Moments of Perfection: It's all about love

Kathy Crabbe, It's all about Love, 2013, watercolor, gouache and marker on paper, 5 x 7”Kathy Crabbe, It's all about Love, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 7”. 

From the Daily Magic Series: Words & Pictures To Wish Upon

Moments of Perfection


In my New Moon Circle

I sit with my animals,

a Dove calls,

the morning awake.

I feel

I cry

I love

I set my intentions this

Pisces New Moon, acknowledging

Seven planets in Pisces!

All is love That is all.

It's Gonna Be All Right

"It's gonna be all right" from the album "Central Reservation" by Beth Orton.

Pisces New Moon keywords for me: restraint, tempered with mysticism, passion and discipline.

Spring Equinox - listening to old friends on CD - Birch Island Party 2007, Friday night - not really missing my home town because my heart is still there and always will be.

Here's to the music, thanks for bringing the tunes: George, Spencer & Jack ~ "We'll play as long as Mrs. Angerman will allow it!"
charcoal, pastel & acrylic on masonite - 48" x 48"

Wanting to do less and less to these paintings - they breathe beauty as they are, but "Should I stay or should I go now?" is the question.

The smell of mulch and fertilizer fills my senses...I've been planting, it's spring!

I don't want to touch this painting, I just want to stare at it...(in awe).

Musical Ambiance ~ Birch Island 2007 - Friday Night, Beth Orton - Central Reservation.