Piscean Full Moon Silk Musings

Scarlet Beebalm hand painted silk crepe scarf

Pisces Full Moon August 24 10:04 am PDT

Spotlight on Piscean Silk Painter: Susan Morgan Hoth Richmond, Virginia Morgan Silk

Perhaps being born on March 12 inclined me to this attraction I have with water ~ it's the closest thing to flying that I know.

One of my earliest memories was standing on a chair pulled up to the kitchen sink playing with water for hours. I grew up playing in the creeks so when our village built a community pool I spent every summer all day in it and when I turned sixteen I worked there as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.

I started watercolor painting in my early teens and would go out into the countryside to spend the day next to a babbling brook painting landscapes and using the creek to clean my brushes. My dream was to be a "big fish" but I have since learned that little fish can go where the big fish cannot!

When I discovered the pure color of fabric dyes I was in college and have been fascinated with the process for more than thirty years. I spend much of my time with my hands in liquid dye and water - something that never loses it's fascination for me. To rejuvenate myself I swim laps late at night at the nearby gym and come home relaxed and ready for either the next project or a good night's sleep.

Piscean Full Moon Featured Artist, Susan Morgan Hoth

More about Morgan

I am a fabric artist working full-time from my Richmond, Virginia studio. My original designs have been available online since 2006. Water color and oil painting was my specialty until I discovered the pure color of fiber-reactive dyes; now I live to dye!

In another life I taught high school: loved it, retired, don't miss it at all.

Aquarian Artist, Hayley Juster

Full Moon in Aquarius July 25, 2010 6:36 pm pdt

Aquarian Artist Spotlight on Hayley Juster Richardson, Texas, United States Shop: jadewolf06

I can relate to Aquarius as the mind-changer; I'm always so eager to try out a new idea as soon as I think of it. I also can relate to Aquarian stubbornness; I'm able to finish things, but usually the wrong things that I haven't fully thought through, so sometimes I'm left pounding my head against a wall! I first started drawing and painting in the seventh grade, shortly after retiring from a childhood spent singing and performing due to a sudden dose of stage fright.

The Aquarius in me is full of questions and creative thoughts and I find that painting helps me channel my thoughts into visual compartments. I've always been an actor and a hand waver not a verbal person and honestly, I didn't think I would continue painting for as long as I have. I thought I would get back into singing and performing, but I'm still here at the age of twenty-four having painted for over ten years, and I'm still enthusiastic - painting has proven to be the one steadfast thing in my life.

Acting took a lot of will power, and I always tried to improve and would often end up feeling disappointed with myself. Being a painter is like breathing, so being an air sign really helps me see the value in this kind of work coming so easily. I plan to start up a business running a consignment art store and metaphysical shop. My challenge is to follow through on the correct things, not just keep continuing down the wrong path because I think I have to. I have started a website for my artwork and an Etsy shop to sell my favorite pieces. Originally I wanted to be a doctor, engineer and environmentalist, but after six years of college I couldn't make up my mind so I've landed on this role, and am breathing more easily now.

Irish Dreamer Aquarian Ellen & The Spiral Goddess

Full Moon in Aquarius July 25, 2010 6:36 pm PDT

Spotlight on Irish Artist, Ellen Roche Shop: www.spiralgodess.etsy.com

I am an Aquarian and Jewelry maker. I live in Ireland in the heart of the country with my partner and children. Born in Dublin City into a strict Catholic family that knelt twice daily for prayer there was little talk of star signs or astrology. Although he didn’t speak of it in front of my Mother too often, my father who was also an Aquarian would drop little snippets of fascinating information to us as children. While out walking in the woods or by rivers he would have us searching for fairy folk as he told us of the ancient Irish legends. The first time I ever heard the word Pagan was from my Father. After I learned the story of St. Patrick in school, I was retelling it at the supper table and my father answered, “ Yes, he saved us from the lovely Pagans we were”. I had never heard it said that way; we were always sinners not “lovely Pagans”. That stayed with me and I suppose started my questions at a very early age.

Excerpt from the Irish Fairy tale, The Children of Lir

Finnuala looked down, her long dark hair no longer swirled around her, white feathers grew over her skin and in place of her arms were two white wings. Too frightened to scream she looked to her brothers just in time to see their rosy cheeks disappear into smooth white feathers. Finnuala and her brothers had been turned into Swans...

As I grew I questioned everything about our religion and instead of being home for prayer I would be in the woods or by the river with my feet in it even in the pouring rain, sometimes building dams between stepping-stones to see how the water flowed. I was the ever-inquiring Aquarian water bearer and I refused to conform in my teenage years and stopped going to mass, praying, everything but continued my own spiritual path by being with nature.

One day in my twenties I picked up a book called “The Wiccan Mysteries” and there was my whole life laid out in print! I could not believe it. I read and reread every page, checked every reference. I was so excited at last I had a name for all I believed in. It had always been inside me calling to me and I read book after book. I cried when I read The Descent of the Goddess. I started to meditate and keep a dream diary as my dreams had always been so vivid but I didn’t know why. I went to a Tarot reader who told me one day I would read the Tarot myself and that I wasn’t just dreaming but astral traveling. She pointed me in the right direction and showed me how to control my dreams if I wished. I felt elated and things just seemed to take on a life of their own. At work one day a man came in, a complete stranger and we somehow got to talking about Tarot reading and he told me he was a reader and said that I would one day be a reader, I dismissed the comment but the very next day he came back with the most beautiful deck of Tarot cards along with a book of explanation and a beautiful cloth to keep them in. I couldn’t believe it!  “For when you're ready” he said… I didn’t open them for five years.

In Irish the label reads A Gra Mo Chroi The Love of my Heart

But when I did a whole new world of visions, dreaming and messages opened up. I would read for friends and friends of friends and before I knew it I had regular clients. I continued with my spiritual path and at one stage contacted a coven (very hard to find in Ireland believe me) and while it was lovely to talk with others who held the same beliefs (my Aquarian mind would not be held to rules or regulations) but I also loved to be alone. So, one night, I drove to my favourite spot and in the moonlight, dedicated myself to the Goddess and Universe. I continue to practice as a solitary Pagan.

I dreamt about my partner before I met him and spotted him in a bar and knew it was he. We now live in the country and everything I love most; my family and nature surround me. It’s not easy being a Pagan in Ireland; there is still a lot of suspicion and folklore that surrounds us. Even in this day and age country folk are very strict Catholics and some still believe that Pagan’s worship the Devil, so I don’t broadcast my beliefs, but if anyone is interested I gladly answer questions. While it is not all love and light on any path my beliefs help me cope with every situation.

The name for my shop, The Spiral Goddess came at my darkest hour. About ten years ago, after a personal traumatic situation I meditated and The Spiral Goddess came to me and I came out of the meditation bathed in golden light, full of love and sobbing with relief. It was the most amazing experience so I have called my shop after the Goddess for she inspires me every day.

I love the path I have chosen and writing this is such an affirmation. I wish you many Blessings in love in light..

Aquarian Rosalind Battles the Sceptics – Artist Spotlight

Aquarius Full Moon July 25, 2010 6:36 pm pdt

Spotlight on Aquarian Artist, Rosalind Ng
Asian Art Jewels
Aquarians are said to have a curious nature, and love to learn new things. This becomes apparent when I think of how my jewelry style has evolved. I started off wanting to do more raw stones with Asian influences, but now progressed to use gemstones and crystals in simpler, wire wrapped designs.  I also use sterling silver and oxidize them for a nice vintage look. Perhaps that's the characteristic of an Aquarian who gets bored easily, so the initial ideas got the boot when new ideas flow in! Keeping my thoughts and designs focused can be hard when I discover new materials and exciting techniques. I end up buying new equipment to experiment.  And the amount of distractions at the beading shop!

I learned jewelry making first from my mom, who started this interest but she gave it up due to poor eyesight. Now I pick up new skills from magazines, books, and the internet. So much to learn without having to take a class!

Enjoying my own company (which is typically Aquarian), I can spend my entire day either at the table creating something new, online buying supplies, or photographing my works. Sometimes I get frustrated that I need to take a break for my meals.

Aquarians tend to have high ideals, which usually means that pieces that get made and doesn't appear to be meeting my standards gets trashed into the bin. Sometimes a bracelet can be re-done over and over again before I finally consider it completed.

One of the reasons for making this hobby "commercial" was because I wanted to have an income stream independent of an employer/job. Having survived breast cancer for 10 years, I had that thought after the ordeal that I shouldn't let someone else dictate whether I get to keep my job or not. I hope to be able to sell my jewelry full time soon. Meanwhile, I'll have to battle the skeptics who feel that an online business is not a real job...

I'm a road trip addict. Almost every holiday taken is on my motorbike with my husband, as we like to be exposed to the locals' lifestyle, explore places and enjoy nature.  Being an Aquarian, I'm planning the future of my ever-evolving jewelry line to include a new section featuring "road trip" inspired jewelry! :)

Capricorn Celeste ~ Compassion & Whimsy

Full Moon in Capricorn

June 26, 2010

4:30 am pdt

Partial Lunar Eclipse 4:38 am pdt

Capricorn Moon teaches us how to accomplish and understand compassionate leadership. We may need to learn to respect other rhythms and to love ourselves for ourselves and not just for what we do. Capricorn Moon offers us constructive determination and practical support. Time for planning magic as shape ideas with form and hope allowing the wise woman within to bring a sense of ritual, organization and tradition into our lives. ~ Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook

Spotlight on Capricorn Artist ~ Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri

Boston, Massachussetts, USA

Shop: Elephunks Trunk

Blog: Elephunks Trunk

For my day job I teach preschool children about things like opposites. The picture for "push" and "pull" shows a girl trying to get a goat out of a barn, but the goat knows where it wants to be and how to get there. Capricorns are like that - we can be stubborn and willful, but we are also surefooted and confident. When people ask me how I got where I am in life, sometimes I just answer "I'm a Capricorn and I get what I want" no matter how long it might take me.

Some people think "Capricorn artist" is an oxymoron - we are usually driven more by the practical than the whimsical. But with Aries as my rising sign I am also full of creative energy and my hats and hair accessories reflect that. The practical Capricorn wants me to channel my creativity in an ordered and rational manner - to focus on making the same kind of hat in various sizes and colors for example. My rising Aries wants me to learn new  millinery techniques and glue feathers to everything I can get my hands on. Usually my rising sign wins.

Unlike most Capricorns, I am driven more by the whimsical in art than by the practicality of money and finances. That being said, making a business out of my creativity inspires me to sit down and make the things that I love. It is often said that Capricorns are self-conscious and uncomfortable putting their work out there for the world to see and critique and this is true, but I find that it is the same self-consciousness that spurs my goat-like perfectionism and encourages me to be the very best milliner I can be.