Amanda's Soul Portrait and Reading Testimonial

Amanda's Soul Portrait & Reading Testimonial

Wow. I have been letting this settle in, and now have a good window of time to write back. I loved the reading. It really hit home for me...was very profound.

The healing stones you picked for me were SO spot on. I have been looking more into them and each one really speaks to me as a place where I could use some support. I am definitely going to seek them out.

I thought the phone format was great, and it was nice to be able to have the interactivity of it and to connect with you in that way. I think I like it better than the written ones...though it's hard to choose.

Soul Portrait by Kathy Crabbe

More About Amanda's Soul Portrait

It is lovely!! I love it. I was so happy to receive it. I love how the "lady" has leaf feet which flow into the branch...she has a beautiful organic feel with those double spirals and leaf designs on her dress...very elfish...I love the green/plant connection. She is sort of ethereal, with a whimsical air, yet grounded too.

I also like the fiery waves around the heart chakra area. Those are definitely "my colors (the Fall/earthy ones, esp the red on her dress). It is all quite intriguing and mysterious. :)

Again, a thousand thank-yous for this gift you have given me. I cherish it.

All in all, the readings I've had with you have been beautiful, life-affirming glimpses into myself, and I feel, the nature of have an amazing gift and I'm so grateful to be on the receiving end of them. I feel buoyed up and held by this guidance you offer and channel.

Thanks so much again Kathy, this has been a great gift and really fun too.

Amanda, Midcoast Maine, USA

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