Into the Dark: Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn

Dear Creative Soul, When I sat down in my shamanic New Moon Circle to honour and celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn this is what I channeled:

Oh Winter, Cailleach, Ancient Crone, Dark Night, I listen to your Silence and I hear the cauldron bubble and the owl hoot. It's time now to go within, to the dark, dark place where death and ice dance our name. Beneath the earth we enter Her barrow, Her cave at sunrise, Solstice morn. First light we see touches our third eye through this opening: the Light...the Light...she does return and within her, Hope and Dreams and Seeds are planted. It is the New Moon in Capricorn so let us plant these seeds, these dreams and tend Her garden for we are called...YOU are called...the wheel turns and we reply:

I AM Goddess I AM God I AM the Light I AM the Dark I AM holding Circle Blessed Be

Demon by Kathy Crabbe (Creative Soul 'Lefty' Oracle Card)
Demon by Kathy Crabbe (Creative Soul 'Lefty' Oracle Card)

Creative Soul Card for the New Moon & Winter Solstice: Demon

Affirmation: Into the dark you go: be guided, be brave, let go.

The lore is ancient when She was venerated and He was equal to the task. Blessed Be the Balance is shifting now ~ can you feel it? Describe. Take a moment of silence, meditation, contemplation then journal and discuss.

My Winter Solstice Vision As for me: I feel at peace; calm, quiet, centered.  The darkness is velvety. I am surrounded by my guides, totems and star beings. I lie down and they bless me as my third eye tingles. The Hag, the Cailleach and I peer into her cauldron and I get in ~ to die and be reborn. I wait for the perfect moment; the moment of Solstice, to be born as light returns. I scream then I sleep; a new day has come.

Intention Setting for the New Moon Let go into darkness and as you are re-born and the Sun returns, it's time now to set your intentions for the moonth ahead. Don't forget to journal too!

Capricorn New Moon Circle Altar Suggestions from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook

  • Color: black, brown, dark grey, slate blue
  • Gemstone: jet, onyx
  • Plant/Tree: amaranthus, birch, elm, ivy, pine, poplar, willow
  • Herb/Spice: comfrey, hemlock, hemp, henbane
  • Food: barley, beet, malt, meat, potato, spinach, starchy foods
  • Animal Spirit: goat (with a fish tail), snow goose
  • Tarot Card: devil
  • Goddess: all crones, Anatu, Cailleach, Dam-Kina, Kuan Yin, Tiamat


Moon Circles & Classes

  • Catch the latest updates online at Meetup: Moon-Circles
  • 3rd Fridays New Moon Circle ~ 6:30-7:30 pm ~ Yoga For Life Temecula, CA ~ (luv donation)
  • 3rd Sundays New Moon Creativity Class ~ 1-4pm ~ Inspire San Diego Studio
  • Jan. 31, 2015 Full Moon Circle ~ 1-2pm, Oasis Community Center, 27906 Panoramic Dr., Menifee
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  • By phone
The Night Speaks by Kathy Crabbe
The Night Speaks by Kathy Crabbe

Art Exhibits

  • Dec-Jan 2014-15 ~ Girl in the Curl, Dana Point ~ original mermaid silk paintings in hand painted frames
  • Jan 27, 2015 evening ~ Crush & Brew Artist Showcase, Temecula ~ I'll be bringing my Moon Goddess art & cards and all sorts of illustrated books, zines & poetry
  • April 3, 2015 evening, Art Off The Walls, Truax Bldg., Temecula ~ I'll be bringing my Moon Goddess art & cards

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Where's the New Moon? Capricorn New Moon ~ Dec. 21, 5:36 pm PST



Sparkly Blessings, Kathy Crabbe

ABOUT KATHYCRABBE Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at ~ Learn more here.

Embrace One-ness: A Spirit Guided Vision

Channeling Paloma of the Here and Now

Arms spread wide, black hair flowing out, I stand with my back against Paloma, her arms around me. I can feel her heart beating.

Black flames race out from her fingertips encircling us, encircling the whole world.

I stand. I wait. I feel Her power.

Kathy Crabbe, Paloma, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 8”Kathy Crabbe, Paloma, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 8”

I repeat the words:

You are not your paintings.

You are not your work.

You are Divine.

You are Goddess.

Let go.

Let go.

Embrace the One-ness

Embrace the One-ness.

And I smile and feel my shoulders relax, a weight has lifted. I breathe in the morning.

I can do it. You can too. Whatever is making you miserable and bringing you down, know that you too will get though this.

Paloma lifts me up onto a stone ledge so that I am facing her. We are in a Cretan Cave of Red Bulls.* I place my hands upon red imprints of other hands on the cave walls feeling Herstory within me.

Like a jackal I howl; a thin, mournful sound that echoes back at me increasing in depth until it blends with my heartbeat.

Then we laugh, our teeth bared and shining...the Moon beckons and we go.

Cretan Cave of the Bulls Sketch by Kathy Crabbe

Shrine at Catal Huyuk, end of 7th millenium, B.C. ~ Sketch by Kathy Crabbe


*Reference: See Marija Gimbutas book, The Language of the Goddess for more info about the ancient European Goddess-oriented civilizations that lived in peace and harmony with nature.

If you are interested in ordering a Creative Soul Reading to connect further with these ancient Goddess Seeresses please click the link.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

Vision Questing as Raven Persephone

Channeling Persephone: A Vision Quest Kathy Crabbe, Raven Persephone, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 8”"Help me Persephone. I am exhausted with the business of selling."

And so Persephone becomes a Raven and we race through the Underworld, me on her back, until we come to an old woman wearing rags and feathers by the name of Gemma. She has very long fingers and a cloak which she wraps around me. I am listening, though I am weary and can barely stand. She taps me three times with a silver coin and I become one with the Divine and nothing else matters.

I am the Triple Goddess and I see a link with my art. "See something you like, make me an offer," but my rational mind says, "You have tried this and it didn't work," so I hop back on Raven Persephone and back we go through the Underworld; ancestors on all sides, and I'd like to stop and chat and I think, "these visions are stories that I could illustrate, but...I don't like to illustrate." And again my hopes are dashed.

On we go, faster and faster until all is a blur. I hold on tight. Then suddenly She is gone and I am floating, weightless, not really moving. And I feel nothing and my mind is blank. I hear my phone ring but I ignore it; it's the world calling again, but no one is home although I am getting hungry.

I can feel my hair growing and growing, down, down, down to the Earth and I have no fear. Nothing can reach me up here (or down there?) And I call out for Persephone yet again. But I am Persephone and Demeter is not here and I weep for my Mother who is so far away and she weeps for me. We are alone, each in our own worlds, but there is no time for weeping. There is work to do.

Interested in reading the pre-patriarchal Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone? Click here.

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Info about the artwork above: Kathy Crabbe, Raven Persephone, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 8”. Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul