Divine Feminine Moon Musings Survey

Moon Musing Journal by Dawn Pinke Anderson Here are some  responses to a recent Divine Feminine Class survey I sent out to students of my Divine Feminine eCourse. * Reprinted with kind permission.

What did you like best about this course?
I like meeting other woman from all around that share.
I loved the forum!  We learn so much from each other.
I especially liked the frequent and expansive
feedback from Kathy.
It was much more in depth then I expected.  I gained
a lot of insight from the questions it required me to
ask myself.  It helped me remember to try and make
sacred space and time for myself.  It also introduced
me to new things I need to look more closely at,
as well as adding some whimsical fun.
I loved it and wanted it to continue forever.
Has this course been of value to you and why?
Yes, this course has been of great value for me.  I now pause and think
when I look at the moon and the different phases.
Extremely!  Profound insights I wouldn't have gotten to in YEARS
of talk therapy!
Definitely. I gained some insight, perspective, new ideas and growth.
Are you continuing to Moon Muse, Journal and Collage on your own?
Absolutely!!! I am even more aware of the moon, planets, the earth, seasons,
etc. and am following up all the subtle (and not so subtle) signs and
energies in all aspects of my life.
Are you interested in taking this course again?
Yes...I  would like to take it every month.

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The Divine Feminine is a “whole” Feminine.  It is the energy of being comfortable with who you are every moment of your life, magnified by a gazillion-gazillion. 

Divine Moon Muser, Annie Kelleher