New Moon Manifestation Exercise

Within the book Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by astrologer Barbara Hand Clow you will find an amazing New Moon Manifestation Technique that includes how to set your intentions in tune with the New Moon. It involves making a list of things you would like to have or create in your life and placing that list in your third eye and then in your medulla oblongata. This technique teaches you about the power of your mind and the magic of the Divine. You literally can create almost anything. "The Divine Mind does not assist you unless you ask."

According to The Pleiadian Agenda (another book by Hand Clow), the Moon has a huge influence on what you want because the Moon reflects our desires to the Sun, where our access to the 8D library is located. 

The first time I used this technique, I was blown away and I wrote about it here: Meeting Ian.

 I highly recommend all of Barbara's books, but my favorite is Liquid Light of Sex: Understanding Your Key Life Passages which talks about the major astrological transitions we all go through at age 30, 40, 50 and 60.

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Waning Moon Pearls of Forgiveness

Forgiveness...what does that word mean to you? For me, it means letting go of pain and deciding consciously that I don't need it and that I'm letting it go, not allowing pain or irritation or anger or shame or regret to control who I am right now in this moment.

As I hold two pearls in my hands I open my heart to joy for I am present now and I am beautiful and love flows through me and I can accept this and share it with you.

Perfection Is ...

As I was snacking on some olives, camembert, blueberries and Belgian ale last night before the eclipse and Full Moon occurred in the wee hours of the morning, my husband I reflected upon what an odd day it had been; we had caught glimpse into people's souls that were previously hidden, as colleagues and even strangers told us the most revealing things about themselves! What a day, so I was reeeaaaalllly looking forward to the upcoming lunar revelations which would be happening while I slept @ 4:30 am pdt.

So, to prepare for the occasion I brushed myself with Oil of Azeztulite under the light of the full moon and blessed my stones in preparation for dreamwork. I chose Azeztulite, a white pearl, and a Lithium Quartz double terminated Crystal (from Kacha Stones) to meditate and dream with by placing them under my pillow.

Azeztulite brought me joy.

Lithium Quartz brought courage.

Pearl brought nurturing.

My hand painted oracle cards also called to me so I pulled a card from my Lefty Oracle deck and sat quietly with it for awhile, not actually looking at the card, but instead holding my hand over it's surface to sense the energy as I asked the universe: "May I open to the mysteries of my soul and accept myself with all my faults and limitations."

Happiness Is...knowing that perfection is RIGHT NOW.

Aquamarine Insights

Looking for assistance, I placed a small piece of Aquamarine, my Gemini Gemstone Guide (in honour of the previous New Moon in Gemini) under my pillow last night and found myself absorbing fresh insights as I slept. I wouldn't call them answers exactly, just insights, mainly about balance.

Balance is something especially important for those of us working from home as we juggle life and work.

Last night I attended opening night of the 44th Annual Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach where I had been an exhibitor from 1995 to 2001. I spoke briefly with a new artist about his ceramic jewelry which I'd been admiring for it's simplicity. We spoke of artistic balance; his booth was filled with creative designs that were all the same size so I asked him about making a few large, dramatic pieces and he agreed that working like that was especially fun and exciting artistically speaking.

So my question for you, dear readers is, "Are you allowing your strengths and talents to shine forth or are you keeping them hidden? What is your number one strength and how are you expressing that gift in a balanced way?"

With that in mind, I found a bit of time today to balance all my hard work with a visit to my painting studio just to sit and write and ponder upon a new painting. I allowed myself a short nap underneath two giant old oaks as I enjoyed the sensation of dappled sunshine upon my skin, my faithful mutt Abby nestled by my side.

What kind of balance could you achieve between your life and work within the next twenty-four hours? Why not try it sometime,  it feels sooooo good!