Remembering our Ancestors

Maude Angel - a Woodblock Print

In honour of Hallow's Eve or Samhain I held a Facebook Giveaway called "My Favorite Ancestor" and the lucky winner received a woodblock print (pictured above) of my favorite ancestor from the movie "Harold & Maude" as played by Ruth Gordon.

Here's the question posed to my Facebook Fans: What 3 things did you learn from your favorite ancestor? How did they effect you body, mind and soul and in what ways did they touch your heart? To enter this giveaway just leave your comments on my Wall!

And if you don't yet have a favorite ancestor then pick one, any one that you wished you could have known and why.

Let us remember the dead for they are all around us.

Thanks to all of you who shared your very moving Ancestor Stories - I am very touched and inspired and feel very blessed to know all of you and your ancestors too.

Leslie Maltby Burdzy, Hartford, CT - My ancestor is my great-grandfather, boat builder, creative like many on that side of the family. It makes me feel that I am not crazy to want to create, that it's ok to create your own world - one that makes sense to you, and the need to throw in a bit of the down and dirty real-world into the mix, just to survive.

Cathy Parker, Columbus, OH - My favorite ancestors are my paternal grandmother and grandfather. I miss them so very much. I turned 60 on the 23rd so lately I have been thinking about those years when They were with me physically. Even so many years later I can't help but cry because they were such a strong and loving part of my life. I've never heard from my grandmother so I'm sure she came right back down into Life after crossing over. That would be so like her. I can hear her saying,"Let's get this over with so I can rest!". So wherever she is this is her last life, I'm sure. My grandfather has visited me in my dreams and he makes it very obvious for me that I'm on a journey. He sits away in the corner in his rocking chair and I have to step out of my dream to speak to him!

Brenda Mihalopoulos, Boston, MA - I think my favourite ancestor was my Great Grandmother...she got me on the crafting trail and I've been on it ever since...still can't knit or crochet worth a damn...

Ann Marie Hennesey Charest, Hartford, CT - My grandmother was a concert pianist in the 1920's. I never knew her in this lifetime, although I have always felt guided by her as I played musical instruments, especially the piano. I am also named for her. When I channel her, she tells me that she was always there guiding me and will continue to do so as long as I would like her too. She also spoke only French and sometimes her messages are not in English. I find this to be very cool and I am flattered that she has always been by my side.

Colleen Wilhelm: It is hard to narrow it down to one. I loved my maternal grandparents and they were the best influence on me growing up. My grandmother was like an angel to me. She loved me and believed in me when no one else did. She said I was her angel and I told her she was mine. I'm on the side of the light and I give her so much credit for showing me the way.

Jo Lynne Sprouse, Asheville, NC: My favorite ancestor is one I never met and really didn't hear a lot about until I started asking - She was my paternal great-great-grandmother. I have recently learned that she was a 'wise woman' in the hills of West Virginia and figure that it is she who has guided my spiritual path to where I am now. I am planning to do a special ceremony for her at Samhain and hope to contact her and connect with her.

Mary Miller, Columbus, Ohio: My favorite Ancestor. Sigh, I was just looking up everything I could for the last few days on my uncle. being so close to "day of the dead" for some, "Sawain" for others, for native Americans, this is the time of the ancestors and sending prayer bundles.

My favorite ancestor was my uncle/father who raised me, without a doubt. This man took a high road, when many in his family did not. He came from a very disadvantaged background (homeless from the age of 12 and parentless), scrabbled for years to raise himself above almost all odds, including jail, gang relations with the Pachucas in Oakland California in the 1940's, to being a well honored man in the Seattle area. He even has a hospital wing named for him at Group Health Seattle, for the inspiration he gave to folks who knew him. He was a humanitarian who believed that "something was a problem, if you made it a problem," and through his wisdom and love. I couldn't be who I am without him. He touched my soul.

Mon Lukas, Australia:
My favourite ancestor is a fore-mother who I never met, because she lived somewhere in the veils of time in central Europe. She resides in my cellular memory and influence and memory help make me what I am now, and quite foreign to the rest of my tribe.

She has given me:
The courage to speak out, despite a culture that would have it's women passive and obedient (Catholic, Slavic Poland)
Democratic and iconoclastic despite being born into privilege (the family supposedly had money, land and serfs)
Intuitive, psychic with a healing gift (I'd like to imagine that she had visited a gypsy camp, found love and introduced "the sight"into a line!)

Kathy -- the ancestors are truly constantly with us :)

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