Spotlight on Divine Feminine Moon Muser, Brenda Nickolaus

The Divine Brenda Nickolaus I recently interviewed the Divine Ms. Brenda Nickolaus about her experience in my Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eCourse which I teach at the Wise Woman University ~ new classes start up every new moon.

An Interview with Brenda Nickolaus Web: Blog:

What did you like best about the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eCourse?

I have been working with the moon and thinking of doing the collages when I found Kathy's course.  Kathy just gave me the right amount of encouragement to get started and to keep it up and to share the photos with the others.  I loved the chat room and meeting everyone from around the world and sharing our ups and downs with the moon energy.  This is a great way for me to take a class when time or distance is in the way of finding like-minded people!  It was great learning and seeing that we are in the same cycles and moving through them with encouragement from each other!

What creative & intuitive goals have you made accomplished or progress on in relation to this course?

My biggest challenge has always been my inability to let go of my fear and doubt.  I am naturally very shy but love being with people.  I have high expectations for myself and any new creative moves I make and I do have fear of failure (which showed up in my journaling). So working with the moon’s energy for 3 months helped me work through some of these issues and release them with the full and waning moon.  I did take some action steps toward my goals for teaching creative spiritual classes and it has happened! I now feel confident when I express myself to others about what I do at lunches and dinner meetings in the community.  My goals as an artist are also more filled with inspiration and I am starting to work on my children’s books again.   As a result of working with the moon phases it has helped me focus and coordinate my actions with the zodiac sign that the moon is  in.

Brenda & Iffy the red tailed hawk

I've learned that it is okay to do (not just try), to make mistakes, to forgive myself, and to keep moving toward my goals with action steps that move me forward using the moon as guidance (love it).  I've also learned that there is a time and place for everything and that there's no better way to make changes in your life than to move ahead one action step at a time. Once I realized this I was ready to start meeting my creative goals and things just started to fall into place for me.

What's your future vision for you Divine Feminine Moon Musing Self?

Since working with the moon on a more conscious level by doing the class assignments and the journaling  I've been able to accomplish so many things in such a short period of time and I am making the changes in my life that I know I want and deserve. I'm also open for new challenges that I was never ready for before.

Because of all these new experiences, I feel more confident about who I am, about all my abilities, and about what I'm worth. I have to realize I am a work in progress as we all are.

Brenda & Keri prepard to give a reading

What advice do you have for other Divine Feminine Soul Sisters?

Follow the moon and the natural time of the seasons of change and you too will find your path in the sun!  It is a grand adventure and full of ups and downs.  Being prepared is helpful so that when you are ready things will start happening for you too.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Working on my collages with the moon and sharing in the chat room with the other moon sisters has helped me open up more on a personal level. It's really allowed me to target a change in my life and it has also helped me understand what I want to create for my future.

Divine Feminine eclass ButtonMore about Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul

Kathy Crabbe is a mentor at the Wise Woman University where she teaches the popular course, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul.  “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”

Learn more about Kathy's eCourse here:

Spotlight on Divine Feminine Moon Muser Michelle

Divine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul is a 4 week online eClass taught by Kathy Crabbe at Wise Woman University.

Divine Feminine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley is bursting with a multitude of creative and intuitive ideas. She is a self professed "Creative Soul and Down To Earth Skippy Chick Who likes to dust her wings off and fly often" and her delightful soul has brought much joy, inspiration and powerful presence to our Divine group of Soul siSTARS. She is the creatrix of Ashavera Designs, Shima Crystals, and MPress along with the upcoming Oshun inspired sensual Goddess Kit. Michelle is definitely a powerful Divine Feminine presence to watch out for.

Divine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley Website: Pinjarra, Western Australia

Michelle had this to say about the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass:

Kathy, quite simply is Divine!  Perfectly timed, I came across Kathy’s website as I stood at the edge of the next chapter in my life. Feeling disconnected from my true self I intuitively knew that to bring about the changes I sought, I needed to go within to find love for self and access the Divine Feminine that is all women.

Signing up for Kathy’s e-course to do just this has taken me on a transformational adventure tour.

Kathy is indeed a shining light, illuminating the way for you to find what you are seeking through creativity, art, moon musing, astrology, mid life transition …the list is long!

As a mentor she has the knack of, despite being in the northern hemisphere in Southern California, making you feel as if you are sitting next to her having a good ol’ chat!  She emanates a warmth that feels like a beckoning hand outstretched as she gently guides you to find your path and she also knows how to ask the deep questions! The ones that will make you go deep within, that will make you look at a seemingly small observation you have made and take it apart until you get what it is that you are intuitively being told!

Most importantly though – Kathy makes it FUN!

It is with much heartfelt gratitude that I thank you Kathy! Whether our paths crossed for a reason, a season or the journey I am blessed to have you in my life.


Full Moon in Aries Collage by Michelle

Have you ever taken an online course before and if so, how did this one compare? The other online courses I have taken did not have the wealth of interaction and feedback via their forum.  Thus, I felt isolated and much less inclined to rush to the forum to see what new info/feedback there was today and get started on the next lesson.  I quickly lost interest.

What did you like best about this course? Feeling safe enough to reveal the real me.

What could have made this course better for you? Nothing!  The course work inspired me, your gentle guidance and questions/prompts resulted in me getting in touch with an integral part of my being that I had almost forgotten!

Oil Pastel Interpretation of the Divine Feminine by Michelle

One of the wonderful aspects of this course is that has made me aware of the timing of occurrences each month (eg that I love to sit outside a bath in her glow for the days leading up to full moon, and that Kirra (husky) starts her twilight barking - well howling really and the other dogs in the neighbourhood all answer back! Luna was indeed a glory to behold.

The Forum: I like the forum, being able to get feedback from other Moon Sisters makes it more enriching.

Journaling: Quite simply I love it! I am creatively alive and it has made many positive and joyous changes for me.

Collaging: I have uploaded my New Moon Collage and indeed I found it to be a magickally creative meditative process. Each element holds many riches for me and I was wowed at the way it unfolded.

Divine Moon Muser and eClass student Michelle BuckleyWhat creative and intuitive goals (big or small) have you accomplished or made progress on because of or related to this course?

Your course has brought together a list of creative ideas that have been knocking around in my head for over 12 months. Ideas that I thought of as being separate from each other have been brought them together as combined creations. More to the point is that they are now something tangible ... for that I am eternally grateful.  And of course there are also some little artistic 'off shoots' that I never imagined I would be doing either - drawing, painting and collaging! What a divinely beautiful path my new life has taken.

What’s your future vision for your Divine Feminine Moon Musing Self?

To live from the heart as my authentic self, sharing my creative passions to bring love, joy, healing and empowerment though my work.

What advice do you have for other Divine Feminine Soul Sisters?

The changes we seek start with feeling the love within and respecting ourselves.  By connecting to the Divine Feminine within, we reconnect with our ability and Divine right to be the exquisite, empowered and sensual being we were created to be.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

One of my favourite quotes:

What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now! ~ Buddah

More info here: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul -  “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”

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Meeting Ian: New Moon Intentions At Work

I have an interesting tale to tell about the recent Leo New Moon seeds of intention which I planted at the exact moment of the Leo New Moon in conjunction with the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass I'm teaching at the Wise Woman University. I also added a Lunar Meditation (thanks to Barbara Hand Clow) and a dreaming request plusshared my intentions with a live audience on The Reluctant Medium's Blog Talk Radio program.

Leo Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

My intentions were creatively Leonine:  I wished for a smooth and productive month re-building and launching my new and improved website PLUS really wanted to add some interactivity to the mix ie. audio/video showing me live and in action: soul reading, working with crystals and hugging tress, but I didn't know where to start!

The day after my Leo New Moon wishes were publicly broadcast on the radio a young man sat down next to me at Barnes and Nobles bookstore with his Mac Book Pro laptop and asked me if I was wearing Moldavite; an odd question!

Moldavite was originally created when a large meteorite crashed into the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic approximately 14.8 million years ago. It has many magickal, healing qualities relating to the heart and third eye chakra

I had just dreamed with Moldavite (and Lithium Quartz) the night before when I made a dream request for help with my website. Amazingly enough, this young man by the name of Ian was building his own interactive, metaphysical website chock-full ofinformation sharing video blog posts, books and recorded interviews with many metaphysical masters - wow, Ian was just the person I was hoping to meet!

Within the next two weeks we discussed shooting a video with the help ofIan's iMovie software and high definition video camera.  We decided to film me visiting my favorite sacred spots in the inland valley of Southern California as I communed with the trees, the rocks, the plants and the animals. I meditated, toned at Singing Rock, played my Native American Owl flute and set up a sacred circle of crystals and creative soul guide cards in a special cave I call The Mother's Womb .

Within two days Ian had created a slide show from two hour's of video footage which will be featured on my website very soon. The real message behind this story is to show you how powerful yourintentions can be, especially when you connect with the elements of nature, Mother Moon, your intuition, innate creativity and Great Spirit.  I'm in awe of what we have created together and bless the Divine and the Universe for guiding me to Ian.

The Moon Collage above was created in conjunction with my Divine Feminine eClass and incorporates several of my New Moon intentions plus a Full Moon Flowering (and no, Ian is not the one next to me in the heart, but the slide show he created on YouTube is in the middle!)  Student Moon Collages can be found here.

About Kathy Crabbe
As a soul reader I offer one-on-one readings, eclasses, an oracle deck, astrology reports and other online resources to help soul-seekers uncover their gifts and strengths. My background in the arts infuses my readings and encourages my clients to take creative risks.

I received intuitive training from English psychic and channel, Adam Higgs and spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy) and yoga training with Atma Khalsa and Amanollah Ghahraman. I studied Herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. I also received my certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and I've been a lifelong student of astrology through private study and group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Celtic Fairie Shamanism two year training with Francesca De Grandis, Learn more about readings here:
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Spotlight on Divine Feminine Moon Muser, Dawn Pinke Anderson

Divine Moon Muser, Dawn Pinke Anderson

Divine Moon Muser, Dawn Pinke Anderson

Divine Moon Muser Dawn attended Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul several times and had this to say about her experience:

Eighteen months ago I came to a turning point in that I could no longer suppress myself and my desires to explore and live my life my way. I always knew there was another plan for me, a path, and I'm happily exploring all the myriad of options available to me.

I found this course while looking at Susun Weed's site and her herbal courses (following some advice to get into nature, etc.)

Leo New Moon Collage by Dawn P. Anderson

Leo New Moon Collage by Dawn P. Anderson

I have come to the conclusion that I will never truly fit in the way I see so many women group together.  Half the time when I am inside the 'inner circle' of these groups, I am bored to tears with the ridiculous things (gossip, etc.) being discussed.  I don't need or want that!  I long for the deep, meaningful connections and conversations that feed my soul!  Like these discussions we're having online!!

I can't thank you enough for having this course and for it's wonderfully open and supportive atmosphere. It has been totally transformative for me and has given me so much direction, I just can't believe it.

But most importantly, taking this course and delving into astrology again, particularly learning about the nodes of the moon and reading Jan Spiller's book (Spiritual Astrology), OMG! it all came together...I get it now, what I'm supposed to be doing in this lifetime, etc., etc.

What did you like best about this course?

All of it!! Especially the online discussions. I especially liked the amount of frequent and expansive feedback from Kathy AND the networking, chats, and connections, etc. with the other long lost moon sisters.

What could I have done to make this course better for you?

This course is so great that it's hard to imagine any improvement.  That said, I so enjoyed the student and instructor interactions that I wish (1) it were longer and (2) everyone involved were located in my city so that we could meet in person for discussions, art work sessions, perform moon rituals together, etc.  I feel a connection to each like they are my long lost sisters (Moon Sisters, yea!) and I want a family reunion!!

Has this course been of value to you and why?

Yes, extremely! This course has helped me uncover profound insights I wouldn't have gotten to in YEARS of talk therapy! It has given me such valuable insight into my soul purpose, my intended path, why I gravitate toward certain beliefs and practices...deepened my awareness and respect for the earth, the trees, the plants, the plants, the planets and the unseen world! I especially appreciate that it set me on a path of regular journaling, meditation and introspection AND gave me a family of sisters with whom to share my experiences.

Are you continuing to moon muse, journal and collage on your own?

Absolutely!!! I am even more aware of the moon, planets, the earth seasons, etc. and am following all the subtle (and not so subtle) signs and energies in all aspects of my life.

Have you ever taken an online course before, and if so how was this course in comparison?

The other online courses I have taken did not have the wealth of interaction and feedback via their forum. Feedback and interaction from the 'leader' was nearly non-existant.  The student forum was bleak and it was impossible to get any interaction going with other students.  I became bored after 3-4 weeks (It was a 3 month course) and quit.  In contrast, this course was fun, lively, tons of discussion and feedback!  It was hard to imagine we were spread out across the continent as the warm and friendly discussions and comments made it feel like I was chatting with my best friends.

Are you interested in taking this course again?

Yes!  This was actually my second time taking this course and it further deepened the insights from the first time, added more learning, and really opened up my creative juices!  Not to mention opening me up to noticing more messages from the earth, from nature.

To learn more about the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass please click here.

More Student Spotlights can be found here.

Virgo New Moon Musings

Virgo Goddess,  Watercolor on board, 6 x 8 inches. © 2010 by Kathy V. Crabbe New Moon In Virgo September 8, 2010 3:30 am pdt

This month the New Moon enters the earthy, mutable sign of Virgo, the Virgin. During your New Moon Meditation allow yourself to focus on self-healing: nutrition, exercise, work/life balance, building and nurturing healthy habits, body/mind connections and preventative medicine. Virgo the Virgin is self-sufficient, service oriented and perfect as she is with so much to teach us.

When the Moon enters Virgo on September 8th get ready to:

- Study, learn, train and organize your compassion into practical action - Learn about medicinal herbs for healing - Delve into the ancient mysteries - Focus on self-improvement - Clean up your act - Renew yourself through play, whimsy and quirky jokes

More About The Lunar Cycles

Female nature is profoundly lunar at its biological base ~ Vicki Noble.

The new moon is the perfect time of the month to plant seeds of intention for the month ahead. It is a time of trust, of beginnings and of letting go into intuition. The sign that the moon is in reflects qualities of your inner self and being-ness. Each month there is at least one new moon that will rise at sunrise and set at sunset. Astrologically speaking this means that the sun and the moon are in conjunction. Take time to realign with the moon each month because with practice you’ll discover that you can create all you desire and so much more.

Virgo Meditation:

The Great Spirit said, ‘purity’ Have faith that all your hard work will Come together and be of service to all You are the recorder of all wisdom. More About Virgo – The Virgin

Virgo – The Virgin Time of Year – Harvest Quality – Mutable Element – Earth Ruler – Mercury (Chiron is the true ruler according to B. Hand Clow) Anatomy – Hands, intestines, nervous system Natural sign of – 6th house Opposite sign – Pisces Color – Brown, green, grey, navy blue Gemstone – Amethyst, pink jasper, sardonyx Tarot card – The Crone, The Hermit Goddesses – Changing Woman, Lada, Liban, Persephone

Introducing The Moon Muses

The Moon Muses are intuitive guides and question askers that offer insight and wisdom along with exercises to heal and inspire you. They are creative leap takers forming a glowing moonlit bridge between your rational self and your higher self, a self that dwells in pure intuition, clairvoyance (clear seeing), meditative reflection and dreaming. This month you will meet a Gemstone Muse, Pink Jasper and Alice, a Lefty Oracle Muse. I encourage all of you to create a Moon Musing Journal to record your monthly moon explorations (more about this in my eCourse, Awaken the Divine Feminine).

Alice. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches. © 2010 by Kathy V. Crabbe

My Version of Virgo: Alice Lives Here

“Alice” is part of a series of 500 or so left-handed (my non-dominant hand!) drawings I created over a period of five years. These drawings were later turned into an oracle card deck that I use for giving Soul Readings.

Alice has appeared to remind all of us that if you’re happy, you’re on track!

So remember: Now is a good time to start tracking your progress to see how far you’ve come. One way is by writing down your dreams and keeping a dream journal to keep track of which dreams have manifested in the real world and which haven’t. Try creating some colorful charts to organize things in a detailed way, such as tracking your dreams according to the moon and then looking back to see which moon phase and sign had the most effect upon your dreams.

A Dream Visioning Exercise

1. Keep track of your dreams this month by starting a dream journal to take note of the moon phases, moon and sun signs, your menstrual cycle, the day of the week, your moods and any other interesting tidbits of information that may be influencing your dreams.

2. How is your waking life influencing your dreaming world? Can you spot any connections that may be influencing your dreams?

3. Take note of your favorite, most wondrous dreamscape in the coming month.

4. If you could request dream guidance what would you like to know?

5. How have your dreams guided you in the past and have you ever connected with your spirit guides or ancestors in your dreams, and if so what happened?

Creative Prompt

Create a simple hanging mobile of your favorite dreamscape by cutting out images and words to represent your vision. Hang it somewhere prominent in your home and see what happens, making sure to take note of it in your Dream Journal.

Pink Jasper

A Message from Pink Jasper – Earth Momma!

You community needs you, no matter how large or how small your contribution! Your insight and input are invaluable and need to be shared. Take some time to journal about the different ways you could share your insights with your community in an inspired way. And yes, virtual communities count too, but Virgo being an Earth sign really wants you to get your hands dirty with the real stuff, not just virtual dirt so this means taking action in your surrounding community as well!

Action Hero Time

Take a moment to envision yourself inspiring, healing, and organizing others in your community. Pretend you are an action hero – who are you? Feel free to make up a name for yourself based upon your super-human powers or borrow a name from a well-known action figure.

Reserve a few pages in your journal to express yourself by describing your action hero look, your outfit, your special powers and all the amazing things that have made you the super special action hero that you truly are.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

More About Me: Kathy is currently teaching  Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul at the Wise Woman University. “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”