Creative Soul News ~ Spring 2013

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul Dear Creative Soul blog subscribers, Thank you so much for your patience with me over the past few years as I've delved into both the psychic, healing realms and the artistic realms within this blog and the Creative Soul Museletter. I find that both realms connect, blend and fuel one another, but for the sake of simplicity I plan to keep this blog primarily for Creative Soul Guidance.

For those of you interested in following my artistic adventures I've created another Newsletter for my current work: The Daily Magic Series: Words and Pictures to Wish Upon that I am dedicating to my birth mother Sally in her fight with cancer. Click here for more info and to sign up.

Creative Soul News

Ancestor Readings are back!

Kathy Crabbe, Maude, 2010, woodcut on paper, 8 x 10”.Ancestors are family members (or friends) that have passed away but choose to 'come through' for you in times of need so that they can offer you guidance in the form of a message. I will request specific information from your ancestor so that you can positively identify them. I will sometimes see your ancestors, hear them, or feel their presence along with their name and I will do my best to capture whatever message they have for you. It can be reassuring to know that you are being watched over and loved by those who truly care for your well-being.

Spirit Guides are wise teachers and guardians from another dimension that advise and protect us. They are dis-incarnate spirits (ie. animal totems, angels, nature spirits) that can act as spiritual counselors or protectors for us, during our time of need. I will also provide you with suggestions and techniques for connecting to your guides on your own.

Click here to purchase an Ancestor Reading.

NEW ~ Phone Readings

To further personalize and provide you with optimal service I now offer a 25 minute phone consultation as part of my Creative Soul Readings (US & Canada only). Along with your Reading you will receive an email containing the oracle cards chosen for your reading (from 4 of my self-designed oracle card decks.) So far, the response has been very favourable; clients are saying they really enjoy  hearing my voice and speaking with me directly.

Click here to purchase a Creative Soul Reading.

Catch my Creative Soul Guidance and Goddess Art on Susun Weed's New Website

I've been invited to be a Mentor Columnist on a new website created by Susun Weed.  Susun is an herbalist, author and educator. Her books are my go-to resource for healing. I've also been invited to display my art in her Goddess Art Gallery which is featured in the left hand column of her site - coming soon!

Click here for my column.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

ABOUT KATHY Kathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide, artist, educator and writer who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Kathy’s work has been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, magazine and books. She maintains a regularly updated blog and a portfolio site. Kathy empowers soul-seekers to live the life of their dreams through online resources, classes, creative soul readings and inspirational art infused with a rich background in the arts.

Kathy received intuitive training from English psychic and channel, Adam Higgs and spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy). She studied yoga with Atma Khalsa and Amanollah Ghahraman, Herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. Kathy received her certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and has been a lifelong student of astrology through private study and group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Learn more about Kathy here.

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