Full Moon in Gemini Artists

Full Moon in Gemini
December 1, 2009
11:30 pm PST

Plan on play during airy, communicative Gemini and make sure to watch for opportunities for witty, verbal exchanges! This is a good time to put energy into friendships, to attend meetings, or study something of interest to yourself. Let your curiosity keep you on the move and in the moment. Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook

This month's Gemini artists are multi-talented - no surprise there! So please enjoy and hopefully you'll have a much better idea about what makes the Gemini mind, heart and fingers tick after reading this post.

Dana Worley
North Logan, Utah

I am most certainly influenced by the sign of Gemini when it comes to my creativity as well as my work. Throughout my life, I have found a variety of ways to express my creativity; sewing, stained glass, beading, crocheting, paper making, fabric dying, mosaics... I could go on! Right now my passion is fused glass. The medium is versatile and I love experimenting with new techniques. I'm very logical in work and in play, which is probably why I manage a software support group and program instrumentation for "a living". You'll also notice that the artistic mediums I have chosen are very structured - give a Gemini a pattern and you'll keep her happy for a week!

Those born under the sign of Gemini are thought to be versatile and possess a youthful energy, while at the same time be rational and logical. Their unending quest for knowledge typically means that they dabble in many things, but it also means they can become bored with something quickly. I certainly see these traits when it comes to my creativity.

Harvest Squares Fused Glass Dish

One needs only to look at my studio aka basement craftroom to confirm this. You'll find tools for stained glass and lampworking, yarns and needles for crocheting and knitting, floss for embroidery and cross-stitching, fabrics for sewing and dying, blenders and screens for paper making, and beads and more beads for jewelry making and bead weaving. Oh, and a shelf of books full of tips and techniques for each of these!

One thing you'll notice about all of these endeavors is that they are also structured. One follows a series of steps to get to the end result. I think the straightforward nature of these crafts feeds that logical and rational side of me, while still allowing me to be expressive and create something beautiful.

My current passion is fused glass. I find it exciting and challenging, and there seems to be an endless array of techniques and materials to work with. There's always a bit of exciting anticipation when the firing process is complete and you examine the piece that has been transformed. While the careful process of creation produces consistent results, each piece is unique. Perhaps fused glass will be the creative outlet that will finally satisfy this easily bored Gemini!

Currently I live in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah. By day I manage a software support group, program dataloggers, and do some technical writing. The job is challenging, full of diversity, and there's always something new to learn. In my "free time" I enjoy creating my fused glass designs, landscaping, cooking, reading, hiking, biking, skiing... and being "maid" to a 17 year old very spoiled cat! I set up Jester's Baubles as a small, home-based business so I might be able to share my passion for glass and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with others.

Gillian Jackson
Tauranga, New Zealand

Off the top of my head I think the way the main ways that being a Gemini influences my work are:
- I get bored doing the same thing so I can only make so many of the same things.
- I have lots and lots of different projects on the go.
- I have so many ideas and not enough time to complete them all.
- Crochet is all about having dexterous fingers

Here we are, myself and my other self. We are Gemini and we are torn between us as to what we should make next. We want to learn how to macramé, and how to use the sewing machine because we have so many fantastic ideas! We agree that we enjoy crocheting because it’s fun and it means we can be inventive and unrestrained, not having to follow someone else's patterns and ideas and a BIG plus is that it tends to grow fast so we’re much more inclined to finish our projects. We have about twelve unfinished projects lying around at the moment which isn’t too bad. We have a hunger to learn new techniques, to strive to know more about what we enjoy, skim-reading books and websites learning by osmosis rather than by study. This means we may know how to do part of something and need to make up the rest as we go. Opening shops online and doing the local market has helped force us to complete the creative process. Whatever we make it has to be fun, fun for us to make, fun for someone to use or look at. Boredom and being in a rut are the enemy!

Pink Pouty Amigurumi Mushroom

Try to learn something new every day.

(Writing ‘we’ as we have, we do not wish to offend, belittle or make fun of anyone who may have multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia)

Angie Cornelius
Chicago, Illinois

My designs reflect my short attention span, LOL. I am interested in everything that is art and jewelry-related and love to learn all that I can to combine many techniques into one awesome finished piece. My latest endeavor will be a metal clay class - the goal is to combine all kinds of things with polymer clay and original art to create really rocking and original jewelry and multi-media art!

I am a Gemini with a Leo moon who loves to experiment with new art forms, and combine existing art forms into new and unique expressions. My first love is drawing, primarily with markers and colored pencils and incorporating that artwork into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, fun gifty items and affordable art reproductions.

Being a mutable astrological sign, I love change and learning new techniques to keep my creations fresh and exciting. Creating pieces that are more three-dimensional was my next step as I took on polymer clay. I can't believe I never tried it before! It allows for more flexibility and adaptability than I ever imagined, allowing me to combine my artistic visions in ever more eclectic and creative ways.

Confessions of an English Opium Eater - Beaded Flower Necklace

Another area of astrology that I find fascinating is the Chinese Zodiac, and discovering "the animal that hides in your heart" based upon your year of birth. I am a double Fire Horse (gasp!) and my drive and constant need for creativity, expression and energy are definitely reflected in my lunar sign. With respect to that, I will be adding a new line of jewelry items inspired by the Fire Horse and my newest creative expression - metal clay, in which a plain piece of silver (or other metal) clay is shaped then transformed by fire into a shining piece of precious metal beauty. Change and versatility within creative expression is definitely what I live by, both as a Gemini and as a Fire Horse!

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