Full Moon in Leo Double Artist Feature

Full Moon in Leo
January 29th, 2010
10:18 pm PST

Let Leo's energetic and extroverted energy inspire your self-confidence. Generous warmth and vitality come more easily now in this fiery Leo time of the proud heart. Let dramatic outbursts entertain and feed your creative appetite. Leos ARE special and need special treats too, especially to feed the inner child. (Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook).

Nina Glaser
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
shop: ninaglaser.etsy.com
fine art: www.ninaglaser.com
I've always thought it was funny that Leo's are known to be extroverted and crave center stage- because I consider myself to be pretty shy! The more I think about it and analyze it though, the more I realize that while I'm not extroverted in personality and demeanor, I am a lot more open and up front in my paintings! I'm definitely a lot more fearless in my art, so maybe my creative side is right on with the Leo's!
I went to college for painting and illustration and recently earned my Masters in painting. After painting non stop in grad school for two years straight, I felt like I wanted to use my creative energy towards something different. I was excited that many of the patterns and images that I created for my paintings could be easily transferable into home decor and paper goods. And thus, my love affair with Etsy began.
Block Printed Napkins

Starting my own business and getting to be my own boss has been really fulfilling for me. A common Leo characteristic that I've always related to is the need for control. Leo's are determined not to fail, and at the end of the day, need to feel like they have accomplished something. I love that I get to make my own products, promote them, converse with customers about them (sometimes I even get to hear lovely stories about why the customer is buying my products), and then ship them out! Its the full process, and I find it to be loads of fun!

On my most ideal day, I get to sit at my desk with a cup of coffee in the warm shining light of the sun and create create create! I'm a fire sign, after all!

Lesha McElvy
Herndon, Virginia

I have always known I was a Leo in heart and spirit: generous, loving, independent, faithful - I am all of those to the extreme, but creative, self confident, spontaneous? Me? There must have been a mistake somewhere, or so I thought.

As a Leo, I am in constant battle. My brain, the male lion, is always working, calculating, thinking, and analyzing. The playful cub that is my spirit, wants to chase after butterflies, wander into the woods, be in awe, and wrestle with the other cubs. The male lion and cub bicker all the time, fighting to win, needing to prevail. My heart, the mother lion; loving, giving, nurturing, cries for harmony and unity. This has been the way I lived my life.

One day, I can not tell you which or when, but one day, my heart slowly won. By following my mother lion, she found a way to bring about change, harmony and happiness. There are still days that the fighting goes on, but my heart if I listen, can still it. And like any great woman, the male lion and cub are willing to follow.

EarthRites Accessories was the mother lion's idea: analyzing, organizing, structuring, visual geometry? My brain is spinning in circles and thrilled. Touching, feeling, experiencing - my spirit dances in delight! My heart can flow through my hands, guiding my work, loving and creating. There was a self lesson in this for me as well. Creative, self confident and spontaneous? Well, I guess I just needed a nudge.

Silk Lined Tarot Runes Bag

Starting EarthRites was a scary process for me. Jumping right in and following my instincts when lacking the self-confidence was no easy task. There was no thinking because I would quickly think my way out of it. I still hide the receipts in a box that I have not tallied up, knowing that if I look at it too soon, I'll stop. I am mixing fabrics, stones, metals, and even herbs and nuts to make bags I know will belong to someone one day. As each one sells, I am gaining my confidence, truly "knowing" and understanding this is what I am supposed to do. I finally feel like I am headed in a direction going somewhere, instead of spinning in circles.

When I make a unique bag, I know it is for someone in particular, I can feel it in me. My hands instinctively pick out the fabric and I feel the intuition flowing through me, guiding my every step, fighting with logic, to make the perfect bag. I am pulling out things that I would never think to include, mixing colors that make my brain scream. I can feel myself channeling the other person's energy and when it is completed it sits on a shelf until that person finds my store. As I send it out I know it was made just for them, special, just like they are.

My spirit guide said to me one night, "Loving is creating." This is how I work. This is how I live.

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