Night Blooming Dark Moon Collage

Nothing can hold us back now. We are Women of the Shadows, free to know, intuit and dream the darkness - to heal, empower and blaze our trails, phosphorescence and moonlight guide the way. Chiron, Medusa, Hekate, Pythias, and Lilith we accept and allow Her wisdom to light our way. Into the shadows we grow, our fear night-blooming, making us strong, powerful, magical. We are women at one with the void, the wolves at our heels, we lead the way.

"For no special reason I am leaving you for awhile tonight I'm flying far above you Still love you You made things right." ~ From the song "Candlebright" by Stevie Nicks

If you are interested in Moon Collaging along with a supportive group of Moon Sisters then please join me in Term 2 of Awaken the Divine Feminine.

Divine Moon Muser, Elizabeth M. has posted her Waning Moon Collage on her blog - Peace, Joy & Creativity.