Sweet Gypsy Promise New Moon in Aries

Aries New MoonApril 14, 2010 5:29 am PDT

The Moon in Aries reminds us to be true to our path, we have to be true to our inner fire. This month's New Moon artist is Melissa of Sweet Gypsy Promise who brings her divine feminine spark of inspiration and movement to us in the form of dance and art, a topic not usually covered in this blog, but something I love to do - how 'bout you?

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As an Aries, I often find myself overfilled with passion looking for an available, creative outlet to express it. True to my astrological nature I will try anything once, especially on an impulse. That is how I ended up in dance class again.

Although I had danced as a child and on and off through my adolescent years, when I came back to it as an adult, it felt like an entirely new adventure altogether. I definitely did not expect to find a sense of the divine in dance, but somehow I did.

Aries is the first sun sign, and we literally have a fierce fireball of energy whirling around in us all the time, nonstop. It is relentless really. And as you can imagine, I have never found it easy to sit still and silence my thoughts, yet I yearned for the peace of mind, body and soul that meditation might bring.

Golden Dancer

For me, dance is the solution to this. Once the music starts, my mind stops and my body takes over and easily loses itself in the movements while the rest of the world stands still so that I can actually exist just as I am, letting go and complete.

Knowing that I am an Aries you might expect my dance inspired artwork to be well, WILD... full of bold colors and big brushstrokes. I will be the first to admit that it most definitely is not. Instead what you see is something uniquely feminine. I paint what I feel when I dance. I do this because it is a feeling that is simultaneously powerful and serene and it is something that so many of us have been searching for.

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