I'm Published in Creative Cronies Astrological Diary & Moon Calendar

I'm very pleased to announce that the Creative Cronies Southern Hemisphere 2016 Moon Calendar Astrological Diary has published five of my paintings! The wonderful thing is that these Cronies PAY their artists and they're super nice to boot!  The Creative Cronies are Minerva, Robyn and Arafelle. Minerva and Arafelle are astrologers  who live on co-operatively owned land in the Far North of New Zealand and Robyn administrates and distributes the Calendar. 2016 marks their 25th year of production.

We feel it (the calendar) is a gift from the Goddess and our privilege to have an avenue to present some understanding and astrological guidance in these tumultuous and transformative times...art, music and meditation are our soul food, helping us to experience the new energies coming in.  ~ Creative Cronies

Order your astrological diary here: http://www.MoonCalendar.co.nz Follow them on Facebook here.

Airika the Strong by Kathy Crabbe in 2016 Moon Calendar

Artemis (Sag Goddess) by Kathy Crabbe in 2016 Moon Calendar

Kathy at Crystal Point Rock, Ontario


Kathy lives in sunny SoCal with her husband and pet muses, Abby the big, shaggy black dog and Djinn Djinn the small, scruffy one in an adobe home they built themselves.  She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. Learn more here.

Week 6 of The 52 Project ~ First Open Studio

Writer. Artist. Words as important as images in my work.

Attended the first Open Studio for The 52 Project.

While hanging out in the Artist's Room I longed for the Writers Room. I longed for the quiet, the introspection, the written word, the self-examination. To me, this is sacred. The Artist's Room was N-O-I-S-Y! Piercing whistles could not get their attention. What was I doing here? I did manage to share my Lefty journal with others and take a look at some other journals. After a bit I left and headed over to the Writer's Room where I could breathe again. One room for extroverts and one for introverts. Interesting.

During these 52 weeks I am not defining myself or focusing on art sales/marketing. I am free. We'll see where it leads.

Week 6 Leftys

Aquarian Moon by k. crab

Aquarian Moon Weirdo by k. crab

Goddess of the Sea by k. crab

num num by k. crab

Call me Jelly just don't ask me where I'm from by k. crab

birdman by k. crab

Ghostie Time by k. crab

Dragged Kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone by k. crab

What's the point by k. crab

Kathy Crabbe at Beltane 2015About Kathy & the Leftys

Kathy Crabbe is an artist and energy reader living in sunny SoCal with her husband and pet muses, Abby the big, shaggy black dog and Djinn Djinn the small, scruffy one in an adobe home they built themselves.

Kathy is painting a Lefty-a-Day for 365 days (The 52 Project) and posting all works in-progress daily on Instagram and weekly here.

New Moon in Taurus: A Mind Changing Meditation

k. crabs Taurus New Moon Altar So, as I started to meditate for this New Moon in Taurus I suddenly stopped because the paints and my Leftys were calling to me louder than words and so I listened and this is what emerged.

Taurus New Moon Lefty in Progress by k. crab

Taurus New Moon Lefty in Progress by k. crab

Taurus New Moon Lefty by k. crab

Now that she's sitting on my altar I can begin my meditation and New Moon Reading and I invite you to come along.

I have no great words of wisdom...I do have clouds after a rain with a blue sky peeking through and several tousle headed birds shaking off the rain that we so desperately need here in not-so-sunny SoCal and rays of light shining through my windows and silence, precious as rain. I have love and laughter and friends and family to share them with and a big, shaggy, black dog to take on long walks. I have tears and sorrow too, for I am human. I have mentors and books and a forest, both elfin and Northern.

Celebrate the Taurus energy of this New Moon by appreciating all that you DO have and all that is yours to protect and care for especially in the Natural World.

We are blessed indeed to be here on Planet Earth, but She needs our help. What part are you playing in this vital task?

I recently started reading "Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark On Our Brains" by neuroscientist, Susan Greenfield (published 2015) and I am finding it overly negative so am not sure I can finish it, but this part really resonated:

The less children play outdoors, the less they learn to cope with the risks and challenges they will go on to face as adults...Sometimes, even quite regularly, you might be bored. But it was that very state of understimulation that impelled you to draw a picture, make up a game, or go outside to play. The point I want to stress is that you were the driver and you would be in control of your own inner world, your own private reality. But now the screen can be the driver...You are now a passive recipient. ~ Susan Greenfield

I do believe the above to be true and I have to question whether this next quotation from Charles de Lint's book "Eyes Like Leaves" will even apply to us anymore if our brains are being re-wired through too many hours of screen time.

(paraphrased to make it female-centric) A wise woman follows her deepest instincts - that is the first lesson of the Birch. ~ Charles de Lint

Be Wise friends, be open and tell your kids stories instead.

Taurus New Moon Altar Suggestions from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook

  • Time of Year – Spring turns into summer, May Day, April 20 - May 20
  • Quality – Fixed
  • Element – Earth
  • Planetary Ruler – Venus
  • Anatomy – Neck, throat
  • Natural Sign of – 2nd House
  • Color – Earth colors, green, pink
  • Gemstone – Chrysocolla, green emerald, moss agate
  • Tarot Card – Hierophant
  • Goddesses – Demeter, Flora, Gaia, Hathor, Hera, Nokomis, Olwen, Rhea

Taurus Meditation

I am of the earth, Gaia feeds me, I worship her body as I worship my own.

Taurus Affirmations

  • I am practical, sensible and earthy
  • I am sensual and loyal
  • I am grounded and fulfilled in the arms of Mama Earth
  • I am creative and persistent
  • I grow deep roots
  • I am slowing down and enjoying myself
  • I take time to pamper and nurture myself
  • I indulge my senses on a regular basis

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Protection: Lefty Talsiman by k. crab


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About Kathy

Kathy Crabbe is an artist and energy reader living in sunny SoCal with her husband and pet muse, Abby the shaggy black dog in an adobe home they built themselves.

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