A Dream Collection featuring the Artists of Etsy

"You may find your thought processes turning inward this month, so be on the lookout for some amazing dreams."

This was a comment featured in last month's New Moon Newsletter and boy, I wasn't kidding! Here is a recent collection of dreams donated by the creative artists and crafters over at Etsy. Sweet Dreams to All! (and don't let the bed bugs bite!)

SpasticRabbit's Dream:
Me and some friends were at an aquarium walking down a hall towards a concert. My friend was freaked that the glass would break and the shark would get her, I told her not to worry because the lion fish would get her first.

We got to the concert and the band kept fluidly changing (for a while is was KISS then Meatloaf etc) They asked for some extras so me and my friend volunteered. They dressed us up as mattresses and we ran around stage being chased by guys dressed as radishes with pumpkins on their heads. By the end of the dream our costumes morphed into bread and sandwich components.

boygirlparty's Dream:
a few nights ago, i had a dream about a sad clown named Leebo that everyone started calling Tae Bo. Does that mean that i am a sad clown and i need to work out more? cause i already exercise a lot...

Last night I dreamt satan was a vampire and if he bit me I would become his wife and then he would be able to take over the world. Then I slashed him to pieces very bloodily and said a chant about being white light not dark evil light and turned him to dust.

mycreativeinstincts provided the "Dreamland" tile art bracelet pictured below and ZenGarden created "Genie with tears in his eyes" pictured directly above.

SlapHappyDrums Dream:
I was out of town and my husband had a dream he had to call and tell me about. He dreamed the answer to solve everything. Of course he couldn't remember the steps to take to get the world on the right track but for a brief moment he said he had it.

NoctisAeterna's Dream:
It starts off in a crowded area, like a mall or theater - I think it's a theater, judging by the surroundings. Not a movie theater, but a theater where stage performances are put on. We are locked inside.

Anyway. Everyone seems to be in a bit of a panic, because there are aliens in the theater. They are tall and humanoid, with bluish scaly skin like a snake's - they're not particularly scary or threatening, but everyone is afraid of them because they look strange, and are turning humans into more aliens somehow. I'm one of the people who is being turned into an alien - and I've been chosen by their prince to be his wife. For some reason, this doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother the others.

I go into a washroom, and look into a brightly-lit mirror. My skin is scaly and blue now, my previously-short hair is now long and thick and curly, and I'm suddenly dressed in a white dress with lacy sleeves. I'm wearing lavender lipstick, and decide I don't like it, so I wipe it off with the back of my hand and look through a drawer beneath the mirror, which is filled with more makeup. Picking out a bright red lipstick, I apply that instead.

Outside the room, I hear a man shouting that he's figured out how they're transforming humans, but it's already too late.

BarbaraLousBoutique's Dream:
I had the Etsy dream. Again.
Ya know, the one where I sell something?

Peachcult's Dream:
Half naked Mayan priestess with big feather headdresses chasing me up a tree and throwing cocktail weenies at me.

If I was a boy this would reek of Freudian issues.
As a girl it's just oddly disturbing.

I like what ZenGarden has to say about dreams:
"Our dreams use symbols, like a game of charades, to convey a message.
Betty Bethards' dream book, "Symbols for Self Understanding" (published by The Inner Light Foundation) has been my guide for many years. Your dreams prepare you for the next 24 hours - it's amazing, if you watch you'll see. I don't watch TV but sometimes I will dream about what will be a big story in the news the next day. Basement dreams are the 1st Chakra and attic dreams are the 7th Chakra. Cars are physical energy....a bus, for example, represents tremendous physical energy. Telephone calls in a dream are very important. They are messages you should always pay attention to."