Why honesty matters in business AND in life

It's the Aries New Moon coming up; the baby moon, the self-ish, self-less Moon I AM moon with a focus on ME and on YOU and on Spring (or Fall) and on moving forward fearlessly, plan or no plan. As for ME, I've been re-structuring EVERYTHING in relation to my biz; sorting out what's important and what to let go of; sorting out my branding (another word for soul-work) and my products on offer: artwork, services, and classes and circles and blog...the list goes on.

Why should MY story matter to you? Why read on?

Because words matter. I matter.  And part of my community service IS this blog and the honesty with which it's written, so maybe it's the Honesty Cliff I'm jumping off this Aries New Moon. What about you? Wanna leap with me?

I'm gonna be honest when I say that my Lefty art comes FIRST in my biz. They lead the way. They also guide my Creative Soul Readings (my other focus) and they had their big debut as a unified whole this month as well - yahoo!

Okay, so...honesty.

I am 100% obsessed with my Leftys. I've had an on/off love affair with them since 2000 when they first appeared. They are pretty much all I talk about; that and my in-person readings.

Who are they? And why should you care?!

I DON'T KNOW - you tell me.

They were born when my right hand grew bored with drawing and painting and so my left hand gave it a whirl and LIKED IT. They helped birth my heightened intuition which forced me to start giving intuitive readings along with many other adventures like appearing on stage in Hollywood with my hero Michelle Shocked as she sang my favorite song in the background, "When I grow up I want to be an old woman".

The Leftys are awkward and weird and imperfect and charming and loveable and beautiful and tricksters, yes, TRICKSTERS.

They don't fit into a homogenized world. They stand out and they stand up for themselves and for others of their ilk.

The Leftys mean something special and different to everyone who encounters them. That's why, in creative soul readings I ask the client to interpret the Lefty card they choose without my help. That's why the Leftys were born - to empower folks to believe in themselves.

So, anyway...that's what I've come up with so far and if you like what I'm saying and you like the Leftys please support them and me and YOU by commenting on my blog or better yet, by buying a Lefty card, print or original for your Mom this Mother's Day. Here are a few choices I thought you might like. All Leftys are available in my shop.

For Mermaid Mamas

B is for beauty mark by k. crab

Mercy Me by k. crab

For Moon Mamas

Moon Glory by k. crab

Kardin by k. crab

For Strong Mamas

Abraxia upholds the sky by k. crab

Airika the strong by k. crab

For Shopping Mamas

Irma could ponder the really big questions and shop at the same time by k. crab

For Witchey Mamas

Witch Power by k. crab

For Mamas with Big Hearts

Carla has heart by k. crab

For Mama Stars

Dream of Stars by k. crab

For Sexy Mamas

Year of the Sexy Sunflower by k. crab

Leftys are available for purchase in my shop:

Lefty Cards Lefty Prints Lefty Mermaids Lefty Originals

To sum things up as to why honesty DOES matter in business AND in life; because as a client/customer and business owner it is honesty that builds trust and trust builds relationships and that's what a business and a life is built upon. Make sense?

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