Lefty of the Day: Queen Carin

Carin by k. crab Queen Carin reigned from 2565 until her death in 2625. She was born on the Golden Planet Zephyrus in the small town now named after her (Carin-ville). She rose to power by shunning all contact with the Other Worlds bordering Zephyrus so that she could devote all resources to healing the many ailments afflicting her people ever since coming in contact with these worlds. She was the first and last Queen to effect radical change for the good and was abducted and killed for her troubles. She died in chains on the island Peploss but it is said that the golden flowers that surround her tomb are forever in bloom and that one whiff of their strong and strange odor will carry one, ever so momentarily to a place ‘without a care’.

Carin’s Day is dedicated to strong and radical women everywhere.

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