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Full Moon Lefty Oracle of the Month: Juliette Has Wings

Juliette Has Wings by Kathy Crabbe from the Lefty Oracle Deck

Juliette Has Wings by Kathy Crabbe from the Lefty Oracle Deck

Juliette's Story from the Lefty Oracle Deck

'One day...' was my mantra.
‘One day I will fly.’
But ‘one day’ never arrived until I stopped, cold turkey.
I stopped trying and wishing and striving so hard that it hurt.
And I turned my attention to a star; so bright yet sooo far away.
I told my star everything, then fell asleep.
That night I grew wings and my star wasn’t so far away anymore.

If you pull this card in a reading it’s time to break free and fly! You ARE ready…it’s time! Be Free.

In my own life I find that knowing when to break free is an art from in itself that I struggle with. I feel as though I’m always ready yet timing is everything which is why I pay close attention to astrology as well as my own intuition and meditation with the Divine.

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Full Moon in Cancer Healing Exercise Channeled Jan. 6, 2017

Take a moment to be still and present. Be with your emotions. Take a pen or marker and using your non-dominant hand draw how that feels.

What did you draw? I drew a teardrop.

Now, close your eyes again and using your imagination go into your drawing and explore. Write down your feelings and what you discovered. I found myself lying in the base of my teardrop as if it were a hammock and it was peaceful there. Now, write down an I AM affirmation to help empower this Full Moon in Cancer Time for yourself.

Goddess Zodiac Wisdom from my Goddess Zodiac eBook

Cancer – The Crab
Time of Year – Summer Solstice, June 22 - July 22
Quality – Cardinal
Element – Water
Planetary Ruler – The Moon
Anatomy – Breasts, stomach
Natural Sign of – 4th House
Color – Iridescences, silvery blue, smoky grey, white
Gemstone – Moonstone, pearl
Tarot Card – The Chariot
Goddesses – Circe, Isis, Mama Cocha, Tien Hou

Cancer Affirmations

  • I care deeply for others
  • I see the wounded child within us all
  • I teach others how to care and wash their wounds
  • I am sensitive and receptive
  • I am safe and protected
  • My home is my heart

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