Scorpio New Moon: Celebrate the Darkness

As we approach the Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 30 we delve into themes such as: letting go of the old...entering the dark...claiming our power - all themes relating to Hallowe'en or Samhain.

Frankly, a lot of the time I feel like letting go of everything, but that's not why I'm here or you either, I bet.

I have few words right now, but I do have paintings. Inspired by English landscape Alice Sheridan who I've been conversing with lately by email about her writing that accompanies her work I decided to give it a try myself as part of my new Spirit Animal Series. I discovered that although I thought I didn't know what my painting titled PoP was all about that when I started writing about it it suddenly became clear to me.

New Moon In Scorpio Tips from my Goddess Zodiac eBook

Scorpio the Scorpion, Phoenix & Eagle

Time of Year – October 21 - November 21
Quality – Fixed
Element – Water
Planetary Ruler – Pluto
Anatomy – Sex organs
Natural Sign of – 8th House
Color – Blood red, maroon
Gemstone – Malachite, opal, topaz
Tarot Card – Death
Goddesses – Brigid, Hecate, Morgan, Selkhet

Scorpio Meditation

Deep inner knowing,
Her arms snakes, her belly the depths,
Slowly she transforms
Vulture claws spreading open,
Wings of magic, reborn glory,
The Phoenix.

Scorpio Affirmations

  • I am motivated, resourceful and determined
  • I risk honesty
  • I transcend earthly concerns and soar to new heights
  • I am magnetic and mysterious
  • I am Phoenix Rising
  • I have no fear of death

Can You Feel It?

  • Seek spiritual catharsis through sexuality
  • Feel and sense the power of deep magick within you
  • Feel burning desire in the heat of passion
  • Focus on the goal as you rebirth yourself every day
  • Relax into the warmth of the crone’s cave
  • Live life to the fullest

Scorpio New Moon Lefty Oracle Card of the Month: Witch Power

Witch Power  from the Lefty Oracle Series pictured on my altar

Witch Power from the Lefty Oracle Series pictured on my altar

You can purchase a print of Witch Power here. Learn more about my upcoming Lefty Oracle Deck here.

More News

For Love of the Great Being , 8x10 inch watercolor on paper (Lefty Series)

For Love of the Great Being, 8x10 inch watercolor on paper (Lefty Series)

The painting above is from my Lefty Oracle series and was recently selected to illustrate a poem in the book "Garland of the Goddess". You can purchase a print of "Great Being" here and the book is here.

Silk Art Print CAT Sale

My paintings of cats on silk were all painted during my time in Laguna Beach in the 90's and this is the last of them so grab them while you can. They'll be on sale with free shipping until the Full Moon, December 13, 2016.

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Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe has been an artist and writer forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty after five years painting with her non-dominant left hand. This awoke her intuition in a big way. In 2008 she created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive soul readings that have touched many lives in profound and playful ways. Kathy lives in sunny Southern California with her pet muses and architect husband in an adobe-style home they built themselves.

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