Full Moon in Leo Artist Feature

Full Moon in Leo
January 29, 2010
10:18 pm PST

This month's full moon in Leo is gearing up and ready to inspire as only those very special people, the positively cheery and beaming Leos can do best. My first artist feature is ceramicist Dana Morton, but hang tight I've got two more Lovely Leos coming up later in the week.

Dana Morton

Sonora, CA


Ceramics has always been a running theme in my life. I discovered ceramics in high school and credit that class for keeping me interested enough to graduate. I landed my first job, teaching preschool by taking a bag of clay to the class and showing the children how to make pinch pots. It also helped me immensely when I quit smoking ten years ago. I have left the art for brief periods in my life but it has always come back to me.

I specialize in a line of ceramics called, "My Grandma's Linens". It all started when I needed favors for our wedding. I went through a box of old linens that my grandmothers had made and created little dishes by taking impressions of them. It was comforting, that my grandmothers, who have passed on, were able to help me with such a special day in my life. I now scour flea markets, yard sales etc., in search of old textiles. I like the idea of preserving them in clay while breathing new life into an old art form. I always wonder about the person who made each textile as I’m taking an impression of it. I hope they’re smiling.

One might think that a ceramic artist would be an earth sign and I’m sure that’s true in many cases. However, all ceramics must be fired and that’s where the attraction is for me. I have enjoyed many different firing styles, including raku, salt and reduction. Currently I’m firing oxidation. I love the way the different atmospheres in the kiln affect the outcome.

Ceramic Art Pottery

The sun has had an enormous impact on my work and my life. I like to set balls of clay out in the sun, so that they dry on the outside. The dryness of the clay causes it to crack as I’m pinching out the pots, creating this wonderful texture. I come alive in the summer and do my best work then.

Ceramic Art Pottery Covered Jar, Urn, Memory Keeper

My dreams and past lives have also influenced my work. I’ll never forget one dream in particular: I was doing an art show and there were all of these beautiful pots in my space. I woke up, went out, and started making my dream pots. As far as past life experiences go, I have never had such a deja vu experience as when I was visiting Mesa Verde National park. When I walked into the museum and saw the pottery, I felt a very strong connection to it, as if I made it. I still get that feeling whenever I come across it in books.

Recycling and donating are also very important to me. I have local businesses saving their bubble wrap and other packing materials. I refuse to buy something that ends up in our landfills on a daily basis. My donations include, silent auctions, our local women’s resource center and sponsoring a child in Mexico. I want to do all I can, in my small way, to help our earth and the people living on it.

I enjoy releasing my positive Leo energy into the Universe. It comes back in so many interesting ways. Sometimes, in ways that, I never would have imagined.

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