Remembering our Ancestors

Maude Angel - a Woodblock Print

In honour of Hallow's Eve or Samhain I held a Facebook Giveaway called "My Favorite Ancestor" and the lucky winner received a woodblock print (pictured above) of my favorite ancestor from the movie "Harold & Maude" as played by Ruth Gordon.

Here's the question posed to my Facebook Fans: What 3 things did you learn from your favorite ancestor? How did they effect you body, mind and soul and in what ways did they touch your heart? To enter this giveaway just leave your comments on my Wall!

And if you don't yet have a favorite ancestor then pick one, any one that you wished you could have known and why.

Let us remember the dead for they are all around us.

Thanks to all of you who shared your very moving Ancestor Stories - I am very touched and inspired and feel very blessed to know all of you and your ancestors too.

Leslie Maltby Burdzy, Hartford, CT - My ancestor is my great-grandfather, boat builder, creative like many on that side of the family. It makes me feel that I am not crazy to want to create, that it's ok to create your own world - one that makes sense to you, and the need to throw in a bit of the down and dirty real-world into the mix, just to survive.

Cathy Parker, Columbus, OH - My favorite ancestors are my paternal grandmother and grandfather. I miss them so very much. I turned 60 on the 23rd so lately I have been thinking about those years when They were with me physically. Even so many years later I can't help but cry because they were such a strong and loving part of my life. I've never heard from my grandmother so I'm sure she came right back down into Life after crossing over. That would be so like her. I can hear her saying,"Let's get this over with so I can rest!". So wherever she is this is her last life, I'm sure. My grandfather has visited me in my dreams and he makes it very obvious for me that I'm on a journey. He sits away in the corner in his rocking chair and I have to step out of my dream to speak to him!

Brenda Mihalopoulos, Boston, MA - I think my favourite ancestor was my Great Grandmother...she got me on the crafting trail and I've been on it ever since...still can't knit or crochet worth a damn...

Ann Marie Hennesey Charest, Hartford, CT - My grandmother was a concert pianist in the 1920's. I never knew her in this lifetime, although I have always felt guided by her as I played musical instruments, especially the piano. I am also named for her. When I channel her, she tells me that she was always there guiding me and will continue to do so as long as I would like her too. She also spoke only French and sometimes her messages are not in English. I find this to be very cool and I am flattered that she has always been by my side.

Colleen Wilhelm: It is hard to narrow it down to one. I loved my maternal grandparents and they were the best influence on me growing up. My grandmother was like an angel to me. She loved me and believed in me when no one else did. She said I was her angel and I told her she was mine. I'm on the side of the light and I give her so much credit for showing me the way.

Jo Lynne Sprouse, Asheville, NC: My favorite ancestor is one I never met and really didn't hear a lot about until I started asking - She was my paternal great-great-grandmother. I have recently learned that she was a 'wise woman' in the hills of West Virginia and figure that it is she who has guided my spiritual path to where I am now. I am planning to do a special ceremony for her at Samhain and hope to contact her and connect with her.

Mary Miller, Columbus, Ohio: My favorite Ancestor. Sigh, I was just looking up everything I could for the last few days on my uncle. being so close to "day of the dead" for some, "Sawain" for others, for native Americans, this is the time of the ancestors and sending prayer bundles.

My favorite ancestor was my uncle/father who raised me, without a doubt. This man took a high road, when many in his family did not. He came from a very disadvantaged background (homeless from the age of 12 and parentless), scrabbled for years to raise himself above almost all odds, including jail, gang relations with the Pachucas in Oakland California in the 1940's, to being a well honored man in the Seattle area. He even has a hospital wing named for him at Group Health Seattle, for the inspiration he gave to folks who knew him. He was a humanitarian who believed that "something was a problem, if you made it a problem," and through his wisdom and love. I couldn't be who I am without him. He touched my soul.

Mon Lukas, Australia:
My favourite ancestor is a fore-mother who I never met, because she lived somewhere in the veils of time in central Europe. She resides in my cellular memory and influence and memory help make me what I am now, and quite foreign to the rest of my tribe.

She has given me:
The courage to speak out, despite a culture that would have it's women passive and obedient (Catholic, Slavic Poland)
Democratic and iconoclastic despite being born into privilege (the family supposedly had money, land and serfs)
Intuitive, psychic with a healing gift (I'd like to imagine that she had visited a gypsy camp, found love and introduced "the sight"into a line!)

Kathy -- the ancestors are truly constantly with us :)

For those of you interested in having an Ancestor (Mediumship) reading I do offer this service on my website at

You can read a sample of an Ancestor Reading here.

Channeling Anais Nin

"I leap like a squirrel about Paris, laughing at astrological predictions."
Anais Nin from Incest

Today I rescued a sodden baby squirrel and communicated with Anais Nin - a coincidence? Perhaps.

This is what she told me:

"You are to channel for creative folk with money. You will have a boat and travel doing this."

Squirrel Medicine:
"The gathering power of squirrel medicine is a great gift. It teaches you how to gather and store your energy for times of need...Its message is to be prepared, but not to go yourself enough to gather the goods that will meet your needs in times of scarcity, even if that time never comes. Honor your future, by readying yourself for change." From Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson

I was very drawn to work with Angelite, a beautiful, pale, angelic blue stone.

Angelite (Anhydrite, Blue Druzy) helps stabilize the emotions and the physical and emotional bodies. It calms and enhances creativity and psychic ability, and helps one speak up, teach or perform. Angelite also aids meditation and psychic healing and promotes empathy and compassion for all life, as it calms and comforts us with the realization that we are never really alone.

Anais Nin Suggests:
Anais suggested that I surround myself with Middle Eastern fabrics, to create a cocoon, and that I was to publish these conversations with her.

She also suggested that I continue with my printmaking endeavours and that I will eventually show this work on my boat.

She also wants me to reiterate my specialty, in regards to my soul readings. So here goes:

My Specialty:
I am a channel for healing guidance, not so much for prophecy, but more for creative guidance and healing in connection with your spirit guides, the ancestors and your past lives.

My main spirit guides are Annie the Elder and Dan, a Native American Indian guide.

I also work with crystals and astrological wisdom to facilitate healing and growth.

Me at the Gypsy Den, Costa Mesa, CA.

How To Get Ready For Your Soul Reading

Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for your reading so that you can have the best experience possible.

Be Prepared

The clearer your questions are, the clearer my responses will be and I would definitely advise you to check out my areas of specialty beforehand. If one or more of these tools or techniques appeals to you please let me know. Also, be sure and take a look at these soul reading samples to see if my style of reading fits your needs. I want to make sure we’re a good fit before we begin. Most people find the experience of getting a reading to be fun, inspirational and healing.

Plan on receiving an excellent reading

If this is your first reading, or you're feeling unsure or skeptical please try and keep an open mind so that the reading can take effect, both consciously and subconsciously, in direct and subtle ways. After a few days, you can question and analyze your reading from a more intellectual point of view.

Keep an open mind and heart

Sometimes a client can be so resistant to an answer that they didn’t want to hear, such as, “Is this person my soulmate and will I be with them forever?” that they will not benefit from the overall message of the reading. Over time, the big picture will start to become more clear and you may discover that you already have your answer.

Will I be able to ask questions about past, present and future issues?

Yes you can, but my readings are also intended to be therapeutic and healing based. If you are looking for more of a 'fortune teller' or ‘entertainment style’ reading I can always direct you towards someone else. Ultimately the goal of a soul reading is to encourage you to go more deeply within yourself, so that you can begin making the changes necessary to lead a fulfilling and exceptional life.

How do you read cards if the client isn't handling them?

I don't read cards like a tarot reader does. I use the cards as a visual affirmation to confirm the insights I receive during the reading and I don't look at the cards until after the reading is finished. During the reading, I hold my hand over the card to sense it's energy and this usually confirms what I'm picking up about that person's situation/question/issue during the reading. (See the photo below.)

The artwork (I only work with oracle cards of my own creation) is meant to expand the reading into the visual realms, because I find that people resonate with artistic beauty on a whole different level than the written word. Because I have always been an artist I truly and deeply believe in the healing power of art.

The real work has just begun

During a reading you will often receive confirmation about something that you already know and this is wonderful, because it's Spirit’s way of giving you the thumbs up. Sometimes you will receive information that may throw you for a loop, and in that case it's best to give it some time. Very often clients will write to me a month later telling me that their reading finally makes sense. But information alone is not the sole purpose of my readings. My intuitive skills are just a diving board, and a preparation, encouraging you to take the plunge so that you can delve more deeply into the heart of things. Once you are aware of what you are dealing with, you can then move forward and actually do something about it.

How to book your reading

You can book your reading from my website, or, if you would prefer to email me directly with your credit card information that is fine too, we can do it in several emails for security purposes, or over the phone, if necessary.

You can read what my clients are saying about their readings here.

You can also read over 370 feedback responses to my readings in my Etsy Shop.

What Is A Soul Reading?

As a soul reader and spiritual guide, I am always being asked what it is that I do exactly! My friend Donnaleigh asked me this morning, "What is a soul reading? People are using that phrase now, and in my mind I picture it as an energy reading and a whole life synopsis rather than a psychic reading that pertains to specific questions. What is your sense?"

So I came up with a detailed response to her question and thought I would post it here to give folks a better idea of what I mean by a soul reading.

What is a soul reading?

A soul reading is similar to a psychic reading, but more in-depth. Yes, it involves prophecy, but it also involves healing, inspiration and practical exercises designed to jump start the process of your soul's transformation by giving you the tools necessary for your journey.

I begin each soul reading by taking a look, with the use of my third eye or inner vision, at your overall energy state along with your soul's Divine essence - this is the part of you that never dies.

Reading soul energy over a distance actually gives much better results, based upon the techniques that I employ. It allows me to focus my full attention upon your soul's energy, and not be distracted by your feelings or reactions. I can still sense if you are nervous, unfocused, or even skeptical, but because you are not directly in front of me, it will not distract me from reading your energy.


Reading Auras

A reading of the energy field around your body through clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairalience (clear smelling), or clairsentience (clear feeling/touching).

Your Soul's Purpose

A look at your soul's mission and potential as expressed through your personality in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.


An exploration of your physical, etheric, and astral planes to detect disease, blockages of life force energy, and unresolved emotional issues. Visualizations, affirmations, and gemstone healing exercises may be suggested.

Mediumship and Channelling

I am a medium and often receive channeled guidance, visions and messages from ancestors (departed loved ones), spirit guides and animal totems on the astral planes. I connect with these guides using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience or clairsentience.


Foretelling the future through inspired inner visions.

Oracle Cards

My artwork is intended as a sacred touchstone enhancing the message of your reading and will help you resonate on a visual level. I work with 4 oracle decks of my own creation: the fairy herbal healing cards, the lefty oracles, zodiac goddesses, and Celtic tree wisdom cards.

Ancient Knowledge

Accompanying your reading, and in combination with the oracle cards I pull for you will be a wealth of information regarding specific gods and goddesses, zodiac based archetypes, herbal wisdom, and Celtic Druidic tree knowledge. (My art history degree does come in handy sometimes!


An astrological chart is like a blueprint of your soul. It is a way to tap into your inner psyche so that you can understand yourself and others better. Tuning into the cosmos and cosmic patterns can help you shed light upon your everyday life and prepare you for major once-in-a-lifetime transitions.


  • A reading is like a wake-up call for your soul.

  • Discover your soul's true purpose and unleash your creativity.

  • Move forward beyond crisis, clear blockages, reduce stress and promote peace of mind.

  • Connect with your ancestors and spirit guides, feel guided and loved.

Kathy Tyson, Technology Coordinator/Business Entrepreneur, North Carolina, USA: "This reading has given me the opportunity to go A HA! Every bit of it resonated within me. I love your visualizations and affirmations. Again, I am grateful for your gift from God. You are truly blessed."

More Testimonials can be found here.


I meditate and do energy work and yoga for up to an hour before and after each reading in order to prepare for a session.

I also spend about the same amount of time writing, composing and fine tuning the final illustrated transcript (and don't forget the follow-up email support that goes along with each reading!) So consider when you’re booking a reading, that it's approximately a 2 hour minimum commitment of my time.

You will also benefit from my background in fine arts and poetry, along with the fact that I type really fast!

I have given thousands of soul readings online since August of 2008. My specialty is helping clients get back on track by providing healing guidance and empowering tools along with messages from guides and ancestors.

Why I love what I do

I feel honored and inspired to work deeply with people on a soul level and I am always thrilled to hear about the effect a reading has had upon a client's life. This work is extremely rewarding and I feel blessed to be given this opportunity. I continue to grow and learn from amazing healers, energy workers and intuitive guides so that I can offer you more in depth guidance and healing all the time.

Note: I want you to be 100% satisfied with your reading and I'm always available afterward to discuss your reading in further detail.

Here is a sample of an actual soul reading. You can purchase a reading here. You can read what clients are saying about their readings here.

Consulting Guides (Secret No. 7)

This week as part of our highly creative bloggers Next Chapter Book Club we are taking a look at: seeking out role models and advisers, reading about inspiring lives, and guiding others.

Searching for a guide (in the flesh):

My story - Short Version:
Never had one.
Always wanted one.
Dreamed I was one.
Became one.

Long Version - How to Find Your Spirit Guides:
I never actually found the "perfect guide" in the flesh, but I did find several in the spirit world. My recommendation, for those of you searching for your spirit guides, is to start out by working with a deck of tarot or oracle cards. My deck of choice was the Greenwood Deck, a Celtic Pagan deck created by Mark Ryan and illustrated by Chesca Potter. The two cards featured in this blog post were the ones that kept cropping up for me over and over again. But it was the Ancestor card that proved to be my greatest guide, acting as a gateway into the spirit world. By following (metaphorically/symbolically) the trunk and roots of the trees pictured in the card, down into the ground and beyond, I was able to access my main spirit guide, Annie.

How To Connect with Guides to Help Others:
When I give readings, I connect with the greatest guide there is, The Divine. I didn't start out by giving readings, I worked up to it over many, many years of practice. I suggest you find what methods work best for you, whatever allows you to quiet your mind (monkey-mind), open your heart, and become humble in the presence of Divine Beauty, with the realization that you are merely a channel and a messenger. Your job as a guide, is to remain open and connected, so that you can deliver healing and insightful messages in a non-judgemental, comprehensible and clear manner.

Book Club Featured Artist Interview of the Week:

The Next Chapter Book Club features an interview a week with one of our highly creative blogger participants. This week's featured blogger is Australian artist, Leonie. She creates art & events to help women discover and celebrate the Goddess within.

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