Enhance your psychic powers - A Wind Blessing

Inspired by today's Full Moon in Aquarius I meditated with crystals and oracle cards and was guided to create a series of work called "Soul Guides". These guides will be chosen from my self-created oracle card decks and will be accompanied by a healing crystal or stone.

Their message includes a teaching along with exercises designed to enhance and develop your intuitive and psychic powers.

A Native American Wind Blessing

Today's Soul Guide: Elf
Today's Crystal: Turquoise

- Today is a good day to let the Wind be your guide.
- Listen to the Wind - share ideas and thoughts
- Play or listen to Native American flute music
- Take a ride in an airplane or a hot air balloon or just in your dreams
- Enjoy the view from up high.

Turquoise can help you look within your heart to see that everything you are at odds with is merely a reflection of a part of you that has not been acknowledged and integrated. Turquoise asks you to find that aspect of yourself so that you can accept it and integrate it within your total self.

The Native American name for Turquoise is Sky-Stone because it connects the lower and higher chakras, the Above and Below.

Interpreting the Symbols - My Story:

As a psychic reader my work revolves around my connection with the Divine in response to my client's needs and questions. Occasionally a client will not resonate with a reading and I feel depressed by this, knowing that we have not been able to connect on a soul level with each other.

My best friend is working on a resource site about depression and she asked me to pinpoint what kind of depression this was: was it a feeling of shame or of doubt or of ....? I believe that I felt a moment or two of doubt and this really shakes me because my work is very much based on faith. My friend also reminded me that doubt is what keeps us humble and that it's shame that really feels yucky, so I wasn't really doing so badly after all! (Thanks friendie :)

She also advised me to "Cognitive think it away. Change perspectives. Game of percentages ... how many love what you do for them?!" (This was all twittered to me so we had to keep our conversation short and to the point!)

In other words, don't let your emotions rule your reasoning! For me, it feels like falling off a horse (in my imagination only since I've never actually fallen off a horse!) and that the best thing to do is to jump right back in the saddle and just keep going!

So how does this connect with today's teaching to "look within your heart to see that everything you are at odds with is merely a reflection of a part of you that has not been acknowledged and integrated"?

Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin, so to know one side is to know the other - opposites are always involved - but what is the middle way? This is the way of acceptance; to accept that we can't always be 100% guided by faith and that sometimes we will slip into doubt, but that it's only temporary - it too will pass. This perspective comes from reasoning, a form of Wind teaching - the Wind carries us aloft so we can see our world from a different perspective. Thank you Wind!

What has the Wind taught you today?