, drink nourishing infusions to clear your body's filters of negative energy.

2. You are not asking for help! Your guides/angels/higher power cannot interfere due to the law of free-will. You need to quiet your mind, and ask for your messages from the Divine to be delivered with love and clarity, and in the highest good of all involved.

3. Your questions/prayers are being answered but in unexpected ways. Open your clair-senses and be patient while the Universe works out the details. Be aware of your sixth sense by asking yourself: what do I hear (clair audience), what do I feel (clair sentience), what do I know (clair gonizance), and what do I see beyond the physical (clair voyance).

4. The answer you seek offers challenges that you are not ready for yet. The message you seek may require confidence, maturity, courage beyond what you have mastered to accept and move forward with. You may not be ready to take action. The messages may also be delivered from different sources over time allowing you to digest the information in a way that allows you to cope. Sixth sensory living and spiritual growth go hand in hand so let go and have faith and your answers will come.

5. Your living space is muddying up your aura with clusters of clutter and unnecessary objects that hold negative energy. Clear away your space, donate items of value that hold negative energy whenever you see or hold the item(s). No matter what the monetary value, it is not worth giving up your psychic health for. Clean up and clear out your drawers, closets, cupboards and storage areas and you will experience a feeling of lightness and well being. In doing so, your clair senses will have an open channel to your sixth sensory living.

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You can't price passion

Open-ended, time, not time, all the time. Acceptance of timelessness, no rush, no hurry, ahhhh...., breathing in, relaxing, letting go, release.

Letting go of obsessions, fixations - do we really need these things, these people, these feelings, to feel good? Or are they just excuses to remain trapped, to not expand our consciousness, to remain small and stuck and sad?

And yes, sometime new fears can pop up, but by looking deep within these fears we can sometimes find the root and that root is not new. It may be something we've been avoiding or denying for a long time.

In process - acrylic on canvas - 48" x 48"

Are we just passing the time, filling the space? No! We are transforming, ascending, deepening our connection with source. We are transcending human bonds, becoming pure energy, resonating with pure beauty, expressing love.

We are becoming one with Mother Nature - fecund, fertile, prolific, as we dance in space yet remain earth-rooted, feeling and knowing both mystical ascension and earthy sensuality. We are the bridge. We are the way.

give thanks,

You can't put a price tag on your soul, just as you can't price out passion, art or creative expression.

"Put your hand over the side of the boat
What do you feel?"

From the song "A Coral Room" by Kate Bush

Musical Ambiance ~ Aerial by Kate Bush

The New Look

I just have to brag about my brand new business card, designed by graphic designer extraordinaire, Frank D'Angelo - a Windsor, Ontario based designer, artist and inventor!

The artwork along the top of the card comes from three of my paintings. The outer images were both painted with acrylics on wood; the left one is called "Mother Nature" and the one on the right is called "Night Angel." The middle painting is a watercolor called "Diogenese Lantern Fairy." These paintings are also part of the oracle card decks that I use for my Soul Readings.

Surprise! Here's the back of the card: