My Background

My Mission: “I have been called by Spirit to live a creative life and to be of service through intuitive guidance and my artwork.”

Important Stuff:

Sun: Virgo in the 6th House Moon: Aquarius in the 11th House Rising Sign: Aries North Node: Gemini in the 2nd  (Taurus House) - Karmic Mission South Node: Sagittarius in the 8th (Scorpio House) - Past Lives

What does all this mean? I'm all about service, small details and practicality (Virgo Sun). I have a yen for 'saving the world' with a creative twist, but from my computer (Aquarius Moon) and I approach everything with courage and a pioneering spirit, full tilt! (Aries Rising). Past lives have been spent in isolation as a monk, seeker, witch and this current life is all about disseminating this wisdom to others in accessible ways (North & South Node) and not getting hung up on any One Way or One Path. I like the art movement known as "DaDa" because in German it means, 'there, there, there' and that's how I see life, there is meaning there, there, there and whatever path you decide upon will end up leading you to the exact same place.

Learn more about my psychic background and spiritual training here.

Wise Woman Radio Interview with Susun Weed, Founder of Wise Woman University. Blog Talk Radio Interview with Jamie, The Reluctant Medium.

How Can I Help You?

I help women to empower and nurture their intuitive, creative selves.

I help women who are struggling with crisis, creative blocks and self-realization.

I help women who want to deepen their connection with higher self, face their fears and shed light into the dark places within the soul.

I'm different from other intuitive guides because I use my my own unique and one-of-a-kind hand painted Creative Soul Guide deck, similar to an oracle card deck to connect with your energy for each reading. This makes for a more interactive experience and encourages  clients to use their intuition to see further and deeper into the reading and themselves.

In working with me you will receive: support, tools and techniques to nurture your creative self, embrace your inner goddess and live an authentic life with clarity, focus and direction.

More About Me:

The Kiersey Temperament Sorter: I'm an INTJ Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger - I've never really liked what the books have to say about INTJ's but we are original thinkers (and only found in 2-4% of the population) who express ourselves through thoughts first and foremost, but follow our intuition at heart, marching to the beat of our own drummer. As a J, we have to get things done and NOW, love lists and apply our rational thinking mind to much of what we do.

Clifton StrengthsFinder - My Top 5 Strengths

1. Input: Curiosity and interest in the world 2. Ideation: Love of learning 3. Intellection: Creativity, ingenuity, and originality 4. Learner: Judgement, critical thinking and open-mindedness 5. Achiever: Loves to be challenged

A lot of people enjoy being dead. But, they are not dead really. They're just backing away from life. REACH out! Take a CHANCE! Get hurt even! But, play as well as you can. Go team, go! Give me an L! Give me an I! Give me a V! Give me an E! L-I-V-E. LIVE! Otherwise, you've got nothing to talk about in the locker room.

~ Maude to Harold in the movie, Harold & Maude.


Psychic-Mediumship: Psychic-mediumship training with English channel, Adam Higgs.

Crystal Healing: Crystal healing certification from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Astrology: Private and group study with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins, Donna Cunningham, Jeffrey Wolf Green and Barbara Hand Clow.

Yoga & Meditation: Group sessions devoted to  Sri Chinmoy’s teachings offered by Om, devotee of Sri Chinmoy. I have meditated and practiced yoga since 1992.

Herbalism: Herbal studies in the Wise Woman Tradition offered by Susun Weed - Green Witch Intensive.

The Arts: Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Diploma in Graphic Design from St. Lawrence College. I pursue my love of the arts as a professional artist, having established a fine art business LuLu Design to help market my work in 1993. Painting, printmaking, life drawing, exhibiting and selling my work have been major influences upon the way I envision and live in the world. Click here to learn more about my art mission.

In the Beginning

I have always been intuitively involved in the creative arts: painting, drawing, making music (flute and piano), writing, journaling, reading especially art history, graphic design, illustration and dancing and have pursued these passions with intensity and focus, often preferring my own company to anyone elses. Living creatively opened a door for me into the world of imagination.

At thirteen I began a dream journal which helped me connect with other realms of consciousness, but more importantly taught me how to trust my intuition and my dreams in response to the important questions in life.

In my early twenties I was guided towards meditation to further my spiritual quest and joined a group led by a wonderful teacher called Om who had been trained by the spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. I continue to practice meditation, yoga, dream journaling, moon musing and creative expression and this forms the basis of my intuitive and spiritual development.

Because I have learned how to access and trust my inner voice and visions I am able to connect with the Divine.

Kathy Crabbe at Sawdust Art Festival 1996 Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach

Turning 30

Shortly after moving to Southern California (Laguna Beach) at age thirty I experienced a rebirthing session during which I envisioned an entire business scheme for my new venture, LuLu Design that involved selling and marketing my artwork as cards, prints, clothing, earrings and originals. Soon after I discovered silk painting, the perfect medium and within one year I had attended fifteen art shows where I presented and sold my work.  I was also accepted into Laguna Beach's Sawdust Art Festival where I showed my work for eight years. My architect, builder husband built me a two story booth every year for this two month long (10 am - 10 pm) 35 year old renowned art show with over 200 artists participating. What an incredible, fun, successful, beautiful, creative 60's inspired community that is!


During this time I continued to celebrate the seasons with sacred circles, ritual, tarot, dream work and meditation and my visions increased. Laguna Beach is a mecca for astrologers, another passion of mine so I had the chance to study firsthand with Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Donna Cunningham and privately with Patty Davidson.

Goddess Book

I also spent an intensely creative month creating, painting and writing a Goddess Zodiac Playbook based upon channeled meditations for each of the zodiac signs in combination with the moon. As the moon entered each zodiac sign where it stayed for two days I created a sacred circle filled with all the symbols, foods and colors associated with that sign. I researched goddess lore for each sign, meditated, wrote, painted and channeled the energy of the sign - an incredibly powerful experience! I also included poetry, stories and myths into the book and then gathered together a circle of friends to experience it - the book truly was created to be an interactive experience.

Kathy Crabbe onstage with Michelle Shocked, Hollywood, California Kathy & Michelle Shocked

Left Hand Drawing

In early 2000 I started drawing and painting exclusively with my non-dominant left hand, also known as the intuitive hand because it is guided by the more emotional, intuitive right hemisphere of the brain.

I drew more than 500 Lefties over a five year period and discovered that my intuitive, psychic abilities were increasing to the point where  I had to share these gifts by offering intuitive readings with the Lefties as oracle cards.

Turning 40

During this time of increased intuitive development I turned forty and Uranus Opposition kicked in to help push me to really, really stretch and grow. I realized that I had absorbed and learned all I could for now and that I MUST share it by giving psychic readings incorporating my art. It was the Lefties who suggested in a dream that I turn them into Lefty 'Tarot' cards and give psychic readings online along with encouragement from my life coach. The very next day I  started offering free mini readings in the Etsy forum where previously I had set up shop selling my art. This was a great way to learn how the internet worked in regards to giving readings and 100's of free readings were gifted to get the ball rolling.

Psychic Readings

I  started offering psychic readings at a local new age store, but soon discovered that distance readings where I never met my client face-to-face were more effective because it allowed me to connect and channel the Divine without distraction. To prepare for each reading I practice yoga, meditation, flute playing and crystal healing  to become as clear and focused as possible.

I receive clairvoyant visions and sometimes smells, words and feeling sensations in my body which I immediately write down.

I am  also guided towards specific healing crystals and oracle cards (of my own design). More about my technique can be found here and you can read what clients are saying about their readings here.

It's been a lifelong journey of discovery, creation and intuitive, spiritual awakening so to be able to share with you and connect others of like mind is a gift I will always be grateful for. We, each and every one of us, have within us the seeds to be intuitive, creative beings, for truly, we are all one.

Wise Woman Radio Interview: I'm interviewed by Susun Weed, founder of the Wise Woman University.

Blog Talk Radio Interview: Ghostbuster Jamie & I chat about past lives, spirits and developing intuition.

More about my background and training here.

Creativity and spirituality are one and the same!

Creativity is...For me, being creative means constantly challenging myself to explore new frontiers, develop skills, play, dream and live fully in the present.  

Kathy Crabbe, The Mermaid's Angel, 2004, silk dyes on silk, 8x10”.

How can being creative make a difference in the world?

Art, artists and all creative beings can teach people that there is a greater purpose in life beyond just surviving: there is the possibility of creating something so beautiful, though provoking, intelligent, funny, magical that one can touch people on a soul level and change their life. The world can become a better place for everyone in the process; people can come together in peace and love to appreciate all the arts. Expressing our creative, intuitive, spiritual nature can help us truly care about life, make it worth living, and make it worth fighting for the things that matters.

Art reminds us that we have a soul.

Art reminds us to laugh at ourselves.

Art shakes us out of our complacency.

Art wakes us up to our potential.

Art reminds us to live each moment in the present.

Creativity is life.

People I admire and why:

Margaret Atwood, Author & Poet: I love her brilliant, edgy, biting wit and her environmentalism.  She's a great writer working with integrity, who makes me laugh and wince.

Maude from the movie 'Harold and Maude': she has such a great fighting spirit, is passionate, young at heart, has an amazing home (a railway car), and is feisty, daring and loving.

Contemporary Japanese woodblock printmakers: their art is abstract, nature based, simplified, textural, primitive looking, graphic, bold yet subtle, with a beautiful use of color. Artists: Shiko Munakata, Naoko Matsubara

Integrity is...

  • Making a difference in people's lives through creating, writing and sharing with heart, soul, intuition, passion and intelligence.

What does all this mean for you?

  • It means that you can count on me to be there for you 110%.
  • It means that you are here for a reason because there are no accidents.

How can I help you?

Empower Yourself! Soul Readings - one-on-one psychic-intuitive-mediumship sessions with me, personally.

Share! Divine Feminine Classes - monthly sessions to help you tune into the moon at Wise Woman University.

Joy! - Inspirational Art for your soul: mermaids, fairies, cats, dogs, goddesses.

Learn more about my psychic background and spiritual training here.