Fire & Air

I express my feelings through my art.

But, I'm finding that when I get involved in rectifying an astrological chart, I'm not using my intuition, it's strictly analytical, very mental, thinking-based, in-my-head, and so I have a hard time telling whether it's true or not. I think chart analysis is more about conversation, interactions. I also just have to quote Richard Idemon (astrologer) who says, "We think we can look at an astrological chart and find truth, but we cannot. We're going to find degrees and degrees of mythology". Excerpted from his book "The Magic Thread - Astrological Chart Interpretation Using Depth Psychology"

This month's Full Moon is in Libra and I'm delving into an exploration of taking on my power and claiming space. That's why I'm identifying with this painting, the Fire Bird - she is a combination of air and water and the cardinal element (leadership, centrifugal forces - going outward). Everything is astrology these days, it's a whirl of archetypes, process, interaction and depth psychology.

Art gets me into my body, my physicality, my heart - it is a hands-on experiential process.