Finding Our Heart-Home

Sometimes it feels like I spend more time shutting out the world than I do being in it, through meditation, deep thinking, deep feeling. The time spent on this is immeasurable - time does not equal money. How little money can we exist on? How to simplify so that basic needs are met, leaving room for art-making, play, deep reverie? A longing for one-ness with the universe, the Divine, the source, the thread connecting all I do. Sometimes we seek outside of ourselves to fill this emptiness, this loneliness felt deep within our soul, but outside sources can never fill this bottomless pit. Instead we need to recognize our yearning for what it truly is, a search for source, a longing for re-connection with our Divine self.

When we realize this - that our heart-home lies always within reach and that our true home is always within ourselves, we are home, we are blessed, we are free.

"I love the ground whereon he stands." From the song "Black Is The Colour" by Marcy D'arcy & The Prodigal Sons from the album "Women of the World Celtic II"

The photos above were taken after experiencing a sound healing bath played upon quartz crystal singing bowls at the Integratron in Landers, California.

How To - A Quick Meditation Pick-Me-Up

A quickie meditation guide to help you balance and recharge your soul and bring you peace of mind. Meditation How-To

1. Find a comfortable place to sit - I prefer my ergonomic typing chair.

2. Light a candle.

3. Burn sage or incense (or say a prayer) to clear and cleanse your space and yourself. I like to say a Native American blessing "May I walk in beauty" as I brush sage smoke under my feet.

4. Call upon divine guidance: God/dess/Divine/Angelic Beings - whatever works for you - the name is not important!

5. Close your eyes and focus upon your breathing - in, out, in out. Let your whole being relax and let go of all tension and worry as if you are floating on a cloud, upon the water or enveloped in a fluffy bath towel as small angelic hands massage and nurture you, body and soul.

6. Next is a quick chakra cleansing. Chakras are seven major energy centers within the body. They process energy and connect us with our spiritual essence and the realm of pure consciousness. I begin by envisioning a ball of pure gold/white light above my head which represents the Divine and then I breath in and let that light change and flow through my chakras. I breathe color and emotion into each chakra as I work my way down through the colors of the rainbow (being an artist I love this part!):

Crown of head - violet - I experience feelings of blissed out knowing, spirituality. Forehead/Third eye - indigo - Feeling in tune with my sixth sense, psychic sight
Throat - blue - Speaking my truth, communication
Heart - green/pink - Feelings of pure love for everything
Solar plexus - yellow - Feelings of inner strength, creation of self
Sacral/Pelvic - orange - Feelings of desire, creativity
Base of spine - red/black - Grounding and connecting with survival instincts

I finally exhale when I reach the base chakra and allow all my tension to empty into the earth as I ground the energy and repeat the exercise starting at the top (above my head) and continuing in a giant circle until all colors and feelings are flowing, focused and clear.

6. If you have a question or concern for the Divine or your guides then you may ask it now and be prepared with paper and pen! I begin my request with a prayer and request that I receive information that is only of the deepest, highest and most profound good for my soul. While you wait for a response, be conscious of any images, feelings or words that come up - this is the message you've been waiting for.

7. Continue to let your consciousness drop as you feel more and more relaxed, letting go and releasing all pain, discomfort and stress, as you continue to let your thoughts flow in and out.

8. To end your meditation say a prayer of gratitude and blow out your candle as you send out a prayer of healing to all those in need.

And voila, you will be refreshed, recharged and ready to continue on with your journey. I wish you many sparkly blessings along the way!

7 Chakra Prayers

Love Birds  Print

Love Birds Print

The chakras are energy centers and points of energy flow that act as energy junctions in the body. The chakra system is comprised of seven major chakras and is our energetic connection to the realm of pure consciousness and our spiritual essence." Whenever I meditate I begin with yoga, and then chakra clearing and balancing. Today I wrote something extra special to help you with your own chakra meditations - enjoy!

7 Chakra Prayers Just For You

Chakra 1 - Colors: Red and Black - Location: base of your spine - Character: Physical vitality and survival. Prayer: The Mother loves you and protects you. I am safe.

Chakra 2 - Color: Orange - Location: Sacral (Pubic), about two finger widths below the belly button - Character: Desire, including sexual energy. Prayer: I am a creative, sexual being. I express my creativity and sexuality in life affirming ways.

Chakra 3 - Color: Yellow - Location: Solar plexus - Character: Creation of self, projection and perception of self.
Prayer: I am the fire and the spark in the belly that guides you. I am courage. I know strength.

Chakra 4 - Colors: Green and pink - Location: Heart - Character: Universal love, compassion, empathy.
Prayer: I am love. I am glorious love. I can feel love in every pore radiating throughout my being and into the world.

Chakra 5 - Color: Blue - Location: Pit of throat - Character: Communication, creative expression. Prayer: I speak my truth loud and clear.

Chakra 6 - Color: Indigo - Location: Forehead, third eye - Character: Visualization, psychic sight. Prayer: I know, I hear, I see, I feel, beyond time and space, into the unknown.

Chakra 7 - Color: Violet - Location: Crown of head - Character: Totality of being-ness, spiritual perfection.
Prayer: There are no words to express the Divine... just being.

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Kathy Crabbe, Astrologer, Temecula Wine Country, California

Kathy Crabbe, Astrologer, Temecula Wine Country, California

About Kathy: Kathy Crabbe has been an artist forever and a soul reader since awakening her intuitive gifts at age forty.

Kathy lives in sunny SoCal with her architect husband and pet muses, Abby the shaggy black dog and Djinn Djinn, the small scruffy one in an adobe home they built themselves. 



A Celtic May Day Meditation

What is Beltane?

Beltane, also known as May Day, is one of the 8 major (Celtic) Pagan holidays falling at the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. The word "Beltane" means "bright fire," and may be associated with the Celtic sun god, Bel. Love is in the air this month as we celebrate the earth's fruitfulness through our own sensuality and sexual revitalization. Symbolic bonfires were burned on hill-tops in Ireland and Scotland from pre-Christian times and well into the 19th century to summon the life-sustaining forces of the sun and to purify the land for crops. Modern-day Pagans in Scotland honor this tradition at the annual Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh.

A Beltane Blessing Ritual

As usual, I celebrate the Celtic festivals on my own, through meditation and ritual. *When I work with my oracle cards (all drawn by me) I DO NOT look at the cards until after the reading, I simply place my hand over the card and 'feel' or intuit it's energy.

I decided to work with my Fairy Herbal Healing deck for this particular Beltane ritual and pulled a card (randomly, of course!) called "Faery o' the Vine."

The Fairy Herbal deck consists of 80 oracle cards that I created from my Fairy Herbal paintings. Their energy is light, ethereal, airy, and sparkly plus based in the green world, so add in some earthiness and green energy as well.

The Grapevine is a feminine herb ruled by the Moon. It is said to increase fertility and strengthen mental powers. It is also used in money spells.

I also was very drawn towards my Welsh Isis Rainbow Generator Crystal as well.

Generator Crystals can broadcast healing and Love through the Earth’s energetic field, to be received by all beings upon the planet. The Isis Crystal (or Manifest Spirit Crystal) has the ability to guide one in connecting with the archetypal Goddess energy and in giving birth to one’s dreams through action. It is particularly useful for those who are willing to dedicate their lives and essences to expressing Divine energy in this realm of matter.

Healing Visions

During my meditation I was able to feel peace, contentment and healing, by getting to a place of satisfaction with who I am on a soulful, spirit level.

Being happy with who we are, feeling and knowing with every pore of our being that we are alive and perfect just as we are is what it's all about.

Next, I decided to work with a Celtic Quartz Cluster.
I call it a “Fairy Cluster” because it has a light, fairy-like energy about it. Quartz Clusters also help to encourage a sense of community, as well as creating harmony and removing negativity from the environment.

Fairy Herbal Healing Oracles

I drew another card from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and it was called "Lavender."

Lavender helps bring a sense of stability into one’s life and it attracts energy of a high vibrational nature. It is also used to attract money and bless homes.

- I felt such strong love towards my work and especially towards the soul healing energy work that I do.

The Lefty Oracles Speak

Next I pulled a card from my Lefty Oracle deck, to try and make a strong connection with my Spirit Guides and it was called "Demon."
The Lefty Oracle deck consists of 50 oracle cards that I created from my Lefty paintings. Their energy is playful, light, edgy, ethereal and quirky.

Because the Lefty cards were all drawn with my non-dominant left hand, the ‘intuitive’ hand (controlled by my right brain) they do not come with any kind of written interpretation so it's up to me to trust myself and my intuition when I attempt to interpret this card.

- I sensed Fire Spirits around me, and they were taunting me by saying, "Is it hot enough for you yet?" (Keep in mind that I have not yet looked at the card I pulled, this I will do at the very end of my reading.)

"We want you to be a little bit uncomfortable, to challenge yourself!"

May Day Animal Totems
All of a sudden I opened my eyes and a bunny appeared out my window, and stopped as if it was looking at me! The first thought that popped into my head was, "Be gentle."

The next thing I saw was two big blue jays and to me, this symbolized the need for me to "Squawk loudly about this gentleness!" So that is what I'm doing today in this post.

Wishing all of you a Happy May Day and much love.

Get ready for Winter Solstice

Are you getting prepared for the deepest and most reflective time of the entire year? Or are you sweating the small stuff; christmas shopping, too much santa cheer, gifts gone crazy, egg nog overdose, shopping mall burn out, overly eager relatives, the holiday crunch?

The New Year IS NOT January 1st! The new year occurs at the Spring Equinox - approximately March 21st every year. That is when the Sun enters zero degrees Aries according to geocentric astrology. "The Gregorian Calender abuses our sensibilities!" (quote by Barbara Hand Clow.)

December 21st to March 21st is the last quarter of the year and it is our completion time. The days surrounding the Winter Solstice, when the Sun moves into zero degrees Capricorn are the most magical and mystical time of the year. Meditation, long walks and deep contemplation are in order. The Sun will go through the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces until the Spring Equinox next March. Let your body, mind and soul deepen and reflect upon all that you have learned in the past nine months from the previous Spring Equinox to the current Winter Solstice.


Get ready to chill, enjoy the vibe, tune in, drop out, hibernate and stoke that fire of wisdom that lies burning in the very depths of your soul - you won't regret it.

Try and set aside a chunk of time to meditate, dream or contemplate at the exact moment (which may be a little difficult this year!) when the Winter Solstice occurs - this year it happens on December 21, Monday, - the Sun enters Capricorn at exactly 4:04 am PST.

Be prepared: bring along a summary of your accomplishments, trials and tribulations, resolutions and any questions you might have.

SOME QUESTIONS you might ask yourself:

What have I learned since the last Spring Equinox?
What values have informed my work and my life?
What has changed for me this year?
What challenges have I faced?
How have I been of service?
How better can I assist Mother Earth and her creatures?
What do I need to let go of?
What am I most proud of?
What am I least proud of?
What can I work on improving?
What seeds can I get ready to plant for the Spring Equinox based on what has and has not worked for me over the past 9 months?


Now is the time to mull over these thoughts and ponder the really big questions in preparation for the spring ahead when new seeds, new thoughts, new actions can be instated.


When the light returns once more at Winter Solstice, prepare to catch a spark, a glimpse, a revelation of soul and spirit so that when the true New Year occurs you will be ready to share your soul's wisdom with the world.

I use the We'Moon Datebook for all my astrology times and dates.

The artwork pictured above is titled "The Elder Moon" and is from my druidic tree alphabet book titled "The Celtic Tree Year" - I laminated my original silk paintings and wrote out the text on parchment.
More of my art can be viewed here at LuLu Design

I would love to hear from you about what makes a Solstice special or memorable for you - do you have any special memories or experiences to share?