Lefty Spotlight on Free Spirit Janene

Lefty Spotlight on Free Spirit Janene

Janene Christman

I made a new friend on Facebook the other day and her name is Janene. She told me that my lefty art had popped up on her computer screen three times in one day – kismet! So we met and she told me she’d really keyed into the left handed aspect of my work. It inspired her to give it a try too and she loved it!

Janene had been struggling with some tough emotions and creative blocks along with the chaos of too much going on and was just now getting back into art-making. At age fifty, she was finally making time for herself and for her art. Janene had recently discovered zentangling and was drawing a lot of faces but was frustrated at her lack of perfection.

Janene has drawn her whole life; it was her main outlet when, as a child she endured many surgeries.. As she grew up she pretty much dropped art-making until having children. That’s when the urge to create really left her. She was creating a whole new kind of art now.

“Its time,” Janene said “to get back into art-making. What a gift, it was like I never realized I could use my left hand. It was like having a new toy. I’d been trying to open my mind in different ways to help myself out of a slight depression and get my true self back again and this helped!”

Non dominant hand drawing allowed Janene to slow down. She discovered that her frustration over being perfect stopped too. Here’s what Janene painted…wow! She hopes to give it another try soon and I sure hope she does too.

About Janene Christman: Janene is a positive minded, loving, free thinker whose never-ending pursuit of creative living has lead her into loads of chaotic messes and good times often ending in a much needed nap.

Janene's painting using her non dominant left hand



What is Ethical Hand Mining of Crystals All About?

What is Ethical Hand Mining?

I recently spoke with Stephen Wells, the owner of Kacha Stones about the importance of ethical hand mining.

In terms of crystal mining, ethical means dealing with smaller scale miners that aren’t causing wholesale destruction. An example of this kind of destruction would be dynamiting methods used in Brazil for example, where a hillside is destroyed and the rubble sorted and sold for everything from jewellery to road fill.

I mine myself here in Wales and travel to India twice a year to collect my Himalayan and Tibetan quartz from people I have known for nearly twenty years. My other main item is Brandberg quartz where I deal directly with individual miners through another long term contact.  What these four locations have in common, is that the mining is done by hand and holes refilled. The only way you can have any control over this trade is by buying directly from the people digging, which is what I do wherever possible.

As these people work for themselves, the chances are they aren’t treating themselves unethically so other exploitation of labour issues – almost exclusively related to the mining of precious stones – don’t really come into play.

If you want to read more about Stephen's journey check out this delightful interview I did with him a few years back.

Stephen of Kacha Stones - hand mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones - hand mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones Mining

Stephen of Kacha Stones Mining

Omapeleki Brandberg Quartz ~ NEW ARRIVALS!

 "If you haven’t got a negative, the Omapelekis are literally unbelievable, you could pick one online here, I recently bought this years find. It was like Christmas ... but better." ~ Stephen Wells

Here's another beautiful Omapeleki. This picture (below) shows the refined internal layers of a skeletal face. Bottom right of the shaft contains a negative manifestation enhydro ~ a perfect DT crystal water pocket. This "inside-out" nature of the formation is why the photographic term "negative" was used.

Omapeleki healing crystal from Kacha Stones

Omapeleki healing crystal from Kacha Stones

Water Crystals Another interesting feature of the Negative Manifestation formation is that the internal "crystals" (crystal shaped hollows full of water) always have angles parallel to the parent crystal, indicating their resonance with the whole. The water they contain is easily programmed, acting like a re-writable liquid hard disc. More Negative Manifestation Enhydros can be seen on this page.

Negative Manifestation Crystals ~ Omapeleki Brandbergs by Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Crystals ~ Omapeleki Brandbergs by Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Enhydros Photo from Kacha Stones

Negative Manifestation Enhydros Photo from Kacha Stones

Good for Scrying ~ Enhydro Quartz Smoky Flame Brandberg Crystal We have seen a lot of the rare negative manifestation enhydros, but in the vast majority of cases, the water pockets are irregular and curved like in the picture (see below). The thinness of this hollow causes the bubble to sit at the bottom. One of the reasons crystals are used for scrying is that quartz naturally lends itself as a blackboard for our subconscious to scribble on. This smoky flame Brandberg is a good example.

Brandberg Amethyst from Kacha Stones

Brandberg Amethyst from Kacha Stones

Stonehenge Inner Circle ~ Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone is famous for its use in the original inner rings of Stonehenge. Approximately 80 of these bluestone columns, each one harder than granite and weighing about four tons, were transported over 240 miles (385 km) to Salisbury Plain. They originated, as do these, in the Preseli Hills of West Wales. Kacha Stones is within view of these ancient hills, giving us a special connection with this magical stone.

Bluestone was taken over 240 miles for a reason. There is archaeological evidence that small pieces were given to pilgrims visiting Stonehenge over 4000 years ago by the priests. Ancient Welsh folklore also attributes magical and healing powers to this unique stone.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain, 12th centuryIn Monmouth's story, when planning Stonehenge Merlin suggests to Aurelius that he ought to send an expedition to the far West of Britain to fetch the stones. The King begins to laugh and asks: "How can such large stones be moved from so far-distant a country?" he asked. "It is hardly as if Britain itself is lacking in stones big enough for the job!" "Try not to laugh in a foolish way, your Majesty," answered Merlin. "What I am suggesting has nothing ludicrous about it. These stones are connected with certain secret religious rites and they have various properties which are medicinally important. Their [giants] plan was that, whenever they felt ill, baths should be prepared at the foot of the stones; for they used to pour water over them and to run this water into baths in which their sick were cured. What is more, they mixed the water with herbal concoctions and so healed their wounds. There is not a single stone among them which hasn't some medicinal value."

preseli bluestone-a Pendant from Kacha Stones

preseli bluestone-a Pendant from Kacha Stones

Kacha Stones*

Glasfryn Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire SA38 9LT

+44 1559 371503

Ethically mined healing crystals and jewellery. We specialize in rare crystals including Brandbergs, Himalayan and Tibetan. Online for over 15 years. Worldwide Shipping.


*Use KATHY as the discount code at checkout to receive a 10% discount!

Kathy Crabbe Bio Pic

Kathy Crabbe Bio Pic

About Kathy

Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non-dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe home they built themselves.


Angel ~ the little calf who lives in my chest

A short while ago I painted a custom Pet Portrait called "Angel" on reclaimed pine board for a client and she has kindly allowed me to share her heartfelt story on my blog. Angel by Kathy Crabbe


A little calf lives in my chest. Well, actually, the valve of a little calf’s heart lives in my chest. And I thank the precious little calf every day for giving me life after my valve began to fail and the calf’s valve was transplanted into my heart.

A few years ago I learned that I had a heart valve problem called aortic stenosis. It’s when the aortic valve becomes hardened and narrows which makes pumping the blood through increasingly harder. Eventually, the valve must be replaced or it would rupture and likely cause death. As my cardiologist said “it’s not if, it’s when.” As the stenosis progressed it made sense to me to do that. At age 70 and otherwise healthy I figured that was a no brainer.

In talking to my thoracic surgeon I learned that there are three types of valves that are used for this procedure. One is an artificial valve that is inserted vascularly with no open heart surgery required, but this was not indicated in my condition. The other types of valves used are either from a pig (porcine) or a calf (bovine). “Wait,” I said. That means a calf or a pig must be sacrificed for me. I am a strict vegan - have been for about 15 years on top of another 25 years of being vegetarian. In other words, I have not eaten an animal in almost half a century and I wasn’t excited about killing an animal now. This was a horrible dilemma for me.

The surgeon said the bovine valve would be the right choice for the needs of my body. So there I was. How was I to square this with my strongly held personal beliefs of not killing animals? If I did not have the surgery I would likely die within a couple of years. If I did have the surgery, an animal would have to die to save me. Many people would say this was an easy answer - just do it - animals are killed every day for humans’ food and other uses but for me it was not that easy.

I meditated on it, discussed it with several people from my Zen meditation group and other close friends I consider connected to the universe in an intensely spiritual way. One said that this calf would be honored to live within me as a way of thanking me for saving so many other animals over the years and living a lifestyle where I consider the well being of animals every day. Another said that this calf would be honored to come to live on earth in the body of a gentle human and experience a new life in this way.

After much soul-searching, in the end, I concluded that I would agree to the bovine valve and just over a year ago I had the open heart surgery to replace my damaged valve. But I wanted to be sure that I remembered the little calf each day. I named the calf Angel because it is a gender neutral name and I have no idea if my calf was a boy or girl. I just know that it is a very important being to me.

I wanted a tangible way of remembering Angel and had been looking for a card or a small art piece of a beautiful little calf with wings. It had to be just the right representation, but for some months I had no luck in fulfilling my vision. But when I saw talented Kathy Crabbe’s newest art genre of paintings on recycled pine I commissioned her to paint Angel on a 4” by 4” piece and it turned out to be just what I had envisioned. Kathy had me go over dozens of pictures of calves and I picked several that I liked one thing or another about and she came up with what you see here. Angel has a place not only in my chest but also on my sideboard where I see the painting each day and remember that Angel lives in me so I can enjoy a precious longer life.

Kathy, thank you for the beautiful job - you caught my vision and brought Angel to life for me.  ~ Barbara, Orange County, California

Angel (custom pet portrait) by Kathy Crabbe

To order a custom Pet Portrait by Kathy Crabbe please click here.

Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative Soul

About Kathy Crabbe Kathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide, artist, author and educator who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Kathy empowers soul-seekers to live the life of their dreams through online resources, inspirational art, eClasses, eBooks, and Creative Soul Sessions infused with a rich background in the arts.

“Remembering” The Sacred Art of Nourishing

This month's special guest in the Creative Soul Circle (my online social site and support group for women-only) is Mary Lane, chef, wildcrafter and author of Divine Nourishment: A Woman's Sacred Journey with Food. To chat with Mary in a special November thread held in the Circle please sign up here - it's free to join!

“Remembering” The Sacred Art of Nourishing by Mary Lane

Mary Lane

The sacred art of nourishing was practiced in ancient goddess traditions in many forms. It was a way of honoring the sensual pleasures and blessings that came with our physical existence. Nourishing one’s self through food, beauty, touch, sex, music, art and nature is an act of receiving Divine love. The destruction of the goddess cultures has resulted in disconnecting from this sacred art and the belief by many that they are unworthy of this nourishment. 

I have met and worked with many women over the years and it has become glaringly apparent to me that just about every woman I’ve known is comfortable with offering nourishment to others. Receiving it is another matter.

I lived in a rather funky little jungle house built into the side of a ridge in the rainforest on Maui. It was an indoor, outdoor lifestyle. The house was all glass on one side overlooking the jungle, with the ocean a short walk away.

I decided to create a day of nourishment for five of my women friends and called it Pele’s Parlor. They gathered one morning at my jungle home for tea from local herbs I had gathered and dried.

We walked down a rutted, dirt road that ended on the cliff of the north shore overlooking the ocean and a special bay. It was whale season so we hung out on the cliff awhile, watching the whales breaching and swimming past. The view was breathtaking. The bay was lined with lava rock that had been ground smooth from the ocean’s constant ebb and flow. I could lie in my bed at home and listen to her roll the rocks back and forth in the stillness of the night. It was her song for the whole neighborhood.

"Trees" from Mary's blog

The five of us built a small fire in the shade under a large false almond tree. Then we stripped off our clothes, dove into the ocean waves, and lounged on the warm boulders with the surf crashing around us. I ceremoniously brought out the sacred red dirt harvested from a vein that ran through the cliff, put it in my coconut bowl and added a little ocean water, mixing it into a fine slip. We gathered around and smeared this iron-rich mud all over our bodies. The only thing showing that was not bright red were the rings around our eyes. We basked on the boulders in the sun as the sacred mud drew out toxins and filled us with blood-nourishing iron.

Some women could not help but release their primordial screams as they danced on the rocks, covered in mud with the waves crashing around them. We dove into the ocean and scrubbed off the mud with seaweed, then returned to the fire for a snack in the shade. Each of us ran our fingers over our silky skin—oohing, aahing and feeling primal.

We walked back to the lanai of my jungle house where I had set up a table filled with bowls of avocado, yogurt, papaya, oatmeal and yogurt, breast massage creams, foot massage oils, moisturizers, washcloths and towels.  We gave ourselves facials with the various ingredients and ate the wonderful fruits that grew wild in the jungle, We had bananas, mango, guava, pineapple and coconut.

After awhile, with faces smeared with food, we all went into the kitchen and prepared a meal together giggling, talking story and drinking my wild-crafted tea. We convened back to the lanai and sat around a beautifully-set table with flowers that grew abundantly around the house.

Mary Lane Food Blog ImageAnother woman friend who specializes in the ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage set up a massage table and altar in the downstairs, outdoor room. Each woman took her turn receiving a massage. Another woman brought her Tarot cards and gave each of us a short reading. We continued to drop deeper into self-nourishment while being filled by our friendship. The image of one of the women sitting on my lanai eating wild guava, tear-streaked face smeared with avocado while she massaged her breasts with oil, will forever be etched in my memory. Her tears flowed with the merged feelings of gratitude for this experience and the deep grief of not feeling worthy of such frivolity.

As the day unfolded every woman had a moment of deep grief woven with joy and ecstasy.  At some point throughout the day, each of us fell into our moment of recognition of the absence of this in our lives. Unanimously the feeling of not deserving nourishment in the form of pure pleasure was expressed by the women as if it came from the same underground pool.

Soon it was dusk. With the candles lit, the Hawaiian music playing, another snack, we all melted into a moment of deep nourishment and self-love. We were full.

The next morning I received a call from the one of the husbands. “I don’t know what you women did yesterday, but a monster left in the morning and a goddess returned.”

Mary LaneAbout Mary

Mary Lane is the author of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. Through her 30 year career as a professional chef she deepened her understanding of the connection between food and nourishment, the wisdom of nature, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine. She is dedicated to supporting women to transform self rejection to self care, honor and love. http://www.DivineNourishment.net