Soul Healing Tips - Which Path To Pursue?

Have you recently been trying to figure out which path to take? Do you find yourself faced with several options as you struggle to determine which one is the best for you at this particular time?

To start this soul healing journey I suggest some meditation; some quiet time alone to help you focus and recharge your soul's batteries.

Next I suggest working with a natural volcanic glass (by placing it over your third eye - between your eyebrows) called Mahogany Obsidian or with an image of this glass if you don't have the real thing.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is ideal for dispelling feelings of unworthiness that hold one back from fulfilling one’s potential. Affirmation: “I am worthy of the blessings of a good and fruitful life”.

Now, imagine yourself going deep, deep within your soul as you envision a small dark room appearing before you. There are several doorways in this room, but only one of them calls out to you - this is the one that you are most drawn to and you must open the door! Quick, write down your first impressions - what do you see, feel, hear - what is behind this door? The answers will reveal to you what it is you are looking for at this time in your life.

To the left of this doorway is another path representing an alternate route - one that you feel you 'should' be taking, but are not necessarily pulled towards. "Should" has always been a nasty word to me, it doesn't represent our soul's yearning so much as what we're told to do or are expected to do. Envision yourself walking down that path and write down how that makes you feel - first impressions only - quick!

Rose Quartz

Next, we will work with your heart energy and for this a Pink (Rose) Quartz stone is required (or the image of one). You can place this stone or hold a sphere near to your heart and focus on your breathing, until you feel perfectly relaxed, warm and fuzzy inside.

Then ask yourself, "What is my highest purpose in regards to the door that I just opened and towards the path I envisioned to the left of the doorway"?

Do you see any similarities? What is it about the "should" pathway that is so dis-comforting, scary, unpleasant, distasteful? Request from Spirit/God/Divine that a way be shown to you so that you can partake of this "should" pathway in a way that works for you.


Working with Charoite can increase the likelihood of synchronicities in one’s life. If one learns to notice these and the messages they imply, one can move through life as if guided by a golden thread, and the pathless path of one’s highest potential will be revealed.

For this part of the Soul Healing I suggest working with a gemstone called Chaorite, by placing it over your third eye), but any purple gemstone will do. Now stop struggling and just meander down that left handed pathway for a little while knowing that you can always ask for guidance and it will come to you when needed. And of course remembering that if you want to speed things up you can always contact me for a soul reading!

Blessed Bee, Sparkly Blessings and Peace to All!