New Moon in Taurus Inspiration

Mummy from the Lefty Oracle Deck by Kathy Crabbe

Mummy from the Lefty Oracle Deck by Kathy Crabbe

This month as I sat with Lefty Oracle card of the month (Mummy) and pondered this New Moon in Taurus (April 26) these thoughts came to me:

Why do we do anything?

To be of service, of course, and to support our own growth and that of Mother Earth and all her denizens.

How are you of service? And how does being of service tap into and express your own sacred gifts?

When we express the love we have inside we ARE being of service. If we need to be flashy and show-offy, is this our true self, or just our ego saying 'look at me!'

In this self obsessed world we live in, I heard online that it's now a radical act to take a walk and NOT share it online!

Why not come up with your own radical act for NOT sharing online? I challenge you to try this out at least until the next Full Moon (May 10). Try making time for a walk in nature without your cell phone or camera. I'm going to try NOT checking my phone first thing after I get up.

When I was a young girl in the 1970's I had a premonition about just how BIG a part screens would play in our lives and how avoiding getting sucked in would be one of THE most important things we could do to help ourselves be ourselves. I love computers, but hey, they're addictive, right? (Check out Wim Wenders' movie from 1991, Until the End of the World for some interesting observations and of course Aldous Huxley's book, Brave New World).

Lefty Oracle of the Month: Mummy

When you pull this card in a reading
it’s definitely not a time to charge forward. You need to lay low and take care of yourself right now. Self care is number one, so find a way to nurture yourself body, mind and soul. You deserve it.

In my own life, when I painted this card I actually had a cold and was feeling very inward, needing time to recover and take care of myself first. (excepted from the Lefty Oracle Deck Guidebook)

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Lefty Oracle Deck and 92 page Guidebook by Kathy Crabbe -  purchase here .

Lefty Oracle Deck and 92 page Guidebook by Kathy Crabbe - purchase here.

Taurus New Moon Altar by Kathy Crabbe

Taurus New Moon Altar by Kathy Crabbe

Taurus Inspiration from the Goddess Zodiac Playbook

Taurus – The Bull
Time of Year – Spring turns into summer, May Day, April 20 - May 20
Quality – Fixed
Element – Earth
Planetary Ruler – Venus
Anatomy – Neck, throat
Natural Sign of – 2nd House
Color – Earth colors, green, pink
Gemstone – Chrysocolla, green emerald, moss agate
Tarot Card – Hierophant
Goddesses – Demeter, Flora, Gaia, Hathor, Hera, Nokomis, Olwen, Rhea

Taurus Affirmations

  • I am practical, sensible and earthy
  • I am sensual and loyal
  • I am grounded and fulfilled in the arms of Mama Earth
  • I am creative and persistent
  • I grow deep roots
  • I am slowing down and enjoying myself
  • I take time to pamper and nurture myself
  • I indulge my senses on a regular basis

Feed Your Taurus Earthiness

  • - Spend time in nature feeling comfortable and at home
  • - Build and transform your world through the healing powers of art
  • - Allow Mama Earth to support your endeavours
  • - Discover deep bliss

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