Moon in Libra: Lefty Oracle Card Reveal

The Lefty Card Reveal featured here is from my Daily Moon Vibes post for the Moon in Libra Dec. 28 - Dec. 30.

The Liar at the crossroads by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Oracle Card 1: The Liar at the Crossroads

Mantra: I forgive.
Affirmation: I stand up for me, not neg-a-tiv-ity. I choose truth.
Element: Spirit

If this card appears in a reading it’s time to get honest and ask yourself these questions:

1.      Am I telling any lies right now?
2.      Who could be telling me lies?
3.      What lies are festering inside me that need to come out?

If you feel a black ball of tangled negative energy within it could be a lie; a lie told to you by society, your family, a friend. Shine the light of truth upon this black ball to help bring the lie to the surface and root it out. This lie is NOT you. It is a thought form that has grown within you and gained strength. It needs to be faced before you can move on. Lies are sneaky beasts and need watching so that they do not snowball and cause greater mischief and irreparable harm. Forgiveness of self and others along with the making of reparations is important so that when you do move on it’s with a clean and clear conscience.

In my own life I have seen this black ball buried deep within a client during a soul reading. I gently, so gently, was guided to tell her what I sensed. We didn’t confront things head on because often crab-like sideways motion is necessary in the beginning so that the lies can be observed and dealt with from different angles. I also channeled some healing techniques and tools to provide her with practical ways to help her help herself.

Skell by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Oracle Card 2: Skell

Mantra: I am loving.
Affirmation: I create from the heart.
Element: Water

When this card appears in a reading it indicates that you are going for it full-tilt; heart on your sleeve, emotions exposed. Your will, your intent, your heart and soul are aligned now as you reach out and express your desire.

In my own life I put my heart on the line in every painting and soul reading I do. My work is all about heart. It can be a risky road, but I have faith in myself and my work and I carry on, no matter what. The work sustains me as much as it does those who receive it. What a blessing!

Jules pussy-cat with a tiger-heart by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Oracle Card 3: Jules, pussy-cat with a tiger-heart

Mantra: I am independent.
Affirmation: My inner feline is ready to roarrr!    
Element: Earth

If this card appears in a reading there is hope! Whatever is bothering you have faith that you’ll pull through because your heart is BIG and your courage is growing. You may not feel up to it, but you are. Trust the message of this card.

In my own life I have a few friends that inspired this card. Their gentle, soft nature cleverly hides their tiger heart; fierce, protective and wild.

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Kathy Crabbe at Santa Rosa Plateau, California

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With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (Dec. 28, 2018)

My Lefty on Exhibit at Ground Floor Gallery

I'm very pleased to announce that my Lefty "Full of it" (pictured left) will be part of the BARED exhibit at the Ground Floor Gallery. This exhibition explores the gendered narratives that clothe and fashion the body as well as gender subversion and the traditional male gaze. It was curated by Sally Deskins and features the work of selected artists from the book of the same name, published in January 2017 by Les Femmes Folles. The exhibit runs from August 2 - September 2, 2017. 

Interestingly enough when I was recently chatting with Susun Weed on her radio show she mentioned that the Goddess Ephesus who was my inspiration for "Full of it" might possibly be sprouting rows of testicles, not breasts as I had originally thought. for thought!

"Love that image!" ~ Janet Decker Yanez, Artist/Curator/Director, Ground Floor Gallery + Studios

Buy a hand signed print of Full of it

About the Exhibit: BARED
Curated by Sally Deskins

Artists: Kathy Crabbe, Courtney Kenny Porto, Libby Rowe, Chuka Susan Chesney, Stacy Howe, Teresa Dunn, Cathy Sarkowsky, Bonnie Gloris, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Susan Jamison, KA Letts, Susan Detroy, Florine Desmothene, Evelyn Katz, Belgin Yucelen, Suzanne Proulx, Lauren Rinaldi, Amy Cerra, and Marlana Adele Vassar.

Bared Exhibit at Ground Floor Gallery

Ground Floor Gallery: BARED Exhibit
August 2 – September 2, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5, 2017 6-9 pm

942 4th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37210
Gallery Hours: Wednesday 9am-1pm
Thursdays 5-8pm
Otherwise by appointment
Contact: 615.478.1467

Ground Floor Gallery is committed to providing contemporary exhibitions with depth and relevance in multiple disciplines for a diverse audience with the intent to connect artists with other art professionals, community builders and potential buyers. We present artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work in an alternative gallery and collective artist community, which allows artists to take risks that are not generally supported by commercial galleries.

Parking in front of the building or on Oak Street.

About Les Femmes Folles

Les Femmes Folles is a volunteer organization founded in 2011 with the mission to support and promote women in all forms, styles and levels of art from around the world with the online journal, print annuals, exhibitions and events; originally inspired by artist Wanda Ewing and her curated exhibit by the name Les Femmes Folles (Wild Women). LFF was created and is curated by Sally Deskins.  LFF Books is a micro-feminist press that publishes 1-2 books per year by the creators of Les Femmes Folles including the award-winning Intimates & Fools (Laura Madeline Wiseman, 2014), The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales (Laura Madeline Wiseman/Lauren Rinaldi, 2015) and BARED: Contemporary Poetry & Art by Women (Edited by Laura Madeline Wiseman, 2017). Other titles include Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 available on, including art, poetry and interview excerpts from women artists. See the latest call for work on the Submissions page.

Sally Deskins is an artist, writer, curator, mother and wife based in Morgantown, West Virginia. Her art explores gender, the body and motherhood and has been exhibited nationally in group and solo shows. Her writing focuses on women, feminist and curatorial issues and has been published in Bitch Magazine, Hyperallergic and n.paradoxa, among others. She has curated several independent exhibits around feminism and women. She founded Les Femmes Folles, an organization providing a platform for women in all levels, genres and styles of art. She obtained an MA in art history from West Virginia in 2016 where she won two awards for her thesis research examining the curating of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. She is currently Exhibits Coordinator for West Virginia University Libraries.