Risk - The Joy Diet

My art studio and the beginning of Painting #3 - "Stasis"

This week we're taking risks as part of the "Risk" Chapter in our Joy Diet Creative Blogger's Book Club and I have started painting again after a long hiatus of about one year.

My "Desire" (Chapter 3) which had not yet been identified (actually, it was deliberately kept private) is being revealed brushstroke by brushstroke as I explore emotions and intimacy within my marriage.

Each day that I paint I feel these emotions deeply as I express them on paper with paint, ink, water and pastel.

I risk exposing myself and my inner world to the world-at-large feeling raw, vulnerable and accountable as I begin "Journey into Intimacy" a new series of large paintings (4' x 5') - partly abstract, partly symbolic and very expressive.

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

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Painting #1 - "Finding My Wings" and Painting #2 - "Arrow of Pain"