Are you on track with your creative, spiritual purpose?

This year I decided to expand my Creative Soul Readings practice to include the telephone! This makes for a much more personal experience that so far, has proved to be much more effective for clients. Previously I typed up readings illustrated with oracle cards (of my own design) and sent them off as a PDF. Maybe one day I'll use Skype but I'm limited by having a satellite internet connection. If you live outside of the USA or Canada your reading will come as an illustrated transcript (unless you want to call me, of course!) Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul What is a Creative Soul Reading?

A Creative Soul Reading® is an intuitive and spiritual healing session that will empower you to live a richer and more fulfilling life, and help others in the process. You will receive practical tools, healing exercises and affirmations that will help you access deeper levels of meaning and understanding within yourself. Learn more here. How does it work?

  1. Email me your questions (2 max) plus your date of birth.
  2. We will talk by phone for 25 minutes to discuss your reading. *USA & Canada only
  3. Previous to our phone discussion I will pull an oracle card(s) from my self-designed decks & write down all that I receive plus investigate your karmic mission based upon your North Node of the Moon.
  4. You will receive an email with the oracle card(s) I pulled for your reading.

*If you live outside of the USA or Canada there will be an extra charge of $20. to email you a pdf of your reading.

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Jen's Soul Reading & Her Comments

I just wanted to let you know that after receiving the reading, something sort of clicked and I have been really happy to feel as though I not only can, but need to pause every day to make sure I am not losing myself in tasks that will never be completed. Jen SwansonI think the greatest gift of the reading though, was the feeling that I am growing from one phase of my life into another. It's a process to let go of the need to make myself feel worthy by accomplishing any number of things I set up for myself but I have, on the whole, felt as though it's getting easier and easier. I have also taken to heart the notion of seeing myself as a joyful person instead of just as a responsible person and it's getting easier to do that as well.

I was happy to see that my bookmark was "Jonie, perpetual daisy dreamer" because shortly after I got this reading I pulled out my art journal for the first time in months and made a "dreaming" page :)

~ Jen Swanson

A 1 Question Soul Reading for Jennifer Swanson, June, 2010

*reprinted with kind permission from Jen.

How a Soul Reading Works:

My preferred mode of reading someone's soul-energy is via distance - this allows me to focus on you, your spirit and your guides in a focused way clear of distractions. Each reading involves preparations such as meditation and yoga to help me focus. I will often pull healing stones and a card(s) from one of my four self-designed and painted oracle card decks, but unlike a tarot reading I will not actually look at the card until after your reading is finished. The card imagery and description often serve to accentuate and emphasize certain points in your reading and along with the healing stones may also give you some more tools to work with on your own after the reading is over.

This reading is in response to Jen's question:

How can I start seeing myself as worthwhile because of who I am, not how much I get done?

The very first thing I am drawn to for your reading is an unusual gemstone called Nuumite. This stone instructs me to create a lovely cocoon for you – a place to rest, recharge and rejuvenate – a sacred cave that you can visualize any time you want.

Nuumite can help one to bravely and honestly face the shadow self and find Love in one’s heart for those aspects of self that one has denied, vilified or ignored.

Affirmation: I willingly go into the depths of myself to heal and recover what has been lost, and I achieve self-mastery in so doing.

It’s like you’re constantly weighing out the balance of things and taking a count… ie. this is worth so much and this so much, and so on. It’s like a laundry list (I smell soap!)

But what about joy? The fun heart? The light-hearted you?

For some insight I pull a card from my Lefty Oracle deck and it is called “To dither or not to dither, that is the question."

You allow your workload to bury the joyful, fun, light-hearted part of you.

I suggest working with a lovely starry, blue stone called Lapis Lazuli (or with an image of this stone, more about how to do this is included at the end of your reading) to help you see the bigger picture and to access your Goddess-self.

Lapis Lazuli helps to purge or cleanse souls of a past that is no longer necessary. You are getting prepared for a period of growth and an enhanced understanding of your path and purpose here. You may need to do some soul searching right now.

In ancient Egypt, the deep blue cobalt color of Lapis was revered as a messenger from the heavens. The gold flecks were like the stars in the night-time sky and were regarded as touchstones for truth and light. Lapis draws the mind inward to seek its own source of power, it penetrates rather than heals. Lapis represents going through your own darkness and illusion and your own subconscious, to truly identify with your Goddess Self and it’s flecks of gold symbolize the wisdom that is achieved upon completing this process.

It will not be difficult for you to access higher realms and your higher purpose because you are someone who can do pretty much whatever you set your mind to, right?!

Once you can acknowledge that your higher self, purpose and Joy Self exists then you are ready to access this side of yourself in the best way possible. (This is the first step, now on to the second step.)

To help inspire you I pull a card from my Goddess Zodiac deck and it is called “Aquarius Goddess.”

Aquarius teaches us about independence, detachment and individuality.

Aquarian Challenge: Your purpose is to see the patterns of ideas, networks and human relations. Your challenge is to know what you feel and to build intimacy and collectivity. Although you may need to learn tact, Aquarius offers you a natural political knack, a tribal consciousness and an abstract, iconoclastic soul.

How to get inspired?

By letting go and releasing into a free flowing, natural way of being – not difficult at all. With this release comes an acceptance of your higher purpose.

Just one glimpse and one step into this realm (that is all within you) will shape your vision forever and you can never go back to the old way of being, the way of feeling inferior and overworked and over burdened with too much to do.

You will let go and allow what is heart and soul-important to take precedence - a new you is born within the seeds of the old you.

Pick a good book, filled with inspiration to keep by your side and also a small journal for love – love of you. Be kind to yourself.

I pull another card just for you and it is called “Jonie, perpetual daisy dreamer."

Every way is the right way, because it’s all within you.

Oracle Card Summary:

You tend to get buried in the little things. Aquarius is asking you to expand your horizons in every way possible and to see beyond the mundane world.

Jonie dreams and so too can you, you just need permission and that must come from within.

I’m ending your reading by surrounding you with love, a pure heart, faith and angelic helpers – a whole chorus, to sing you on.

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Brett Ward’s First Soul Reading

Brett reviews her soul reading: I just have to tell you about an experience I had a couple of days ago! I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Kathy Crabbe on Kathy is a Soul Reader. She offers psychic, astrological readings along with crystal healing exercises to help guide, transform and align you with your Soul’s true purpose. I was impressed with her knowledge and presence and decided to purchase a “mini soul reading”.  It gives you a brief glimpse into what is going on with you at this time. It is created for those who might be skeptics or just beginning an interest in matters spiritual. She “tunes into your energy and then emails what she “sees”.

Kathy emailed me her impressions. I read them and could relate to practically everything she wrote. I won’t get too detailed about this, but one thing I will mention is this…Kathy reported that an old person named Joe was hanging around. He was affiliated with the railroad and wanted to tell me something. My grandfather’s name was Joe and although this could have been gathered from my profile on, the railroad connection could not. My grandfather was obsessed with all things railroad and dreamt of being an engineer. It was an unfulfilled dream as he worked at the shipyard most of his life. When I mentioned this to Kathy, she told me that she read my profile AFTER she emailed the reading to me.

There were many other connections that Kathy made in this brief but startling reading. I wondered if she could do this in a mini reading, what would a full reading bring? That question had yet to be answered, but if I decide to go on with that, I’ll let you know what comes of it. She has a blog that will give you even more information about what she does and who she is.

I highly recommend Kathy. Give it a try but I highly suggest you just plunge in and get her full reading. Something tells me you won’t be disappointed.

This post was originally published on Brett's blog ART-i-FACTS. You can also find Brett at  Van Fleet Street Design

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A Twitter Conversation about Energy Reading continued

Dana (Twitterer):
Can you say what, specifically, really worked for you in terms of understanding the messages or energy you receive? Any particularly helpful books/people/meditation techniques/questions??? I've come to a new plateau and want to take it to a higher level. Again, thank you for being so open and communicative!

My Response (via Email):
In regards to what really worked for me, in terms of understanding the messages and energy I receive, I would have to say, that timing had a lot to do with it! I have always worked with astrology in regards to major transitional points that we all go through, such as the Saturn Return at age 30, the Uranus Opposition at age 40, and so on (I recommend working with the book "The Liquid Light of Sex" by Barbara Hand Clow to help you be prepared.) So when it came time for my Uranus Opposition, I had a big astrology reading done to prepare myself (2 years in advance...I really believe in being prepared lol!) so I knew that something intense and transformative was approaching, and it did!

An English Traditional Circle:
I connected with a professional psychic-medium at this time by the name of Adam Higgs who had just moved to Southern California from England and I pestered and pestered him (we were friends) to start up his "English Traditional Healing & Teaching Circle" so he did and for six months I immersed myself in weekly training. During that time, I approached a new age store in town called Nirvana and started working there as a psychic-medium, giving readings until it closed its doors. I took a brief hiatus to delve into printmaking at a local college, until they too closed their doors! I wanted to continue with my readings, but there was nowhere in town that I could go, so I requested guidance from my dreams and was given the message, "Lefty Tarot," and that very day I started giving readings on Etsy and haven't stopped since!

Following Your Intuition:
In regards to particularly helpful people/meditation techniques/books etc. I just followed my intuition, which to me, when it's really working, kinda feels like you're waterskiing and being pulled along behind something, rather than you having to do all the pulling yourself! Timing and working with the planetary cycles are very important because certain time periods only come around once and so it is essential that we tap into them for maximum growth and learning. Everyone has their own way of connecting with spirit and the divine but that's my story!

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Sample of a Soul Reading (no questions)

What is a Soul Reading?

During a reading guidance is received from the Divine in response to your questions about love, career, healing, and karmic destiny. In some cases your spirit guides and ancestors will also pop in to say hello and share a message or two.

I work to prepare myself energetically and physically through yoga, meditation and chakra balancing. I work with oracle cards of my own design along with healing crystals in response to your questions. I request from Spirit an open heart and a clear channel to provide you with information that is only of the highest, deepest and most profound good for your soul. My style of reading is down-to earth, honest, and informative with conscientious follow-up!

A Soul Reading (no questions) Sample

*This reading is being shared with client permission*

My First Impressions:
- The first thing I looked at in your reading was your overall energy pattern and I sensed quite a bit of the color red, indicating anger.
- I sensed that someone was trying to run from you and this is why you are angry.

I also pulled a card from my Goddess Zodiac Power deck and it is called the “Libra Goddess.”

Libra has a gift for relationships of all types. Your challenge is to learn how to handle conflict, and not to take responsibility for everyone’s happiness, but to support others’ rights to self-responsibility.

Libra Affirmation:
"I am in harmony with the universe."
"My inner scales are in perfect balance."
"I see beauty all around me."

- I suggest that you work with a gemstone called Blue Topaz to help you clear your energy and clear the air.

Blue Topaz can help you to feel and release your anger. This can help you gain a better understanding of why this emotional pain is necessary for you right now.

- I see a priest, and you are talking to him for help.
- Getting lots of sleep and especially dreaming, will help you relax and work through things.
- I can see that your mother is there to help you also.

I pull a second card for you, to look further into the future and it is called Kuan Yin – Capricorn Goddess.”

Capricorn seeks effectiveness, integrity, practicality and self-sufficiency.

Capricorn Resources: self-discipline, common sense, logic, patience, persistence, self-sufficiency.

- I can see you shaking your head as if to say, “No” – you want more than just to have three children. You have a fire in you!

A piece of my stone collection, called Petrified Wood was also calling to me, meaning that a spirit guide or ancestor wanted to come through.

Petrified Wood allows us to access our roots or beginnings, which are stored on a cellular level, drawing strength and knowledge from our ancestors and our lineage. This allows us to “speak” to those who went before and gain wisdom from them. Honour where you have been, release the old, and allow yourself to move forward in a new direction.

- Your Grandma Eilee (Ailee?) wants you to align with her. She was a very sensible woman and I see her wearing bits of white lace around her face.
- She also liked to cook fish!
- I see her wagging her finger at you and saying, “Don’t go with that boy!”

To end this soul reading I am sending you a blessing to surround you with clarity during this time of transition.

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