Aquarius Full Moon Reading!

Jolene by Kathy Crabbe

Full Moon Lefty Oracle: Jolene - missing the embarrassment

***Excerpted from the Lefty Oracle Deck***

Mantra: I am daring.
Affirmation: I am so proud to be me, can't you see?
Element: Spirit

Yes, I AM wearing a fox tail.


Maybe it’s a cat tail
to impress my friends, 
of course.

No, really, it’s just me being me; 
without shame or excuses.
Just plain ol having fun. 

And proud of it.
Dang, grrr.

If this card appears in a reading expect the unexpected. Be prepared to be unprepared and be okay with that. Jolene, like many a Lefty is a trickster who was sent to shake you up and out of your comfort zone. Be optimistic and aware; have fun, yet keep your wits about you. This is a time of growth and new experiences that will expand your consciousness. Enjoy!

In my own life, this particular card was inspired by a girl I spotted at a café in Santa Cruz, California wearing a tail. This amused me to no end and I just had to paint her as part of the deck to inspire you and me to be more odd, quirky and outlandish just for the fun of it.

Creative Journal Prompt
Try to do one new thing that feels a bit embarrassing every day for one week and keep a journal starting now.

Creative Journal Prompt Number 2
Take a chance, be silly and laugh at yourself now and then. It can be healing for body and soul. Name one silly thing that you spotted someone you admire saying or doing recently. What was so daring or amusing about it? Now, dare yourself to do something similar or pair up with a dare devil partner and dare each other. Document the experience and share it with others, encouraging them to do the same and describe how it helped you in the process.

Expressive Body Movement Challenge
Pretend, like Jolene, that you now have a tail. What kind of tail? Walk around as if you are that creature.


Soul Reading Spread with the Lefty Oracle Cards by Kathy Crabbe

Soul Reading Spread with the Lefty Oracle Cards by Kathy Crabbe

Find Inner Solace: Aquarius New Moon Intentions

It's a time for new beginnings as we center, focus and go within for this New Moon in Aquarius (Feb. 18 at 3:47 pm PST). With Goddess Nut and my mentor, Francesca De Grandis by my side I channel this New Moon Reading for you. As the stars shine bright, I can feel that my heart is heavy and in need of healing and tears so I call again upon God/dess to aid me; to allow me to go deeper within and to discover why. I also 'work' with an obsidian sphere (aurora borealis) to help with this; an excellent stone for just this purpose. I won't go into my discussion with my guides and gods other than to say; it helped and I recommend it to all of you who are struggling, sad and feeling weighted down. Create a circle to call upon this New Moon or find a Circle. I offer New Moon Circles all over. Then create ritual to call upon the Moon, your gods and the Divine and go within to commune with your own heart, soul and cells to find inner solace, answers or perhaps just more questions.

Obsidian Sheen SphereObsidian's Song

Blessed Be this starry nite with eyes bright. I breathe into the Earth and into the stars and into the God/dess within. I release my breath into a song one note long Three times feeling the release and the Earth beneath my feet. I AM a light in the night

I AM blessed I AM guided I AM god/dess.

I Call wrinkles god-points by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Series)

Now you are ready to set your intentions for the month ahead. As you do this be still again and connect with your heart's goals, tempered with your own innate wisdom and lit by the stars. Be not afraid to stretch, stretch, stretch into realms un-reachable. Aquarius energy encourages this so use it to be radical, far out, yet still connected to the collective unconscious because Aquarius understands how. Trust that. GO!

Creative Soul 'lefty' Card for the New Moon: I call wrinkles god-points and so far I'm winning (see image to the left)

Aquarius Altar Suggestions from my Zodiac Goddess Playbook

Aquarius – The Water Bearer

  • Time of Year – Winter, Imbolc,
  • January 20 – February 18
  • Quality – Fixed
  • Element – Air
  • Ruler – Uranus
  • Anatomy – Ankles, bloodstream, circulation, shins,
  • Natural sign of – 11th house
  • Opposite sign – Leo
  • Color – Electric blue, turquoise, silver
  • Gemstone – Obsidian, opal, sapphire
  • Tarot card – The Star
  • Goddesses – Feng P’O P’O, Freya, Ix Chel, Nut, Tien-Mu

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Because my mermaid paintings and prints are sooo poplular I've decided to group them into sections to make it easier for you. If you don't see anything that meets your needs I have TONS more mermaid paintings that I'm not showing; just ask!

Mermaids Angel by Kathy Crabbe

I painted silk mermaid prints & cards during my 7 years in Laguna Beach, California where my best friend was a mermaid. (see above)

Song of the Sea Elf by Kathy Crabbe

I painted these whimsical 'lefty' mermaids with gouache and watercolor using my intuitive, non dominant left hand.

Moon Goddesses!

Sweat Dreams by Kathy Crabbe

I'm adding new Moon Goddess folk art paintings almost every week so please stop on by my Etsy Shop and check them out!

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Kathy CrabbeABOUT KATHY Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at

Dream & Dance & Heal: Full Moon in Pisces

It's almost the Full Moon in that most mystical, magical, and spiritually inclined sign of the zodiac; Pisces so I decided to choose a card from my Creative Soul Deck and to sleep with it under my pillow while requesting Dream Guidance and Insights from Mama Moon & the Divine.

Creative Soul Card for the Full Moon in Pisces

Guess poet by Kathy Crabbe

Creative Soul Card: Guess -poet-

Affirmation: I dream the Divine in everything.

This is the dream, the dream called life and you are in the middle of it.

As if we know exactly what we're doing here...well, we don't, but by tuning into Mama Moon we open our hearts creatively as we spoon feed ourselves the nourishment we crave, oh that we crave so dearly.

moonstone sphereMoonstone Meditation & Song

A Meditation to be sung or said aloud under the light  of the Full Moon *shared with my Creative Soul Circle ~ all are welcome to join this group on Facebook at no cost.

Creative Soul Challenge

I invite you to join my Creative Soul Circle and Sing the Song of the Moonstone together with your fellow Moon Musers as you catch your first glimpse of Mama Moon; full in Pisces on September 8th.

At this time Mama Moon is joined in the sky by Chiron, the planetoid (?) of wounded healers.

Where have you been wounded?

How will you release that wound by the light of the Full Moon?

You know the way. You ARE guided. Allow the mystical glow and guidance of this Full Moon to cleanse you and shower your dreams with new visions and old visions re-visioned anew.

Then dance, dance, dance in your heart for you are free.

And Guess -poet- always encourages poetry so be open to receiving pearls of wisdom in unexpected ways.

For Your Pisces Full Moon Altar

Color: lavender Gemstone: moonstone Herb: chicory Food: cucumber Animal Spirit: fish Goddess: Nix

Color: green Gemstone: sapphire Herb: valerian Food: oats Animal Spirit: cat Goddess: Changing Woman - See more at:

Last but not least, take a look back at the intentions you set at the New Moon on August 25th and ask yourself what's flowered for you since then.

Blessed Be.

If you like what you see here please consider signing up for my Creative Soul Classes which will meet online and in-person at the New and Full Moon (coming soon).

Altar suggestions are from my Goddess Zodiac ebook.

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Guess -poet- is available here.

Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative SoulABOUT KATHY CRABBE I am a Canadian born, self taught intuitive artist and creative soul guide currently living in a desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog muses, Spartacus and Abby. I’ve been drawing since age two and offering creative soul guidance since 2008.

Museletter: Libra Moon

 Pisces Goddess. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crab Libra Full Moon April 17, 2011 7:44 pm pdt

When the Moon enters Libra get ready to:

  • Delve into culture: the arts, music, poetry.
  • Make time for social gatherings.
  • Be in love and be loving.
  • Handle conflict with fairness and equality.
  • Flood the mind with beauty.
  • Seek common ground with others.
  • Cultivate the refined, elegant and lofty dimensions of experience.

Libra Meditation

Spin forever in beauty & dance, Ride your chariot, harness the wind, Find Divine Balance within.

More About Libra

Libra – Scales of justice Time of Year – September 23–October 22 Quality – Cardinal Element – Air Ruler – Venus Anatomy – Kidneys Natural sign of – 7th house Opposite sign – Aries Color – Shades of blue, pale green, pink Gemstone – Bloodstone, jade, jasper Tarot card – Justice Goddesses – Athene, Benzaitan, Maat, Minerva, Nemesis, Themis

Libra Goddess - Benzaitan.  Pisces Goddess. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

Libra Goddess Benzaitan

Benzaitan (or Benten) was one of the seven Japanese divinities of good luck also known as the Dragon Woman and Queen of the Sea, often appearing surrounded by a retinue of white snakes. Benzaitan brings inspiration, talent, wealth and romance to those who honor her.

Libra Affirmation

I am in harmony with the universe My inner scales are in perfect balance I see beauty all around me.

Excerpted from my two newest ebooks: Moon Musings Volume 1 and The Goddess Zodiac Playbook which are now available for purchase here.

To join in with me and a private Moon Musings Group for more in-depth discussion, dreamings, action plans and more please join my Creative Soul Circle as a Full Moon Member here.

* The Creative Soul Circle ~ where Soul SiStars gather + grow their dreams *

Museletter: Pisces New Moon Inspiration

Pisces. Watercolor on board, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe. New Moon in Pisces March 4, 2011 12:46 pm pst

This month the new moon enters the sign of Pisces, a mutable water sign. Piscean types are often beyond definition and a wee bit hard to pin down! Some keywords for Pisces are “I believe”, compassionate, intuitive, artistic, introspective and friendly. I love being amidst Piscean energy because it’s like swimming in a world without boundaries - so freeing! The shadow side of Pisces relates to forgetfulness, martyrdom, melancholy and feeling misunderstood. Pisces also relates to the feet so next time you visit your favorite Pisces check out their shoe collection, I bet you’ll be impressed!

More Pisces Inspiration plus in-depth conversation and support is offered for FREE in my Creative Soul Circle.

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So, on March 4, 2011 when the New Moon enters Pisces get ready to:

- Take time for dreams, intuitive play, artistic pursuits and escapism - Get romantic and get spoiled - Really listen and empathize with a friend’s woes - Meditate, relax, recharge and space out! More About The Lunar Cycles

The new moon is the perfect time of the month to plant seeds of intention for the month ahead. It is a time of trust, of beginnings and of letting go into intuition. The new moon lies in darkness, not yet reflecting the light of the sun, so our intentions may not yet be fully revealed to us and therefore trust is necessary - trust and faith that your newly planted seeds are indeed germinating beneath ground.

Allow the moon maiden/mother/crone to be your touchstone for balance, serenity and divine knowing. Let her cool, pale fingers touch your spirit as your soul flows knowingly, calmly, and with strength into divine being-ness. Allow her to be your support system to keep you pure, whole, holy and connected with your soul’s true purpose. Bless her as you bless yourself, for truly, we are all One.

The moon changes signs approximately every 2 ½ days, going through all twelve signs of the Zodiac every 29 ½ days. The sign that the moon is in reflects qualities of your inner self and being-ness. Each month there is at least one new moon that will rise at sunrise and set at sunset. Astrologically speaking this means that the sun and the moon are in conjunction.

Pisces Goddess. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

Pisces Meditation and Affirmation

“To feel love is pure warmth, wholeness, open-ness, selfless-ness, shameless, guiltless joy – that is love.” More Piscean Stuff

Pisces – The fish Time of Year – Winter to spring Quality – Mutable Element – Water Ruler – Neptune Anatomy – Feet, lymph system Natural sign of – 12th house Opposite sign – Virgo Color – Sea green, turquoise, lavender Gemstone – Aquamarine, chrysolite, moonstone Tarot card – The Moon Goddesses – Atanu, Dahud, Nix, Oto, Ran

A New Moon in Pisces Exercise

As a creative being (and an artist, yes you!) you can make a difference!

To begin, I want you to come up with three ways that expressing yourself creatively could make a difference in your life.

1. 2. 3.

Now, name three more ways that being creative could influence your community.

1. 2. 3.

What intention could you set to make a creative difference in your life this month? It can be something that you are already doing but would like to talk about or relate to in an empowering way, or it can be something new that you want to try.


What intention could you set to make a creative difference in your community this month?

1. aquamarine sphereA Message From Aquamarine

Pisces needs freedom to dream. What dreams are you holding onto? What dreams are buried within your soul? Let them out and onto paper, even if you’re unsure and feeling scared. Know that love that awaits you. Be brave.

What do your dreams look like, feel like, taste like, sound like? Start out by writing down some keywords to get your juices flowing and then allow them to flow into a river as your dreams start to flow out of you.

Try sleeping with an aquamarine or a picture of one under your pillow at night and make sure to request dreams of intention, and dreams of happiness and love. Allow visions to flow through you while sleeping and be ready with pen and paper to record them when you awaken.

My Version of Pisces

“Guess Poet” is part of a series of left-handed drawings I created over a period of five years. These drawings were later turned into an oracle card deck that I use for soul readings.

Guess Poet. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

Guess Poet encourages all of us to water our souls by closing our eyes and gazing within our soul’s interior. What do you see, or better yet, what do you feel? Is there anyone else there with you? If you start to feel sleepy and want to wake up, make sure to have a glass of water handy. Now, open your eyes and ask yourself, “What parts of this inner vision do I see around me?” Explain.

If you can see your inner vision expressed in the outer world, congratulations! If not, you need a warm fuzzy hug and then I have a question for you, “How can you bring this vision into reality?” Now, make a wish list of at least three things you would like to express. Next, turn those three things into intentions knowing this is something you will put into play in the month ahead.

The artwork featured above is from my Zodiac Goddess deck and Creative Soul Card® deck that I incorporate into my Creative Soul Readings. Prints and greeting cards can be purchased here ~ LuLu Design.

More Pisces Inspiration plus in-depth conversation and support is offered for FREE in my Creative Soul Circle.