Libra Full Moon Collage - the Fire Bird Rises!

This is for the the Divine Female within all of us - she is Goddess unbound, unfettered, free. She knows the blood mysteries, worships the moon and calls upon no man to complete her. She stands alone yet united with women everywhere, strong and capable of earning her way in the world, healing her sorrows, tasting her joys, and feeling one-ness with the All.

I celebrate this Full Moon in Libra with simplicity and simple pleasures. My Full Moon Collage is a manifestation of all I believe in and am present to at this moment in time.

She is full tonight, the moon and I worship her beauty as I worship my own. Together we celebrate, as together we share our stories, our creations and our inner knowing.

Join with me, Divine Goddesses of the Moon as we come together to make magick, make merry and make our dreams and hopes manifest.

My collage consists of my recent painting Fire Bird, a Libran symbol (for me) of Cardinal fire and air. I have also incorporated the astrological symbol for Venus and within her circle have placed an Isis Goddess Crystal, then in the blood red ink of passion have scrawled out the script, and to finish things off have included a clipping from a recently planted native plant species called Ribes indecorum (great name!) which is a White Flowering Chaparral Currant.

If you wish to join in the fun, check out my eClass which begins anew at each New Moon Awaken the Divine Feminine at the Wise Woman University.

Divine Moon Muser, Elizabeth Mow blogs about her Moon Collage here - Peace, Joy & Creativity.