beauty Queen ~ Fairy Petal's Tale

Kathy Crabbe, beauty Queen, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 7”.

Kathy Crabbe, beauty Queen, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 7”.

Fairy Petal's Tale

Fairy Petal longed to journey. She dreamt of far-away lands, fresh faces, landscapes and horizons different from her own, but dreaming was all she could do...for now.

Fairy Petal lived in a fairy-tale castle built by hand by her one true love, but even that was not enough to keep her from dreaming. And of course her father, the Faery King was wont to admonish her regularly with the words, "The grass is always greener on the other side, my dear".

And so she stayed and dreamed and pined and pulled Runes like the one for today: "Mannaz".

MannazMannaz ~ The Self

A correct relationship to yourself is necessary right now, for from it flows all possible correct relationships with others and with the Divine...This is not a time for seeking "credit" for your accomplishments, but rather a time to be content doing a task for the task's sake, which means Be Present and Know Thyself.

And so, resigned to being patient (a most difficult task indeed!) Fairy Petal stayed. Her garden was growing as Spring advanced; large edible greens, flowering hibiscus and yellow roses all a-flower. Her dear beloved, pet dog and handsome cat were by her side, tying her down yet giving her roots and stability too.

One day she would go, with her faery wings and sunflower headdress a-flapping and flying to the tune of Brother Wind. But for today she would care for her-self like the rune advised and be at one and at peace with her surroundings. How grateful and lucky she was, she realized to have this family and this magical place called home.

*** The End ***

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

From the Daily Magic Series: Words & Pictures to Wish Upon.    (The Rune info above is excerpted and paraphrased from The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum).

Willow Goddess: Celtic MayDay Blessings

Kathy Crabbe, Daffodil & Solara, 2001, watercolor on paper, 8.5 x 11”.

Welcome, with your lovely greenwood choir, summery month of May for which I long! ~ Welsh, 14th Century

When the gates of Beltaine swing open on May 1, sunlight and blossom welcome the procession of the year into the green halls of summer...we celebrate life, growth, love, and sexuality: "the force that drives the green fuse through the flower," in the words of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. ~ from Kindling the Celtic Spirit by Mara Freeman

Kathy Crabbe, Willow Goddess, 2000, silk dyes on silk, 8.5 x 11”.

Druidic Sacred Tree Saille - The Willow 5th Lunar Month Bird: Hawk Color: Haze Gemstone: Blood-Red Carbuncle

Beltane is the 2nd cross-quarterly festival day and is sacred to Sappho, the poet, Fairy Queen Brigid and the goddess Dana. Midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, it celebrates the full blossoming of the spring. At May Eve, the goddess is one of Love and Death such as Freya, Frigg, Holda, Held, Hilde, Goda, and Ostara. Traditionally, this celebration was an orgiastic revel which celebrated the Maiden's coming of age and the rebirth of flowers and the fertility of the Earth. ~ Paraphrased from Year of Moons, Season of Trees, Mysteries and Rites of Celtic Tree Magic by Pattalee Glass-Koentop

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Happy Spring!

Kathy Crabbe. 2012. Wood Sorrel Fairy. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches. Happy Spring/Ostara Peeps!

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