Sue got real cozy with her inner serpent (Sag New Moon Inspiration)

Sue got real cozy with her inner serpent by Kathy Crabbe Creative Soul Card of the day (for the New Moon in Sag) from my soon-to-be-published Creative Soul Deck. Channeled message of the day: “we are moving into the future at an alarming rate…ssssssssslow down to Snake Speed”.

Kathy Crabbe Creative Soul Guide in Temecula Wine Country, CaliforniaAbout Kathy

Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty.

Kathy lives in sunny SoCal with her husband and pet muses, Abby the shaggy black dog and Djinn Djinn, the small scruffy one in an adobe home they built themselves. Kathy is painting a Lefty-a-Day for 365 days and posting all works in-progress on Instagram at

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I refuse to take sides by Kathy Crabbe (Creative Soul Deck)