Piscean New Moon Heavy Metal Artist, Steff

New Moon in PiscesMarch 15, 2010 12:01 pm PDT

Our feelings and sensitivities flow during this changeable watery New Moon in Pisces. When not seeking solitude, we may feel the urge to merge into heart and spirit space. Let the poet within out to play as you channel the intuitive, imaginative energy of Pisces. Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook.

This month I am featuring two Piscean artists, the first is Steff of SteffMetal, an unusual combination of Piscean strength, passion and Heavy Metal! The second is Lynn (coming up next) a jeweler who calls herself a 'typical bohemian Pisces' so stay tuned!

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In most senses I am a typical Pisces. My head is so far up in the clouds it’s a wonder I’m not accidentally sniffing the armpits of angels. My husband calls me “the luckiest train wreck”. I am the eternal optimist, the person who sees every side of the argument and can’t say a bad word about anyone. The girl who can recite the phone number of every friend she’s ever had but can’t remember which day to take the garbage out.

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Creativity isn’t something I have to do, it’s always been something I just do, like eating or sleeping or walking. It’s innate. Also, I’ve always felt my life was “bigger” than myself somehow, that everything I chose to do led me towards some important purpose I haven’t seen yet.

Why Heavy Metal artwork? For a Piscean, who is by nature weak-willed and prone to being walked-over, heavy metal gives strength – Heavy Metal says “you can”. Heavy Metal says “You don’t have to like me, I’m happy being me”. And, when need be, Heavy Metal says “Piss Off”. Something a Piscean would never dream of saying.

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It’s powerful, passionate music made by people who believe heart and soul in the things they say, and in the same way that Pisceans are attracted to powerful lovers, it draws me in. It gives me tools to do the impossible.

Also, it gives me that sense of being part of something bigger than myself. The metal community is like this. It accepts with open arms anyone who takes the music into their life, regardless of race, creed, social standing, disability or personality. It’s a community of artists, musicians, dancers, dreamers and warriors.

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My art is for this community and for the extended network of friends, friends of friends, and friends-I-have-yet-to-meet, who share a love of this music. It’s for the artists who touch our lives and the music that feels our souls.

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